The Client - T.T.I. (Our client since October 2003)

What They Do

Since 1960, Thermal Transmission Industries - T.T.I. - has provided parts and equipment to HVAC contractors throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. They represent more than 80 brands and carry dozens of product types, from air cleaning equipment to water heaters.

The Writer’s Approach

BusinessVoice Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold writes T.T.I.'s On Hold Marketing content. He says, "Most of the company's customers run their own HVAC business and, since that’s a busy job, they may not have time to read about new trends or learn best practices. Using business tips in the On Hold Marketing helps T.T.I. add more value to the caller experience."

That's a great example of using marketing content to serve an audience, providing information that helps them to be better at their jobs or makes their lives easier. Read more on that approach in Bob's article "How the 80/20 Rule Applies to Your Caller Experience."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley