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April 14, 2023

When you’re in decluttering mode, it can be hard to decide what to keep and what to part with, so put everything to this test – is it the best, the favorite, or necessary? If something doesn’t tick at least one of those boxes it needs to go, to help you weed out multiples, items you don’t need, or those that aren’t your favorites. Source Link

Lots of things are part of everyday life thanks to NASA. That cordless vacuum cleaner, drill or saw uses battery technology developed for the space program, along with memory foam and the sensors in your smartphone camera. And NASA research uncovered a natural source of the omega-3 fatty acid only found in breast milk that’s now used in baby formula. Source Link

There are scientific reasons why a late-night meal can add more pounds to the scale. Researchers found that when a meal is delayed by four hours and everything else stays the same, you burn fewer calories and want more food. Plus, the body’s fat tissue undergoes changes that promote weight gain. Source Link

April 13, 2023

There are times when shelling out for phone insurance is a smart buy. If your phone costs over $1,000 and you tend to drop it or have kids who play with your phone, it might be worth the extra fee on your monthly bill. But first check to see if your credit card includes phone insurance when you pay your bill with that card or invest in a sturdy phone case. Source Link

A headache is always a pain, but when is it an emergency? If a headache comes on suddenly and feels explosive, is accompanied by high fever or nausea, or causes slurred speech, dizziness, confusion or an inability to move one side of your body, you should call 911. Such headaches could be the sign of a stroke, a brain tumor or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Source Link

You don’t have to put up with flaky WiFi during your next hotel stay. Walk around your room to see if a particular spot gives you a better signal or ask if you can move to a room with better service. If all else fails, spring for the hotel’s premium Internet service that probably has fewer users, meaning you can get a better connection. Source Link

April 12, 2023

Babies love them and anyone can benefit from a good nap if you do it right. The midday dip in alertness that most people feel between 1 and 4 pm is the best time for a nap that’s 30 to 90 minutes long, but even 20 minutes of shuteye can be helpful. Don’t nap late in the day or for too long because both could impact your sleep at night. Source Link 

The ultimate in low-tech gaming is as close as the Google search bar. Type “solitaire” and you can play the solo card game or “tic-tac-toe” to take on a friend on Google in the battle of x’s and o’s. If you need some of the tools of gaming, type “flip a coin”, “roll a die” or “spinner” to use a “Wheel of Fortune”-style roulette wheel. Source Link

Those strawberries in your fridge probably need a good washing before you eat one. They’re often the produce with the most residual pesticides, along with spinach, nectarines, apples and grapes. But don’t do your clean-up right after you buy those strawberries. You should wash them just before you eat them to avoid faster spoilage. Source Link

April 11, 2023

“Taking five” during the workday could be the ticket to improved productivity. Researchers found that people who took five-minute microbreaks bounced back from morning fatigue and sharpened their skills for the rest of the day. A microbreak could be having a snack, chatting with a coworker, stopping for a stretch or doing a quick crossword puzzle. Source Link

There are plenty of ways to make kitchen tools from what you already have. An old wine bottle can be used as a rolling pin and you can peel a clove of garlic by shaking it inside a jar with the top on. Two deli container lids pressed together can hold small things like cherry tomatoes for fast slicing and kitchen scissors can be used to cut pieces of homemade pizza. Source Link 

Parents are often too quick to give meds to reduce a child’s fever. In a survey, many said they would give their child medicine to reduce any high temperature, but a low-grade fever can help the body fight off infection. With an infant younger than 3 months, any fever is a danger sign, as is a fever with decreased activity for those from 4 to 12 months old. Source Link

April 10, 2023

You can learn a lot about kitchen organizing by watching old episodes of Julia Child’s cooking show. Hang a magnetic knife strip vertically so it’s safer and easier to grab a knife and sort utensils into multiple storage crocks. A burner cover can turn seldom-used cooktop space into room for extra storage and keep dried goods in pull-out bins for easier access. Source Link 

“What’s coming in the mail today?” is a question you can answer by using a free program from the Postal Service. “Informed Delivery” sends residential and post office box customers an email with digital images of the front of the envelope for items arriving that day. You can also keep track of mail when you’re away and need to know if something’s been delivered. Source Link 

Body slings and other baby-wearing products may put infants at higher risk for injury because parents don’t use the fabric carriers correctly. You should first practice wrapping the sling around your body using a doll or stuffed animal and then make adjustments. And having your baby in an upright position in a sling rather than cradled allows them to breathe easier. Source Link 

April 7, 2023

You may believe in the old adage, “No pain, no gain” but when is that pain after exercise an injury? Look out for swelling or stiffness around a joint after a workout, especially if it slows you down when walking. And notice how quickly the discomfort starts because soreness can take a day or so to appear but you’ll feel an injury right away. Source Link 

Some Airbnb hosts are using hidden cameras to keep an undercover eye on guests and there are ways to spot them. Turn off the lights in a room and use your phone’s flashlight to slowly scan and look for reflections from a tiny camera lens. Examine out-of-place objects that could have a hidden camera and unplug or cover up anything that might be suspicious. Source Link 

You need a late-night snack that won’t keep you up until the break of dawn. Look for foods that give you the most nutritional bang for your buck and won’t upset your stomach, such as walnuts, bananas, Greek yogurt, or a rice cake with peanut butter. Dark chocolate-covered nuts are another choice, but go easy on them because the caffeine in chocolate can be a real eye opener. Source Link