The Client - Behler-Young (Our client since 2003)

A Little Background

Each month for more than 14 years, we’ve created On Hold Marketing for Behler-Young to promote the company’s special pricing, contests, and services.

Behler-Young’s typical caller is an HVAC contractor who has called many times before, so we know the audience can appreciate the casual, fun caller experience that we create.

The Writer’s Thoughts

“We want to avoid making this On Hold Marketing a litany of model numbers and prices that most callers won’t remember,” said Creative Consultant Bob Seybold. “A light-hearted approach lets us promote products and offers in a fun way that can be memorable and more effective.”

The Client

Since 1926, Behler-Young has been a privately held, family-owned wholesaler of HVAC products and services. The company’s nearly 200 employees serve customers from 16 locations in Michigan and northwest Ohio.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Bob Seybold, Amy Jeffries, Amy Scott, Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley