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April 7, 2023

You may believe in the old adage, “No pain, no gain” but when is that pain after exercise an injury? Look out for swelling or stiffness around a joint after a workout, especially if it slows you down when walking. And notice how quickly the discomfort starts because soreness can take a day or so to appear but you’ll feel an injury right away. Source Link 

Some Airbnb hosts are using hidden cameras to keep an undercover eye on guests and there are ways to spot them. Turn off the lights in a room and use your phone’s flashlight to slowly scan and look for reflections from a tiny camera lens. Examine out-of-place objects that could have a hidden camera and unplug or cover up anything that might be suspicious. Source Link 

You need a late-night snack that won’t keep you up until the break of dawn. Look for foods that give you the most nutritional bang for your buck and won’t upset your stomach, such as walnuts, bananas, Greek yogurt, or a rice cake with peanut butter. Dark chocolate-covered nuts are another choice, but go easy on them because the caffeine in chocolate can be a real eye opener. Source Link

April 6, 2023

Identity theft isn’t just something to worry about when you’re online. A lost or stolen wallet can expose you, so limit what’s in there and never carry anything with your social security number. A mailbox with a lock can keep someone from stealing credit card offers or bank statements and shredding important papers before tossing them is an easy way to prevent identity theft. Source Link

When you ask, “How was your day?” your child may only say, “Fine” or “Okay”, so try these other questions. For young children, ask about stories they read in class or something they learned today. Tweens and teens might respond to, “What’s the most unexpected thing that happened?” and most kids can probably tell you what was their favorite part of the day. Source Link 

Sharing time with your long-distance grandchildren doesn’t have to be a phone call or a FaceTime session. You can work on projects together, whether that’s drawing in a shared sketchbook or building the same hobby items. You can also read the same books and then discuss them with your grandchildren. Source Link 

April 5, 2023

When it comes to an allowance for your kids remember the four C’s. Be clear on what the money’s for, be consistent on the amount of allowance and use cash so they only spend what they have. And remember that you shouldn’t pay money for household chores. Source Link

Google can help you find out if what you’re seeing in an online product listing is what you’re really getting. Take a screenshot of the product photo or enter the page’s web address at and do a reverse image search. It’s a warning sign if you see the same image in many other listings because it could be a stock photo and not what you’re actually buying. Source Link 

Before you start running for exercise, remember these steps to get off on the right foot. Begin with a good pair of name brand shoes that are fitted for you at a sports shoe store. Learn how to do a dynamic warmup with air squats, lunges and jumping jacks to prepare leg muscles for running. And start off by walking a block, jogging a block and then running a block. Source Link

April 4, 2023

Spring weather has you ready to join a gym to get back in shape and there are ways to save money doing it. You can often negotiate to waive a joiners fee and many gyms allow free visits so you can try before you sign up. Beware of pricey lifestyle-oriented studio classes and remember that low-cost gyms may be packed when you want to work out in prime time. Source Link

You might fall asleep faster with these hacks to your nightly routine. Disable auto-play on streaming services to avoid a binge that goes well past bedtime and have non-screen activities like a book or word puzzles to fill your time before bed. And finish dinner at least two hours before bedtime because a big meal triggers your brain to wake up. Source Link

Remember these rules when preparing your child for spring sports. Get a preseason evaluation from their doctor to uncover health issues that could affect their play and check that all sports gear is in working order, especially protective items. And teach them to stretch before and after practices and games and never to “play through” an injury. Source Link

April 3, 2023

Here’s an open and shut case for the right way to cook with some kitchen appliances. Always keep an oven door open when broiling because venting the steam lets food develop that crustiness you want. And always keep the lid closed on your slow cooker because opening it will let heat out and change the cooking time. Source Link 

Six out of ten Americans suffer eye strain from too much computer screen time, but there are some simple remedies. Position a computer monitor so your eye level is 15 inches above the center of the screen and remember the 20-20-20 rule — every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Source Link

If virtual work meetings leave you worn out, it might be best to take yourself out of the picture. Research has shown that having your webcam on for a long time is mentally draining because of the pressure to look good, have a professional background and limit visual distractions. The solution is to let participants turn off the webcam without assuming that it affects productivity. Source Link

March 31, 2023

So, you need to find ways to tighten that budget belt and save money? Take a look at monthly bills to weed out services you don’t use and find simple savings like a discount for paperless billing. Sign up for grocery loyalty cards, check prices before you shop and go to the store with the best deals. And earn money by spending with a flat-rate cash-back credit card but be sure to pay off the balance every month. Source Link

Keep your virtual world safe from intruders by taking extra steps on your most important accounts. Check your Google and iCloud accounts to make sure your old phones or tablets can’t be used with them. And set up two-factor authentication using a special app that prevents anyone from getting into an account with only a stolen password. Source Link

The bathroom accounts for about a quarter of water use in the home and it’s a good place to begin conservation efforts. Install WaterSense-certified shower heads and faucets that work effectively and save on water use. And stop using your toilet as a garbage can. Only toilet paper and what comes out of you should be flushed. Source Link