The Client - Eaton Family Credit Union (Our client since 2003)

What They Do

With three offices in northeast Ohio, plus one each in Lincoln, Illinois and Searcy, Arkansas, Eaton Family Credit Union serves the financial needs of several groups, from employees of the Eaton Corporation and a few other companies to certain city and school district workers and select corporate partners. 

Eaton FCU was founded in 1937. Today, the non-profit organization provides savings and investment vehicles, as well as lending options to its 13,000 members. 

How This Work Is Different

Traditionally, banks and other financial institutions have presented themselves very conservatively. But it's important to remember that, no matter what a company does, people are its audience; real people with real emotions, fears, desires and needs. Even when they're calling a bank or credit union, people respond to good information delivered in a fun and/or interesting way.

This On Hold Marketing production combines energetic voiceovers and several music tracks with quick sound effects that lighten the mood and present Eaton's services in that fun way. It suggests very strongly to callers that their experience with Eaton will be friendly and enjoyable. 

The Writer’s Thoughts

“The Eaton Family Credit Union brand identity is about personal service, convenience and the best value,” said Bob Seybold, the Creative Consultant who wrote the copy. “Our strategy is to provide real-life examples of how members can take advantage of all of Eaton’s services, whether it’s a mortgage, an auto loan, a home equity loan or a credit card, and their conveniences, such as web bill pay or mobile check deposit. The music and sound effects cue the caller's attention and complement the script.”

The Client's Thoughts

"We have been a client of BusinessVoice for many years, and we always look forward to hearing each quarterly production," wrote Eaton CEO Mike Losneck. "This one really makes our message pop with sound effects and background music that make it memorable."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory and Amy Scott 
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley