The Client - T.T.I. (Our client since October 2003)

What They Do

Based in Perrysburg, Ohio, T.T.I. - or Thermal Transmission Industries - has provided parts and equipment to area HVAC contractors since 1960.

The Writer’s Approach

“For many years, T.T.I. used their On Hold Marketing as a sales tool, but they’d often struggle when it came to choosing which products they wanted to promote with each new production,” said Bob Seybold. He’s the BusinessVoice Senior Creative Consultant whose worked with T.T.I. since they came on board with us.

So, Bob suggested that we replace their sales promotions with what he calls “news you can use.”

“For T.T.I., that meant creating business tips for the HVAC contractors who are calling,” Bob said. “Our client loved the idea because it makes updating stress-free for them. It also positions T.T.I. as a company that’s focused on helping their customers succeed, rather than just selling to them.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley