The Client - Holiday Inn French Quarter (Our client since 1996) 

Our Client's Story

Since 1967, the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg, Ohio was a favorite spot of local and out-of-town guests. Sadly, the hotel closed March 31, 2019.

The French Quarter’s 52-year run ended “due to changes in the marketplace and with the Holiday Inn brand,” according to a report from 13ABC.

For nearly half of the hotel’s life, we provided its On Hold Marketing, informing callers about the Holidome recreation area, the annual New Year’s Eve party, the prime rib and seafood buffets in J. Patrick’s Pub, and the many amenities. As a tribute to our long-time client, we’ve named their last production our On Hold Marketing of the Month.

“Many, many thanks,” wrote Brenda Fey, the French Quarter’s General Manager. “You’ve been such a good partner.”

In the same 13ABC report, Ms. Fey expressed her appreciation to past guests. “We have enjoyed being part of your family traditions and the countless happy memories created here through multiple generations. We’re sincerely grateful for all the personal and business friendships we’ve enjoyed over these last 50 years. The loyalty of our guests and staff is amazing and makes it hard to say goodbye.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias