The Client - Arrowwood Lodge (Our client since 2016)

What They Do

Arrowwood Lodge is a vacation destination in Baxter, Minnesota. The property includes an indoor water park, Baxter’s Bar and Grill, meeting facilities, and guest rooms that are so large they’re known as “cabins.”

An Interesting Story

Carolyn Bare is Arrowwood’s General Manager. When searching for an On Hold Marketing provider, she initially contacted another company that provided her with a custom OHM demo.

“Our [previous] on hold messaging was very ordinary; not at all what we wanted," Carolyn wrote. "We wanted something that would help guests remember us.”

After listening to the other company’s demo, Carolyn felt there was an opportunity to do more.

When the demo provider realized Carolyn was looking for something truly original, they suggested that she contact BusinessVoice.

Within a week, Arrowwood Lodge was our client and we began work on their first production.

The Production

We imagined Arrowwood’s callers listening in as someone flipped through the channels of a television. What callers hear are references to Arrowwood Lodge within quick snippets of various TV shows: newscasts, a cooking program, a game show, reality show, soap opera and others. 

This Humor on Hold™ includes 14 voices, an array of sound effects, several music tracks, and the input of three writers.

The Client’s Comments

“This production absolutely fulfilled what we were looking for. We asked for something original, and you went above and beyond," wrote Carolyn.

“It was something that we had not heard before. We gave you free reign to do something unusual and fun, and you hit the nail on the head! The team that we have is great to work with and very attentive.”

Update (May 2017): Judges’ Comments

The judges at the 2017 MARCE Awards provided many nice comments on this production.

“Solid creative work. Good use of talent and production.”

“Great choice of a non-standard format to change up the On Hold experience! Excellent play on multiple different styles throughout the production!”

“Solid production, creativity and copy. I would feel entertained [with this] while on hold.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Andrea Poteet, Cody McCloskey and Scott Greggory
Main Voice Talent: Scott Greggory, Bob Seybold, Amy Scott, Ed Hunter and Steve Lovvorn
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias