The Client - Binkelman (Our client since April 1996)

The Style

This humorous On Hold Marketing production is a combination of interviews, a commercial for an odd carnival, and an over-the-top audible press release. Unlike traditional OHM, it contains wall-to-wall voiceover, no music breaks.

Binkelman and its callers are long-time fans of our Humor On Hold™. The company's Eric Smith paid us the ultimate compliment when he told us that "we get people who ask us to put them back on hold."

The Writer's Thoughts

"I've been inspired lately by the work of Stan Freberg," said the writer Scott Greggory. "I've been looking back on his TV commercials from the 1960s, so I was really hearing his voice while writing the interview segments. His creative was groundbreaking, and it still stands out as unique even today."

"We appreciate the freedom that Binkelman allows us," said Greggory. "They understand that they can use our humor to entertain their customers in this space. They're turning the negative of holding into a positive experience that callers will remember."

The Production

We used six voices, two music tracks and several pre-recorded sound effects in this On Hold Marketing production. We also used Foley techniques - creating our own sound effects to meet the specific needs of the piece. (Listen for the subtle sounds of the silverware on the plate and the chair dragging along the floor.

The Client

Binkelman Corporation was founded in 1946. The company distributes off-the-shelf and custom fabricated parts to customers in many industries. They also provide training and services that reduce downtime and optimize the service life of the parts they provide. Learn more at

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory, Ed Hunter, Steve Lovvorn, Susan Harris, Amy Scott and Bob Seybold
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias