The Client - Elderwood Health Plan (Our client since 2015)

The Production

The content we created provides callers with information on the many advantages of the Elderwood Health Plan and how it benefits both older adults and their caregivers. The copy is brought to life by two of our skilled voice talents, Marv and Catherine.

We like the easy, comforting feel of this production. The relaxing music and Marv's warm, textured voice are sure to soothe callers who may be anxious about their healthcare.

The Writer's Thoughts

"Elderwood is a great client to work with because they're ahead of the curve in their industry in many ways," said Creative Consultant Andrea Poteet. "They're always rolling out exciting new programs, and this health plan is another example."

About Our Client

The Elderwood Health Plan is a managed long-term care plan that's backed by Elderwood Administrative Services in western New York. We also provide On Hold Marketing to Elderwood Senior Care

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Marv Allen and Catherine Smith
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley