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March 28, 2023

When your exercise routine is stuck in neutral, you can get back in gear by getting real. If you use a stationary bike, try riding outdoors on a real bike or step off the indoor running track and into nature by running on a park trail. Interval training with a number of exercises can add new variety and setting a new goal for weight loss or performance can also help jump-start your exercise efforts. Source Link

How often do you need to replace these things found in the home? A dish sponge may need to be swapped out every week, but that synthetic shower loofah is probably good for a few months, as are mop heads that may be able to go into the laundry. Rotate kitchen wipe-up rags every few days and replace that toilet brush twice a year. Source Link

Follow these tips to manage video game play for kids. Be sure your child does it in moderation and also gets physical exercise as well as socializing in person. Have them take regular breaks from the screen to decrease eye strain and hand injuries. And play with them because it’s a great way to open the lines of communication. Source Link

March 27, 2023

When you eat may make a difference for your risk of chronic disease. Researchers found that having all your meals within a window of 8 to 10 hours each day could help prevent and manage conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. And when eating was restricted to fewer than 12 hours a day, sleep and quality of life improved. Source Link

Most people know that scratching an itch only makes it worse, but why is that? Scientists say the act of scratching creates pain that cancels out the itching sensation, but the brain overrides that pain and the itching returns. Experts say the best way to deal with an itch is to give the spot a slap or a rub. Source Link 

Cleaning by the numbers is one way to tackle the clutter in your home. Pick a number of things you’ll put away in one session and focus on one thing at a time, like stray shoes or getting rid of unneeded extras of some item. And always keep one box or bag ready to hold items that can be donated. Source Link

March 24, 2023

You can help your brain build up reserves now to avoid memory and thinking problems later in life. Never stop being curious and always be learning something new, like playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or starting a hobby. Go on daily walks to make exercise a good habit and stay active with others and socialize by keeping in touch with family and friends. Source Link

These things may not be on your packing list for that next trip, but they should be. Bring a reusable water bottle and consider one that’s collapsible for easy storage. Grab a handful of dryer sheets to deodorize a suitcase filled with funky smells from dirty clothes and pack a few plastic grocery bags to store dirty laundry, shoes, or wet swimsuits. Source Link

We’ve all been in meetings where you have to introduce yourself, and here’s an easy three-step way to do it. Start with a present-tense statement about yourself, maybe with your name and occupation. Then touch on the past with a few points about your background. And finish with the future and say what you hope to offer and get from the meeting. Source Link

March 23, 2023

When your home WiFi won’t fly, look to your router for relief. Your home router’s power plug could be the culprit so make sure it’s tightly connected to an outlet. Keep it cool by not placing your router in a cabinet or anywhere with little ventilation. If all else fails, reboot your router by unplugging it for 10 seconds. Source Link

A slim piece of string could help connect you to better brain health. People who practiced daily flossing and brushing and got regular dental checkups had MRI’s that showed more healthy brain cells, and that could lead to a lower risk for stroke and dementia in later years. Source Link

Here’s how to dry your laundry faster by putting in more than clothes just out of the washer. Adding a clean, dry towel to a load for about 15 minutes will absorb moisture from wet clothes. You can do the same by adding a few white tennis balls, and remember to wring out any dripping wet clothes before they go into the dryer. Source Link

March 22, 2023

When does more money mean less control? When it’s in your checking account. Most people feel they can spend freely when there’s a bigger checking account balance. The solution is to move that extra money to a savings account with automatic transfers or have money directly deposited from your paycheck into a savings account. Source Link 

To lose water weight, avoid this four-letter word. Salt is a big part of processed foods and makes it more likely that your body will retain water. Natural foods, such as vegetables, seeds and nuts are low in salt and help keep water weight down. And drinking more water aids in kidney function that flushes excess salt and water from the body. Source Link 

We’ve all faced a mess in the microwave when food explodes while reheating it, but how do you prevent that? Turn down the power to 60 percent for most foods and 70 percent for denser things like meat. Stop several times and stir foods with lots of liquid and slice thick items into smaller pieces for more even heating. Source Link 

March 21, 2023

Look to what you know and can do for a “side gig” that can help you earn more money. If you’re handy you could make your own specialty jams or preserves or create jewelry to sell on Etsy. An expertise in popular software could be used to host classes or workshops or put your hands-on tech skills to work fixing smartphones or tablets with a repair business that makes house calls. Source Link

Here’s how you can retrofit a home to make it safer for older people who are aging in place. Create a zero-threshold entry with no steps, widen doorways to 34 or 36 inches, and pick tight-pile carpeting or hard flooring that has more texture to avoid slipping. Add more lighting that’s needed for older eyes and install rocker-style light switches that are easier to work with your hand. Source Link

A favorite fast meal may be too hot to handle for kids. Instant noodles can cause serious burns to the mouth when they come right out of the microwave or just after you add boiling water. It’s not a meal that kids should be eating without adult supervision to ensure the food is cool enough to prevent burns. Source Link