Arrowwood Lodge

Located in central Minnesota, Arrowwood Lodge is an all-seasons resort that strives to be a haven of entertainment and relaxation. The vacation center boasts spacious guest rooms, conference areas, an indoor water park and Baxter’s Bar and Grill.

Audio Sample

Our creative consultants, audio engineers and voice talent created a mash-up of audio reminiscent of channel surfing on an older TV set. The caller hears clips from an infomercial, game show, police drama, soap opera and other “shows” that entertain and provide snippets of insight into the amenities and services available at Arrowwood Lodge.

Caller Experience Marketing Goals

When the lodge’s general manager wasn’t satisfied with the work she’d received from another agency, they recommended BusinessVoice to satisfy Arrowwood’s unique experience marketing objective.

The Arrowwood team wanted a standout caller experience. They expressed their desire for content that surprised and engaged callers while informing them of all the great reasons to become an Arrowwood client. They also encourage their callers to “Live Lodge,” a punny phrase that plays into the fun and the humor they enjoy employing in their advertising.

Client Testimonial

“This production absolutely fulfilled what we were looking for. We asked for something original, and you went above and beyond. It was something that we had not heard before. We gave you free reign to do something unusual and fun, and you hit the nail on the head! The team that we have is great to work with and very attentive.” - Carolyn Bare / General Manager / Arrowwood Lodge