The Client - Lakeland Auto & Marine (Our client since February 2017)

Humor On Hold™

Chris Hamann likes the On Hold Marketing productions we create for him. “Four to five times a week we get compliments on how creative and humorous they are,” he wrote.

As the President of Lakeland Auto & Marine in Port Clinton, Ohio, Chris knows the fun attitude keeps his callers entertained and on the line, and that it differentiates his company.

The Writer’s Take

“The On Hold channel presents an opportunity to delight customers and give them an unexpected experience,” said Scott Greggory, the writer and voice talent behind the Lakeland content. “Humor On Hold™ can also grease the wheels a bit. If your callers start their interaction with your company with a laugh or a good feeling, they’re bound to feel more of an affection for your brand.”

The Client’s Feedback

After Chris read the script, he replied with this: “Hehe! This is hilarious! Great work - again!”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias