The Client - Jim White Lexus of Toledo (Our client since 2004) 

Some Background 

Jim White Lexus of Toledo serves the communities of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The dealership recently earned "Elite of Lexus" status. That’s an honor based exclusively on positive customer feedback about the sales process, service and overall ownership satisfaction. 

The Writer’s Take 

Cassandra Evans writes the company’s On Hold Marketing copy. “Jim White Lexus is a luxury car dealer, so with every message and every production we aim to create a feel that supports the idea of luxury,” she said. “It’s in the specific word choices, the music, the main voiceovers.”


And there’s another element of the company’s brand that Cassandra works into her content. “Jim White Lexus earns a lot of rave reviews from their customers, so we like to add that authentic feedback into their OHM copy.”

Their Marketing Philosophy

Many car dealers stress their latest promotion and today’s low price. Lexus of Toledo takes a different approach. They focus on the luxury car experience and how you’ll feel while driving a Lexus. That sense of luxury extends beyond their vehicles, too. From sales to service, the Jim White team provides a comfortable, high-end encounter for every visitor.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias