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March 21, 2023

Look to what you know and can do for a “side gig” that can help you earn more money. If you’re handy you could make your own specialty jams or preserves or create jewelry to sell on Etsy. An expertise in popular software could be used to host classes or workshops or put your hands-on tech skills to work fixing smartphones or tablets with a repair business that makes house calls. Source Link

Here’s how you can retrofit a home to make it safer for older people who are aging in place. Create a zero-threshold entry with no steps, widen doorways to 34 or 36 inches, and pick tight-pile carpeting or hard flooring that has more texture to avoid slipping. Add more lighting that’s needed for older eyes and install rocker-style light switches that are easier to work with your hand. Source Link

A favorite fast meal may be too hot to handle for kids. Instant noodles can cause serious burns to the mouth when they come right out of the microwave or just after you add boiling water. It’s not a meal that kids should be eating without adult supervision to ensure the food is cool enough to prevent burns. Source Link

March 20, 2023

Using letter grades in your to-do list might help you complete more assignments. An “A” item is significantly important with serious consequences if it’s not done. “B” is something you should do but has a minor downside. A “C” would be nice to accomplish but not vital. A “D” is something to delegate to others and an “E” task is one you can eliminate. Source Link 

Do you really need to pre-rinse before loading the dishwasher? Many models sold in the past 10 years can measure the amount of food that comes off in a first wash cycle and may cut back if plates and bowls already seem clean. To get the best results, scrape off the big chunks but leave something for the dishwasher to handle. Source Link 

Is the best way to deliver a “Thank You” by text, video call or face-to-face? A study showed that most people thought sending a thank-you by text was almost as good as delivering the message in person. And texting may be the best choice when you feel awkward or embarrassed about expressing appreciation. Source Link

March 17, 2023

A few simple steps can help to keep hackers out of your phone. Use two-factor authentication on your Google account or for your iPhone. You can sign out of unknown devices that are connected to your Google or iCloud account. And strengthen passwords by adding symbols like an exclamation point or pound sign for added protection. Source Link

Making small talk at a party can be hard for an introvert, but you can get the ball rolling by being observant. Look for conversations where the circle of people is more open and they’re smiling or laughing. Talk with others who are hanging back and consider how long it’s comfortable for you to mingle. You may only have the energy for an hour of socializing. Source Link 

If you didn’t sleep well last night, here’s how you can avoid problems the morning after. Don’t sleep in too late because that can mess with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and get 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight to boost hormones that help you feel alert. And consider going to bed a bit earlier tonight to help your body catch up on some of that lost sleep. Source Link

March 16, 2023

Helping your child balance screen time with the rest of life takes clear goals, prioritizing and persistence. Start by setting real limits like a number of minutes per day or no screens at dinner or bedtime and be ready to enforce this by confiscating devices. And teach kids to prioritize so that screen time isn’t the first thing they do. Source Link

Make the most of a day off and divide it by three. Spend three to four hours each in three types of activities – relaxation, productivity and pleasure. Relaxing could be sleeping in late, listening to music, drawing or doodling, or people watching. Productivity is getting some tasks done and pleasure is things like reading, playing board games, doing puzzles or binging on TV. Source Link

Could a plant-based diet be the prescription for survival after prostate cancer? Men who ate plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains cut the risk of progression or recurrence of their prostate cancer by half. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and more fiber that improves glucose control and reduces inflammation. Source Link

March 15, 2023

It’s something found in most medicine cabinets, but you might want to ditch the cotton swabs. Thousands of children suffer ear injuries each year and many occur when kids try to use cotton swabs by themselves. It might be good advice for everyone because the ear is self-cleaning and a cotton swab usually pushes wax deeper into it. Source Link 

A half-dozen smart habits may help slow memory decline and lower your dementia risk. Doing at least four of these – moderate or vigorous physical exercise, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, cutting back or cutting out alcohol, no smoking, exercising your brain by reading, playing cards or doing puzzles, and engaging with others socially –. helped people avoid memory problems. Source Link

Your house is a mess and you don’t know where to start the cleanup, so try doing these five things. First, collect trash and dispose of it. Then, pick up clothes and shoes and place them in a basket. Put all your dishes in the sink but don’t do them yet. Everything with a space to store it should go there now, and then find a place for the rest of things to go. Source Link

March 14, 2023

We’re not quite into Spring but right now is the time to tackle those seasonal allergies. Step one is testing to identify exactly what you’re allergic to and then avoid that. Treatment can include steroid sprays and inhalers or immunotherapy shots or oral treatments to desensitize your body to those allergens. Source Link

Letting your kids help with cooking is a fun way to connect. Involve them in meal preparation, like adding veggies to a tossed salad or mixing ingredients. Younger children can play with food and kitchen-themed toys while you’re at the stove, and empty pasta or cereal boxes or oatmeal and spice containers make great homemade toys. Source Link

When an emergency calls for you to do CPR, remember these “don’ts.” You don’t need certification, don’t waste time checking for a pulse, don’t be squeamish about loosening clothing near the chest, don’t do mouth-to-mouth if it worries you, and don’t be afraid of hurting them. Most of all, don’t wait – start CPR immediately after calling 9-1-1. Source Link