The Client - Notre Dame Academy (Our client since 2007)

What Is NDA?

Located in Toledo, Ohio, Notre Dame Academy is a Catholic college preparatory school for grades 7 through 12. The NDA experience is permeated with Gospel values and designed to promote the development and empowerment of young women to prepare them for a life of leadership and service.

The Production

We saw a video that was produced for NDA by Hanson Inc., a Toledo agency that specializes in creating digital marketing strategies and serious technical infrastructure. The piece featured current NDA students who spoke passionately about what the school means to them. We knew right away that we wanted to incorporate their voiceovers into NDA's next On Hold Marketing production. Thankfully, the team at Hanson graciously allowed us to use their audio.

The Client's Thoughts

“This is great!” wrote Margaret FitzGerald, NDA's Director of Communications and Marketing. “It's our best On Hold Marketing yet, because it speaks to the heart and is integrated with our other marketing."

Our Team's Thoughts

“I think it's really powerful,” said Creative Consultant Andrea Poteet.

“I LOVE stuff like this,” said Scott Greggory, our Chief Creative Officer. “You can feel the girls' enthusiasm for their school and each other. And when the young lady in the 5th message talks about the sacrifices her parents made to put her through school, oh my! It's just wonderful. So heartfelt. It gets me every time. We are so thankful to our friends at Hanson for sharing these interviews with us. They didn't have to do it at all, let alone so willingly. It was their generosity that allowed us to create this special On Hold Marketing for our mutual client.”

Update (May 2017): Judges’ Comments

This production won two trophies at the 2017 MARCE Awards: Best of Show and Best Branding. Here are a few of the judges’ comments.

“Great use of actual student interviews interspersed with the narrator. The long-form background music fits very well with the client and the scripting. Great-sounding production!”

“The music bed was current, the VO delivery was very solid, and the [stories] left a great impression. Well done, guys.”

“Great concept. The testimonial / word-of-mouth feel is strong and believable. And the spectrum of information shared is tremendous.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley