The Client - Lakeland Auto & Marine (Our client since 2016)

What’s Happening Here?

This Humor On Hold production is wall-to-wall game show fun, full of wacky challenges, without all the burdensome cash and prizes.

Before they can speak with someone, Lakeland Auto & Marine callers must endure the audible punishment we dish out, including a montage of disturbing sounds and the horrid warbling of a middle school talent show contestant.

The production includes instrumental jingles, sound effects and group shouts. And what would the caller experience be without the desperate trumpeting of a drowning elephant?

The Response

Lakeland President Chris Hamann is an enthusiastic supporter of our Humor On Hold, saying that “the feedback has been absolutely fantastic. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to do this kind of stuff for us.”

After we create a video version of his On Hold Marketing, Chris shares the content on his company’s Facebook page. His followers agree that the humor makes holding enjoyable.

Eric M. wrote that Lakeland is “the only place I don’t mind being put on hold.”

Glenn M. replied, “Hilarious. Good laugh to start the day.”

Thaddeus W. wrote, “That was awesome!”

And Don H. offered this comment: “Nothing like asking to be put on hold again so you can finish listening.”


In October 2020, this production won a Platinum MarCom Award and in 2021 it earned a Bronze ADDY Award. It’s also been credited with saving countless lives during our nation’s coin shortage. And by the end of the year, this recording will be the first On Hold Marketing production to be launched into space.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley