The Client - SYSTEMseven (Our client since January 2017)

Looking for Laughs

Mat Myers is the Director of Customer Love (and Operations) at SYSTEMseven, a fast-growing company that provides Internet and telephone connectivity and related services. Mat reached out to us for a specific reason: he wanted our Humor On Hold.

The Writers’ Thoughts

Creative Consultant Shaun Turner: “During my first conversation with Mat, he said ‘I want the On Hold Marketing to entertain callers and, if possible, remind them about our products and services.’

He understands that if people are calling, they have a pain - they need service, they’re unhappy with their existing provider, etc. - and they don’t want to be put on hold. That just adds to their pain. So we work to alleviate some of that pain, by entertaining callers and giving them useful information at the same time.”

“The SYSTEMseven website has a definite attitude,” said BusinessVoice’s Scott Greggory. “The look and feel is cool, and the funny copy communicates a distinct personality. Both elements were very helpful when crafting the humor, the tone, and even the voiceover of the On Hold Marketing.”

The Client

SYSTEMseven was founded in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2001 as a company dedicated to providing amazing customer experiences. They use that quest for customer love as a differentiator when telling the story of their Internet and telecommunications solutions.

Update (May 2018): Comments from the 2018 MARCE Award Judges

“Very creative copy. Humorous with a healthy balance of product info, well-placed sound effects and music. Great job.”

“The playful copy aligns nicely with the music, which is an interesting - yet not distracting - layer of the production. As the script builds, the information about the company’s offerings is key. That is what builds brand credibility and makes the jokes that much more humorous. This [production] does make its brand ‘yummier.’”

“I smiled all the way through. Love the play on words. Love that the client ‘gets it.’ Great balance of information and creativity.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Shaun Turner and Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory and Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley