Here are some everyday ways to help kids learn about managing money. Teach them comparison shopping or coupon hunting at the grocery store and calculate the real value of discount offers when you buy multiple items. And make savings a part of any allowance, gift or money they earn for work. Source Link 

The 20/4/10 rule can show how much car you can afford. If you make a 20 percent down payment and take out a four-year loan, your monthly car expenses should be no more than 10 percent of your monthly gross income. That total includes the loan payment and cost of gas and auto insurance. Source Link 

What’s the best way to wash fruits and vegetables? Smooth-skinned fruits like apples or pears can be rinsed with water and dried with a clean towel when you bring them home but other items should be washed just before eating to prevent bacteria growth. And submerging leafy vegetables in water might increase the risk of contamination. Source Link 

Making fitness a habit takes some lifestyle changes. Decide what you’ll cut back on, like TV watching or web surfing, to make the time to exercise. If you go to a gym or workout at home look at what time of day fits best for you. And find ways to add exercise to everyday life such as walking with the whole family. Source Link 

Shopping online is easy - and maybe too easy to avoid overspending - so here are some simple savings tips. Follow your favorite retailers on social media for discount offers and take advantage of deals through your credit card provider. You can also limit spending by purchasing a gift card for the amount you can afford and use only that for shopping. Source Link 

Moms-to-be needn't worry about a risk of autism for their baby from the flu shot. A large, new study has confirmed that an expectant woman's flu shot doesn't increase the risk of autism in her child even if the vaccine is given during the first trimester of pregnancy. A flu shot is vital because pregnant women have a higher risk of pneumonia if they get the flu. Source Link 

More baby tears now might mean less crying later. Infants who were left to cry a few times had shorter bouts of crying at 18 months. It’s important for parents to know the different kinds of crying like hunger or needing to be changed and find opportunities to help babies learn to self-regulate during daytime and nighttime. Source Link 

Avoid these pitfalls to have a great online grocery shopping experience. Understand the timing for pickup or delivery and be ready to book ahead for busy times like holidays and look for special codes and discounts that are often available. And carefully check your order before you hit “send” to prevent any surprises when you’re unpacking those groceries. Source Link 

Try these simple steps to avoid credit card debt. Remove “one-click” pay options on shopping websites to prevent impulse buys and pay as you go by opening the card app and making a payment to cover your purchases every day. Better yet, pre-pay your credit card for however much you’ve budgeted for expenses for the week. Source Link 

It’s a sellers market for used cars so how can you get the best deal for under five figures? Look for a 7- to 11-year-old car that’s been conservatively driven with a good maintenance history and check review sites for models that have repair problems. And line up your own financing beforehand so you can shop like a cash buyer. Source Link 

A morning routine can help you have a better day. Experts say doing something routinely after you wake up calms the decision-making part of your brain that also controls anxiety. Your routine could be eating the same thing for breakfast or waking up, exercising or walking the dog at the same time every day. Source Link 

Maybe the only thing worse than being unemployed is to also face a big income tax bill next spring. That’s why the IRS is reminding people that unemployment compensation is taxable and you’ll want to have some tax withheld now. You can file IRS paperwork with your state unemployment office to set up withholding. Source Link 

Here are three things that can help you teach adult children to be responsible about money. Make sure they understand the long-term burden of big student loans when choosing a college. Resist the demand for a storybook wedding and be clear about how much you’ll contribute and don’t keep paying your adult child’s bills with money you could be saving for retirement. Source Link 

What kind of exercise can help you live a longer life? How about any kind. A 20-year study found that any exercise can help but stretching and volleyball were uniquely tied to a lower risk of early death and fitness activities such as walking, cycling and aerobics were also beneficial. Source Link 

You can stock your kitchen with helpful gadgets from the office supply store. Those classic orange-handled scissors are great for opening food packages and binder clips can seal up freezer bags. A black sharpie marker can label those bags using masking tape for plastic containers and a dry erase board is great for keeping a shopping list. Source Link 

It’s a fact -- plain water is better than sports drinks for your young athlete. Most children don't exercise hard enough to need a sports drink with extra salt and sugar that can put them at risk for weight gain and tooth decay. Some drinks also contain caffeine and other stimulants that aren’t good for kids. Source Link 

Don’t waste your grocery budget by storing fresh produce improperly. Broccoli goes in the fridge in a closed produce bag, as do carrots, eggplant and zucchini and store spinach in a closed produce bag lined with a paper towel. Tomatoes are stored on a counter and not in the fridge and onions should go in a cool, dark spot. Source Link

It’s using the carrot instead of the stick to help you lose weight -- try bribing yourself to shed those pounds. You could put a dollar in a jar that's the money you saved by eating less and then buy yourself a non-food item at the end of every month. Testing showed that adults were willing to eat less for the chance to win a prize like a gift card. Source Link