The Client - Lakeland Auto & Marine (Our client since 2016)

Why Humor On Hold™?

Chris Hamann is the President of Lakeland Auto & Marine, a car and boat repair company in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Chris likes to make sure his customers enjoy a good laugh while on hold. “I believe it relaxes our callers,” he wrote. “Not many people are happy when their vehicle needs attention. The humor puts them in a better mood. Most of our customers know that we're a humorous group anyway. And if they didn’t, they find that out when they call.”

The Value

“I feel this is a perfect fit for our business,” Hamann wrote. “Who wants to be put on hold? But these productions convey pertinent information in a humorous manner, and they just click with our callers.”

“I get business owners asking us all the time who does our productions. I’ve referred BusinessVoice multiple times. We actually get callers who specifically ask to be put on hold so they can listen to the entire production!”

Their Latest Production

As if he hadn't been complimentary enough, Chris had even more nice things to say about the On Hold Marketing in the video above. “Absolutely great! I’m impressed by how creative you are! Thanks again. You folks are amazing!”

Update (May 2018): Comments from the 2018 MARCE Awards Judges

“The voices and music seemed reflective of the brand image. Humor was funny and well crafted. Overall, well done.”

“There’s creativity in the contrast between the soft, sweet-sounding music and the sarcastic script. There’s a lot of personality in the copy.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley