The Client - Ray’s Trash Service (Our client since July 2009)

The Writer’s Thoughts

“We apply a humorous approach to disrupt callers on hold and present Ray’s services in a fun, unusual way,” said Creative Consultant Andrea Poteet. “Trash is serious business to the people at Ray’s, but it’s inherently a funny subject to most everyone else. I love that Ray’s can see that and that they let us take advantage of the opportunity to apply humor to their brand.”

Acknowledging the Ugly Truth

One of the tactics we take with Ray’s is addressing negatives. Yeah, trash stinks. Yeah, you don’t like shredding sensitive documents. And yeah, you’ll go to jail if you get caught dumping electronics in Indiana. But those are the facts. By bringing them up, we show how valuable Ray’s Trash Service can be as a company that alleviates those problems.

The Client

Founded in 1965, Ray’s Trash Service is based in central Indiana. Through its seven locations the company provides waste disposal and recycling services for residential, commercial and industrial customers across 17 counties. They also offer demolition, disaster clean-up, document destruction and land clearing.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley