The Client - Binkelman Corporation (Our client since April 1996)

The Content

This Humor On Hold™ production begins with a rather non-traditional interview and continues with many other unusual elements, all poking fun at familiar advertising and media conventions. And, as with every piece we create for Binkelman, we goofed on the client's brand here and there.

"It's great to work with people who can laugh at themselves," said the copywriter Scott Greggory. "I think callers appreciate a company that doesn't take its image too seriously. When the audience hears that self-deprecating humor, they can sense that the relationship is going to be easy and comfortable."

The Client's Response

Rebecca Conrad works in Account Management and Development at Binkelman, and serves as our main contact. She wrote that our team has "strived to understand our business and customer base and identified the best types of messaging to get them to truly listen. We have had multiple occasions when our callers want to go back on hold to hear the remainder of the script. We have also made many referrals to BusinessVoice from suppliers and colleagues who hear our message."

After our work for Binkelman won a 2020 Silver Communicator Award, Rebecca wrote this on her personal Facebook page: "As a long-time client of BusinessVoice, we love the laughs they have provided to our customers over the years through their creative On Hold [Marketing]."

About the Client

Binkelman distributes custom and off-the-shelf fabricated parts to companies in many industries. They also provide training and services to reduce their customers' downtime and optimize the service life of the parts they provide. For more details, visit

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory, Chris Zaharias, Amy Scott, Bob Seybold & Steve Evert
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias