Who It Helps

CXSelect from BusinessVoice delivers so much value to several groups of people who are key to your success.

Your Callers - More and more consumers are looking for exceptional customer experiences. When you treat them to CXSelect, you'll exceed their expectations and endear them to your brand.

Your Call Center Managers - By giving your callers more control over the in-queue / on hold environment, CXSelect provides call center managers with accurate and specific data, plus better results.

Your Marketing Team - CXSelect provides your marketing staff with actionable information. It also lets them text interested customers immediately after they express interest in specific products and services.

Call Center Agents - When your callers are happier with their time on hold or in-queue, they'll be friendlier and more patient with your CSRs. That reduces your staff's burnout and makes it easier for them to maintain high service standards.

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