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Give your callers the power to choose.

CXSelect from BusinessVoice is an in-queue and on hold music and messaging service that provides a more flexible caller experience.

  • Callers can listen to their choice of music styles
  • Callers can directly interact with your in-queue and on hold messages
  • You can track caller responses to audible content about your products and services.

When holding or in-queue callers indicate they want more information, CXSelect automatically sends text messages that link them to your website and the details they want. Your web analytics can track the remainder of that caller’s journey. Each month, we provide you with reports on how callers responded to your messaging.

With CXSelect, you’ll give callers more control, cut call abandonment and create positive feelings about your brand, all while enjoying its call tracking capabilities. You’ll also learn what your callers care about and make it easier for them to buy from you.

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