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March 13, 2023

Keeping years worth of emails with attachments that could have your personal information is a security risk. To trash all of these from your Gmail account, enter, “has:attachment” in the search bar and then click on “Select all conversations that match this search.” With just one more click you’ll send all of these old emails to Gmail Trash. Source Link 

Take some steps before you dive into that new phone or tablet to avoid becoming the victim of a hacker. Backup and transfer old data and consider using a cloud service to safeguard it from loss or theft. Create strong, secure logins and use new passwords for those vital services. And register your device with the manufacturer to help with recovery if you are hacked. Source Link

Deleting online accounts you no longer use can safeguard you from the next website hack. Look in your password manager, search email for old “welcome” messages or check Facebook or Google to find connected accounts. You can search the name of the service and the words “delete account” or visit the support page to find out how to close an unused account. Source Link

March 10, 2023

It means an early wake-up call, but booking that first flight of the day has some big advantages. The risk of thunderstorms and turbulence is lower. The flight crew is rested and ready and the plane is clean. Delays will be shorter because you’re first in-line for that route and the ticket price will be lower than a late-morning or afternoon departure. Source Link 

The convenience of scanning a QR code to reach a website can have a dark side. Scammers use QR codes to link you to phishing websites, fraudulent payment portals, and downloads that infect your phone with viruses or malware. Check with the source before you use a QR code that’s in an email or is posted in a public area. Source Link

You won’t find a D-I-Y way to whiter teeth with these popular hacks. Rubbing orange peels or strawberries on your teeth can expose them to damaging natural acids. There’s no proof that coconut oil or store-bought hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth, and making your own abrasive toothpaste from charcoal or baking soda can damage soft tissues in the mouth. Source Link

March 9, 2023

If you need to lose weight, you can help everyone when you make it a family affair. Studies show that when overweight parents shed pounds, so do their overweight kids. Even if others don’t need to lose weight, the habits formed with healthy eating as a family can make that a lifestyle instead of a temporary dieting choice. Source Link

It’s happened to all of us – you settle in to watch that movie on TV and before you know it you’ve dozed off. To prevent this, don’t drink alcohol during your movie night and eat a lighter meal beforehand or when snacking during the show. Don’t get too cozy on that plush couch and never do your movie viewing in bed, because your mind knows that’s the place for sleep. Source Link 

There are some telltale signs that you may be the target of a scam artist. If someone claiming to be a retailer calls to question about a large order you didn’t make, or says they can connect you directly with your bank, or wants to stay on the line while you go to the bank, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. They may also ask you to buy gift cards to send to them or pretend they are police investigators. Source Link 

March 8, 2023

To finish your next airline flight in good health, try booking a window seat in the middle of the plane. That’s the safest place to sit because you’re away from the aisle and restrooms where you can encounter sick people. But don’t worry about the guy coughing five rows up because that’s too far away for you to get infected. Source Link

Bite-sized exercise might be the easiest way to get moving throughout the day. Researchers found that five minutes of walking every 30 minutes helped counteract the health risks from sitting on the job. Beyond improving physical health, regular walks to break up sitting can put you in a better mood and help you feel more energized. Source Link

You hear a lot about having strong passwords, but what about the usernames you pick for online accounts? You want a username that isn’t easy to link to you, so avoid any combination or clever spelling of your first and last name or the city or state where you live and don’t use your birth year. And be sure the username doesn’t hint at your password. Source Link

March 7, 2023

When the bad news of the world has you stressed, there’s a good news solution — help others. Making a donation or volunteering your time can ease feelings of helplessness from the weight of the world’s problems. You can also seek social support by joining a club or a group to do something you enjoy. Source Link

The DASH diet is top-rated for heart health and lowering blood pressure, but what’s in this plan? A typical person eating 2,000 calories a day would need 6 to 8 daily servings of grains, 4 to 5 servings of vegetables, 4 to 5 servings of fruits, 2 to 3 servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy, plus 2 to 3 servings of fats and oils. Sweets are limited to one serving a day. Source Link

Your hand will thank you if you break this habit when holding your phone. Balancing the phone with your pinkie on the back can cause painful compression of a nerve that runs from your armpit to your elbow and into your hand. Avoid that bad balancing act by using a pop-out holder and take breaks from scrolling to rest the muscles in your fingers. Source Link

March 6, 2023

Some simple things when done in bed can make it harder for you to sleep. Reading, writing or doing puzzles teaches your mind to associate the bed with activity and lying in bed trying to force yourself to sleep makes your brain think that’s normal. And plan afternoon activities to avoid taking a nap that could leave you awake at night. Source Link

Finding the perfect roommate takes some extra steps to ensure it’s someone you can really live with. Compare your styles – do you like quiet time at home or having lots of friends visiting? Get details in writing about sharing household costs and chores and consider a test run by sharing a vacation rental. Source Link 

A summertime favorite could be a healthy food choice all year long. Watermelons are full of nutrients and compounds that can help control blood pressure and blood sugar levels and promote better heart health. Eating watermelon may also improve brain health and make it easier to control your weight. Source Link