The Client - Quality Inn and Suites of Monroe (Our client since 1993)

What They Do

Quality Inn and Suites of Monroe is a full-service hotel located in southeastern Michigan. The facility offers 127 guest rooms, as well as meeting rooms, ballrooms, and a long list of popular amenities.

Why On Hold Marketing?

These days, most people can book a hotel room online; they don't have to call the hotel. But there are still plenty of people who need to talk with someone at a hotel they're considering, 1) to ask questions that are not addressed on a website, 2) to make arrangements for a large event at the hotel, 3) to get a feel for what the service will be like, or 4) because using a website or app isn't possible or practical at the moment.

Quality Inn and Suites recognizes the opportunity they have to turn hold time into an enjoyable caller experience. And since providing fun, memorable experiences is one of the goals of hospitality companies, they allow us to take full advantage of that opportunity.

The Writer’s Thoughts

“Quality Inn and Suites wants content that appeals to people who are looking for the human connection that a phone call provides,” said Bob Seybold, the Creative Consultant who writes this On Hold Marketing copy.

“Even when callers are on hold, they can quickly hear that this content is unique and custom, not some standard messaging that sounds like every other hotel they may have called.”

“The people at Quality Inn are always up for something different,” said Seybold. “I love finding new ways to help their On Hold Marketing stand out and be a memorable experience for their callers.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Scott, Scott Greggory, Bob Seybold and Nikki Kellers
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias