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December 29, 2023

Google can help you find out if what you’re seeing in an online product listing is what you’re really getting. Take a screenshot of the product photo or enter the page’s web address at and do a reverse image search. It’s a warning sign if you see the same image in many other listings because it could be a stock photo and not what you’re actually buying. Source Link

Babies love them and anyone can benefit from a good nap if you do it right. The midday dip in alertness that most people feel between 1 and 4 pm is the best time for a nap that’s 30 to 90 minutes long, but even 20 minutes of shuteye can be helpful. Don’t nap late in the day or for too long because both could impact your sleep at night. Source Link

You don’t have to put up with flaky WiFi during your next hotel stay. Walk around your room to see if a particular spot gives you a better signal or ask if you can move to a room with better service. If all else fails, spring for the hotel’s premium Internet service that probably has fewer users, meaning you can get a better connection. Source Link

December 28, 2023

It’s a home appliance you may not think about, but one mistake can make a water heater a serious fire risk. Gas and oil-fired water heaters use a flame that could cause a fire if flammable items are too close to it. Never store anything on top of a water heater and keep at least three feet of clear space around it. Source Link

The “Miles Per Gallon” rating is what most people use to measure a car’s fuel efficiency, but there’s another number that’s a better gauge for that. The “Gallons Per 100 Miles” rating makes it easier to quickly compare how much gas you’d use on a typical trip. That rating for every vehicle is available at Source Link

When you want to pick a charity to make a new donation, you can look back at this year in your life. For example, if you enjoyed a hiking vacation you could donate to an organization that helps urban youth experience the outdoors. Or if you lost someone to illness this year, you could give to a charity that funds research or raises awareness. Source Link

December 27, 2023

You don’t need to drop $1,000 or more on a new phone when a little DIY maintenance can revitalize your current one. Start with a thorough cleaning of the screen, body and case using a microfiber cloth. For the inside of your phone, delete unused apps, and old emails and text messages, and consider doing a factory reset to start fresh with your operating system. Source Link

A few easy steps can make that next airline flight go smoother. Get to the airport early but instead of sitting at the gate, take a walk around the terminal for exercise but avoid the overpriced restaurants and bars. And take it slow if you want to enjoy a drink on the plane. The low cabin pressure means less oxygen and one drink in the air can equal two on the ground. Source Link

It’s easy to eat smarter with these simple tips. Olive oil has less fat but more calories, so coat that cooking pan using an olive oil spray. Winter squash and sweet potatoes are both orange vegetables but squash has the same fiber and half the calories. And a large banana can help you feel full better than a cup of strawberries. Source Link

December 26, 2023

Many of us have a desk drawer full of old dead phones but be careful they don’t come back to life in a bad way. Old batteries can swell up and may catch fire, so remove any phone like this and dispose of it safely. If you plan to keep an old phone as a backup, charge the battery to 50% and then turn the phone off and check that charge every six months. Source Link

An innocent internet search for that famous pop star or actor could leave a computer stuffed with malware from links that look like the real thing but aren’t. The good news is that the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines have safety settings that let you set limits to prevent those sketchy links from appearing in listings. Source Link

The basement may be your go-to storage spot, but there are a few things that should never be kept down there. Rolled up rugs and carpeting are a perfect home for bugs and can absorb moisture and odor. The same goes for wood furniture and upholstered items. And fur and leather clothing, books and toys need to be in sealed containers to prevent damage. Source Link

December 22, 2023

Your dentist wants you to know a few things to help keep your mouth healthy. Your gums should not regularly bleed while flossing, and skip charcoal toothpastes that won’t whiten your teeth but could make them more sensitive to hot and cold. And don’t self-medicate with alcohol or drugs if you’re nervous about an appointment because the dentist can provide what you need for a pain-free visit. Source Link

Sharing time with your long-distance grandchildren doesn’t have to be a phone call or a FaceTime session. You can work on projects together, whether that’s drawing in a shared sketchbook or building the same hobby items. You can also read the same books and then discuss them with your grandchildren. Source Link

There are times when shelling out for phone insurance is a smart buy. If your phone costs over $1,000 and you tend to drop it or have kids who play with your phone, it might be worth the extra fee on your monthly bill. But first check to see if your credit card includes phone insurance when you pay your bill with that card or invest in a sturdy phone case. Source Link

December 21, 2023

Fake charity scammers want to tug on your heartstrings and your wallet, and here are some red flags to watch for. They may call from a local number for a false sense of security or claim that you’ve donated before, and may never say exactly how the money is being used. And beware of scam charities with names that sound like a well-known one but aren’t quite right. Source Link

You don’t need a closet full of them, but your feet will thank you if you don’t wear the same shoes every day. That can cause fatigue and pain because you’re always using the same areas of the foot for support and walking. Have a few pairs of comfortable shoes and rotate them throughout the week. Source Link

Losing your luggage is no fun, but you can reduce the odds of being separated from your travel belongings. Use a luggage tag with up-to-date contact information and label the inside of the bag as well. Remove old baggage tags that might confuse handlers and make your bag stand out with a distinct luggage tag, belt or ribbon to prevent someone else from mistakenly grabbing it. Source Link