The Client - International Translating Company (Our client since July 2015)

Why Did ITC Choose Us?

The team at ITC wants to position their company as unique within its industry. So, it’s equally important to them to present their callers on hold with a unique experience. 

BusinessVoice Director Steve Evert: “When I first spoke with Daniel Doxey at ITC he said that he contacted us because what he saw on our website ‘was different than anything he saw on any other sites.’”

Once he heard our Humor On Hold™ samples, Daniel knew an important key to reaching his goal would be a funny approach. "We need you to help us establish who we are," he wrote. "Humor will help show that we are confident as an organization."

The Writer’s Thoughts

Cody McCloskey was the lead writer for this project. "I absolutely love it when a client asks me to incorporate humor into their On Hold Marketing content," said Cody. "It shows that they're not afraid to try something different to separate themselves from competitors."

"When I'm looking for inspiration for humor, I start with the client and their needs. What is it about them and what they do that has the potential to be funny? How can I make the humor unique to them? How can I serve their marketing goals in an unusual or funny way? Sometimes I'll go in the opposite direction and think of a funny situation, and then find a way to tie that in with the client."

The Client

"I just wanted to thank you for our first set of recordings for our On Hold Marketing and IVR. Everyone was impressed with the work, and we appreciate how smoothly you all made things go. Thanks." - Daniel Doxey

Founded in 1969, International Translating Company is now the oldest company of its kind in the United States. From their offices in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah, they provide clients with translation, interpretation and transcription services, as well as voiceover, subtitling and language training. Learn more at

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Cody McCloskey
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley