The Client - Quality Inn and Suites of Monroe (Our client since 1993)

What They Do

Quality Inn and Suites of Monroe is a full-service hotel located in southeastern Michigan. The facility offers 127 guest rooms, as well as meeting rooms, ballrooms, and a long list of popular amenities.

The Concept

In June 2017, Creative Consultant Bob Seybold wrote On Hold Marketing copy for another client - Reliance Industrial Products - that was a bit different. Rather than focusing on what Reliance does, Bob provided callers with helpful tips on lots of general subjects - from maximizing the ROI on home improvements, tightening up resumes, and eating a healthier breakfast to strengthening online security, beating insomnia, and using an alternative form of auto financing.

With this production, Bob provides more great advice. It’s still not directly related to the client, but it’s all aimed at travelers - the people who are calling Quality Inn and Suites.

The Benefits

We like this approach because it’s about “giving” to the audience, a concept we introduced on our parent agency’s blog with the post Giving vs. Taking: A Fresh Approach to Advertising.

Each message is quick, and it’s likely that almost every caller will take away at least a few good tips that they could integrate into their traveling.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Bob Seybold
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias