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June 6, 2023

Packing the right accessories can keep your phone powered-up all through your vacation. Bring along a backup battery and three power cables – one to keep at the hotel, one with the backup battery and another to charge the battery pack. And use a multi-port charger so you can top-up the phone and backup battery at the same time. Source Link

Full-time caregivers need to take care of themselves to give the best to their loved one. Besides getting enough rest, exercise and healthy eating, refresh your mind with yoga, meditation or deep breathing. Be adaptable and positive, deal with what you can control and set realistic goals. And share your feelings by talking about your stress to help relieve it. Source Link

With prices what they are today, you can save money simply by not overspending on these items. Try private-label brand pantry staples or cleaning supplies, generic brands of makeup or cookware that’s sturdy but without the name-brand price tag. And see if using a TV antenna can get you the local stations that cost plenty in a cable bundle. Source Link

June 5, 2023

Peanuts and potato chips might be a tasty nighttime snack but your bladder would beg to differ. In a study, people who cut down on salt had half the number of nighttime trips to the bathroom. Those who consumed more salt had twice the average in overnight potty breaks. Source Link

Having a cell phone can take a big chunk out of your budget but there are ways to save money. Most carriers offer a discount for paperless billing and autopay and you could skip the insurance and buy a good phone case instead. And ask yourself if you really need a phone priced over $1,000 when a mid-range model will do, or look for a pre-owned phone for even more savings. Source Link

Natural disasters strike in every season and being prepared year-round can help when the worst happens. Have a supply of shelf-stable food and water, along with a flashlight with fresh batteries. You’ll also want some cash in case ATM’s and credit card readers are down. Create a folder with copies of insurance policies and ID’s and pack a whistle to attract help. Source Link 

June 2, 2023

Razor bumps from shaving are no fun, but a few simple steps can help to prevent them. Shave after a shower or hold a warm, damp washcloth to your skin to soften the hairs, and use a cool washcloth on your face after shaving. Replace disposable razors or clean an electric razor every five to seven days and shave at least every two days so facial hair doesn’t have time to grow and curve. Source Link

Here’s one way to spend less – aim to buy nothing. See if someone in your area may be giving an item away before buying something new. Members of Buy Nothing groups give items to others in their communities and everything is free. The Buy Nothing project has an app to connect people and you can also use Facebook Buy Nothing groups. Source Link

Your clothes dryer can do a better job with a few simple hacks. Adding dry towels to a smaller load can absorb moisture and make clothes dry faster. Using several 2 to 3-inch balls of aluminum foil can prevent static. And you can dampen an old sock and apply a few drops of essential oil to it to get that fresh laundry smell without buying dryer sheets. Source Link

June 1, 2023

Can you improve comprehension by taking 10 after a lesson? Researchers found that people who rested quietly for 10 minutes after learning something improved their ability to remember fine details. Sleep relaxes the synapses in your brain to improve the neuroplasticity that’s necessary to build memory. Source Link

The unreality of social media can take a toll on body image, and here are some ways to stop the cycle. Identify the posts that make you feel bad and stop following them. Pick one day a week to take a break from devices and social media in order to reset yourself, and turn off notifications and set daily limits on the time you’ll spend on social media. Source Link

The same personal care tool that gives you smoother skin can tackle a pet lover’s nightmare in the car. Rubbing a pumice stone along car seats and carpeting will remove pet hair quickly. And don’t worry about needing to clean the stone because it rolls hair into a ball that can be picked up easily. Source Link

May 31, 2023

You wash your dishes by hand and it’s time for your tools to come clean. A damp sponge is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria so clean it regularly in a solution of bleach and water or put a wet sponge in the microwave to disinfect it. Better yet, try a plastic or silicone scrub brush that can dry out after every use. Source Link

How can you keep a social media life from interfering with your work world? Use automation tools to write posts on your own time and schedule them for later publication. Have separate personal accounts that make it clear you’re not speaking for the company and remember that any post can be set for friends-only viewing. Source Link

Anxiety can hit right when you’re ready for bed, and you can keep those worrying thoughts from ruining a good night’s sleep. Cut off caffeine consumption at least five hours before bed and try getting rid of your worries by putting them down on paper with journaling. And give yourself something to look forward to in the morning, like a nice breakfast, a walk or a favorite podcast. Source Link

May 30, 2023

What’s the best way to wash fruits and vegetables? Smooth-skinned produce like apples or pears can be rinsed with water and dried with a clean towel when you bring them home, but other items should be washed just before eating to prevent bacteria growth. And submerging leafy vegetables in water might increase the risk of contamination. Source Link 

A few office supply products can help you organize a freezer that’s packed with food. With wire shelving, attach a binder clip so it hangs down and can hold bags of frozen food. And vertical file holders set along the back wall of a freezer can hold frozen fruit, veggies or meat for easy organization. Source Link 

When baby proofing a home, don’t forget all those doors. Use a handle lever lock or door knob safety cover, or add a child safety door lock that’s installed high and out of their reach. Besides the obvious places like a bathroom, remember to baby proof any door that leads to a room with low window ledges that could pose a fall hazard. Source Link