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July 20, 2023

Preparations to send a child off to college should include some straight talk before moving day. Discuss what decisions you expect them to tackle on their own and when to ask for help. Talk about academic priorities and healthy ways to manage stress and plan for weekly video chats or occasional visits to look for any worrisome changes. Source Link

Here are some things to consider when you’re ready to hit “mute” on your social media habit. If the posts make you feel bad it’s time to get them out of your feed. Also cut back if your social media usage gets in the way of real life experiences, and ask yourself what else you could be doing instead of instinctively grabbing your phone to scroll that feed and pass the time. Source Link

How can you be sure if the vitamins or supplements really have what you need? Look for third-party verification labels like USP or NSF for vitamins or IFOS for fish oil. And check for expiration dates because supplements that are past their “use by” date may not be effective and could even be harmful. Source Link

July 19, 2023

Hitting your weight loss goal is great but it’s only half the battle. To keep that weight off, experts say don’t ease off on exercise, choose a forever diet and increase food intake very gradually. And maintain the support network of friends, family or health professionals who helped you achieve your weight loss goal. Source Link

Be sure to include these things when packing for that next trip. Dryer sheets can deodorize smelly shoes and a quick-dry towel gets the job done without staying damp. Pack some baby wipes to use when you’re grabbing those high-touch areas and bring a packable backpack for convenience and to hold essentials or extra souvenirs. Source Link

The solution for killing weeds without harsh chemicals may be in your kitchen pantry. Mix a gallon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap in an ordinary garden sprayer. This will kill weeds but be careful not to get it on grass. You can keep a spot weed-free for good by adding two cups of ordinary table salt that penetrates into the soil. Source Link

July 18, 2023

When kids are swimming in the backyard pool, these two things are the ultimate safety devices. You need a pair of adult eyes watching young swimmers at all times because drowning can happen in an instant. And that adult supervisor must not be distracted with their cellphone, or a phone call inside the house, or a conversation with another adult. Source Link

Forget these food safety myths. You can’t tell if food is good by looking at it, and the “five-second rule” doesn’t protect you from microorganisms that can transfer to food immediately when you drop it. And food poisoning doesn’t always happen within hours because you can get sick from food you ate up to three days ago. Source Link

July is National Ice Cream Month and a few scoops are a great way to top off a summertime meal. An industry survey found that chocolate and cookies n’ cream were the most popular flavors, followed by vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip. Pecans are the favorite dry topping and chocolate sauce beats caramel, and waffle cones are preferred over sugar cones nearly three-to-one. Source Link

July 17, 2023

A smartphone can help you form better tech habits. Screen Time features will show you what’s occupying your time on your phone and distraction blocker apps can keep you on-track for work. And use a calendar app with natural language processing to make adding and updating appointments faster and easier. Source Link 

Believe it or not, eating a cookie might help improve your child’s dental health. Have them eat an Oreo cookie and then brush their teeth. If you can still see bits of cookie after they’re done, you need to be checking and helping them brush better. You should also give your kids healthy snacks, use fluoride toothpaste and have them drink lots of water. Source Link

It’s one step that could save you from skin cancer. A full-body exam to look at all of your bumps, moles and birthmarks is the best way to find out which are benign and which might put you at-risk for skin cancer. But this isn’t a DIY job, so make an appointment with a dermatologist for a full-body exam. Source Link

July 14, 2023

Stop and ask yourself a few questions before you share health stories on social media. Is the source trustworthy, like a major medical center or national organization? Is it a personal story that may not reflect the big picture, or does it make you feel emotional? If it does, try waiting to post because the impulse to share it might pass. Source Link 

Streaming TV subscription fees add up fast and you can save money with a little planning. Make a calendar note for when a trial subscription ends to avoid paying for an extra month, and bundle or get an annual subscription for services you know you want to keep. And if there isn’t a show you’re watching now on that service, cancel and re-subscribe later. Source Link

There’s a good chance you have a free hotspot or free public WiFi available nearby now, but how do you find it? Apps like Instabridge or WiFi Map will show you where to find a free hook-up that’s near you, and many public libraries offer free WiFi. Consider using a VPN with any free internet connection to safeguard any personal data during the session. Source Link

July 13, 2023

It’s a natural choice that’s rich in vitamins but there’s an unhealthy side to that daily glass of fruit juice. The habit could be adding to your weight because fruit juice has as much sugar as sweetened soda. You can get the same nutritional benefits by eating one serving of whole fruit instead of drinking a glass of juice. Source Link 

The key to effective studying isn’t cramming by reading notes or a textbook over and over. Instead, read once and then quiz yourself using questions at the back of a book or with flashcards that you create. Drawing the information in visual form can also help with retention, and give your brain time to absorb information by spacing out study sessions over a few days. Source Link 

Sunglasses are for more than stopping you from squinting in bright daylight. They protect against harmful UV rays that can damage your eyes and lead to conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts. And don’t wear dark sunglasses without UV protection, because that dark tint forces the pupil to open wider and let in more light and more UV rays. Source Link