The Client - International Translating Company (Our client since July 2015)

Why Humor?

We often talk internally, with clients, and on this website (here, here and here) about providing value to customers at every touchpoint they can encounter, including the On Hold Marketing channel. 

And value can take many forms.

Humor may not come immediately to mind as valuable in a business environment, but when executed well it can provide many benefits.

Humor On Hold™ specifically can help callers relax and release stress. It might make it easier for them to identify with you and your brand. It can shorten perceived hold times. And it can deliver what we consider to be one of the greatest gifts of all: unanticipated laughter

The Writer’s Take

International Translating Company has been on board with our Humor On Hold™ since we began working with them,” said Scott Greggory. He’s the writer and voice talent for the On Hold Marketing we create for ITC. “I’m a pretty tough room; I don’t laugh easily. So, when Daniel at ITC and other clients tell us that they laugh out loud at our content, or that they pick up the phone and hear their callers laughing, that’s tremendously rewarding. It’s very gratifying to know that we’re encouraging that kind of joyful response on behalf of our clients.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley