Mountain View Tire and Auto Service

This family-owned and operated company serves Southern California drivers through their 30 locations. With help from our nominations, they were named Modern Tire Dealer Magazine’s 2011 Tire Dealer of the Year and a 2015 Tire Review Top Shop Finalist. We’ve provided their On Hold Marketing since 2005.

Audio Sample

(Click to play the video.) In this On Hold Marketing production, we direct callers to Mountain View's website and a link called "Heard On Hold."

When callers click on that link, they get more details on select topics they heard about while on hold.

This BusinessVoice innovation makes it very easy to direct callers to specific web content without using long URLs. It also allows us to track the number of callers that are driven to a section of the client's website as a result of the On Hold Marketing.

Caller Experience Marketing Goals

Mountain View uses On Hold Marketing to achieve several goals:

  • Introduce callers to new services, including nitrogen tire inflation and smog checks.
  • Remind callers about their website’s features: coupons, online appointments, a tire selector, the blog and others.
  • Communicate the many reasons callers should continue to choose Mountain View.
  • Reinforce the brand promise: Mountain View delivers the WOW Experience.

Client Testimonial

“We are extremely pleased with the products and services BusinessVoice has provided to us. We want to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We want to be unique in the marketplace and On Hold Marketing is one way we accomplish this goal. I cannot imagine being without OHM ever again.” - Chris Mitsos / Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


  • Based initially on the quality of our On Hold Marketing, our relationship with Mountain View Tire and Auto Service has deepened over the years. Through our other agencies, we built their last two websites, and provide on-going Website Marketing Services, email marketing and online video production.
  • We consult with Mr. Mitsos regularly, offering recommendations and proactive marketing ideas in order to attract even more business to Mountain View’s stores.
  • We have flown many team members across the country to MVT's southern California headquarters several times to meet with the Mitsos family, tour their stores, and work to finalize projects.