Grand Home Furnishings

This popular 19-store chain serves retail customers in Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. In 2011, Grand Home Furnishings celebrated its 100th year in business. We’ve been providing Grand’s On Hold Marketing since the spring of 2007.

Audio Sample

(Click to play the video.) We put ourselves in the callers' shoes. What do they want? What will they identify with?

In this copy for Grand, we relate to real-world emotions, needs and even fears, with references to home, kids and financing, plus tips on how shoppers can ensure they make the right furniture choices. 

Client Testimonial

“I love to read good copy. There's so much bad copy out there in our industry. This OHM copy is excellent. Thank you!” - Steve Davis / Marketing Director / Grand Home Furnishings

Caller Experience Marketing Goals

Grand relies on BusinessVoice to tell its story to potential customers on hold. From the company’s longevity to its charming offer of a free frosty-cold Coca-Cola to everyone who walks through the door, we reinforce the Grand experience.

We also remind callers of Grand’s many services, their easy financing options, and the many types of furniture and bedding they offer in order to keep Grand's value top-of-mind with callers.


  • After finalizing our first agreement with Grand Home Furnishings, we flew four key team members to Roanoke, Virginia to meet with Steve Davis personally and tour several Grand stores. Even when they're many states away, we believe in meeting face-to-face with our Key and Major clients. It's helpful for understanding the client's brand identity and getting the relationship off to a strong start. 
  • In addition to the On Hold Marketing that BusinessVoice creates, one of our sister agencies, SensoryMax, provides Grand’s in-store music.

Client Testimonial

“You are really spectacular! You always respond to my requests so quickly and today you've solved [my issue] within minutes. Thank you so much!" - Steve Davis / Marketing Director / Grand Home Furnishings