The Client - Maman Corp. (Our client since 2015)

What They Do

Maman Corp. is an award-winning, woman-owned, full-service construction management team and general contractor in Palatine, Illinois.

The Writers’ Thoughts

Andrea Poteet: “Maman Corp. was looking for funny On Hold Marketing that highlighted very specific aspects of their business. In fact, they sought us out because of our Humor On Hold™. I’m so happy that they’re thrilled with what we did for them.”

Scott Greggory: “During our first creative discovery session with Maman’s head of marketing Megan Tinsley, we learned that she wanted to promote their female ownership and the fact that the pronunciation of their company name can throw people off a bit. Andrea and I worked together to present those and other topics in a fun way without diminishing the importance of either. It's exhilarating to be able to develop humorous content that addresses a client's serious needs."

The Client’s Comments

Megan was very excited when she heard this first On Hold Marketing production that we created for her team. “We love how the women-owned [aspect of our company] was mentioned without being too specific. It was done perfectly!” wrote Megan. And “the [phrase] ‘Get Mamanized’ - WE LOVE IT!”

The Production

Instead of music, we used a bed of construction-related sound effects under and between the messages. They almost give the feeling that we recorded the voiceover at an actual Maman Corp. job site. “We love the background sounds,” wrote Megan. “We feel like that is as much a part of our business as the words we are using! Thank you so much! Great job!”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Andrea Poteet and Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory, Bob Seybold, Amy Scott, Steve Lovvorn and Marv Allen
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley