The Client - Dixie Restoration Depot (Our client since 2017)

What They Do

Located in Manchester, Connecticut, the Dixie team sells parts for specific cars from the late 1960s through the late ‘80s: the Chevy Malibu, Monte Carlo, Chevelle and El Camino. Customers can search for and buy parts at their website,

Why BusinessVoice?

“I chose BusinessVoice because I loved the samples I heard on your website,” wrote Matt Hartzog, President of DRD. “They were different and more entertaining than any other On Hold Marketing I had ever heard.”

“We love when people tell us that,” said BusinessVoice Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory. “Especially when we’re using Humor On Hold, we want to turn what most people consider to be an insignificant moment into a surprising, memorable experience.”

Why Humor?

Humor On Hold works well for my business,” wrote Hartzog, “because it differentiates us from our (less entertaining) competitors.

“I’m especially fond of the trucker hat bit in this new production. It weaves humor and product information together in a way that I’d like to explore further in the future.” (That message begins at 1:53 in the video above.)

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory (Additional Copy: Shaun Turner)
Voice Talent: Amy Scott & Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias