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Helping your kids be healthy eaters as adults might start in the kitchen when they’re teens. A study found that people who learned to cook as teenagers had better nutritional habits in their 30s. They were more likely to prepare meals with vegetables most days, ate less fast food and had more family meals. Source Link 

Deleting online accounts you no longer use can safeguard you from the next website hack. Look in your password manager, search email for old “welcome” messages or check Facebook or Google to find connected accounts. You can search the name of the service and the words “delete account” or visit its support page to find out how to close an unused account. Source Link

The lowly binder clip is an office staple with uses around the house. It can hold coiled power cords for easy storage, label a ring of keys, secure garbage bags on the edge of a can and prop-up a stack of water bottles in the fridge. You can stand up a binder clip to display photos or notes or use one as a makeshift cufflink in a fashion emergency. Source Link

If you’re minding that credit score there are some things that won’t ding your rating. Paying off a credit card won’t hurt but canceling one will because it reduces your total available credit. Checking your credit report or a credit check by an employer has no impact and you can’t have too many credit cards unless you carry balances that you can’t pay off each month. Source Link 

If eating out is taking a toll on your diet plan you can try these tips. Choose a restaurant with healthier fare, like Asian cuisine or Greek or Spanish that feature fish, grilled lean meat and vegetables. Look at menus online and know what you’ll have before you arrive. And instead of an entree try sharing several appetizers and have one dessert for all. Source Link 

Charging your phone while in the car isn’t a good idea. USB ports in cars typically don’t provide enough power and if your car has an older battery it could be drained by charging your phone. It’s better to top-up at home and have a portable power pack to charge the phone when you’re on the road. Source Link 

When it comes to your teeth, the most effective brushing is not so fast, not so hard and not just on top. Plaque builds up at the gum line so focus your brushing there with smaller, gentle strokes. Don’t hold the toothbrush tightly in your fist; fingertip grip will help you brush correctly and be sure to brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Source Link 

If you use baking powder or baking soda be sure that it's at full strength. The shelf life for an open container is about six months and you can test it. Put one teaspoon of baking powder in one-third cup of warm tap water or mix baking soda with two teaspoons of vinegar and both should bubble. Source Link 

Depending on age, vivid dreams are the builders or the maintenance staff for your brain. During REM sleep the brain of an infant is building synapses that will allow neurons to connect and communicate with one another. The primary structure is finished after age two and from then on your sleep becomes more about brain maintenance and repair. Source Link 

Identity theft isn’t just something to worry about when you’re online. A lost or stolen wallet can expose you, so limit what’s in there and never carry anything with your social security number. A mailbox with a lock can keep someone from stealing credit card offers or bank statements and shredding important papers before tossing them is an easy way to prevent identity theft. Source Link 

You probably know about thermostats and lighting but there are lots more smart devices for the home. Try a showerhead that connects to your phone to play music, a WiFi aromatherapy diffuser, a smart beauty mirror that can analyze your skin for changes and recommend products, or even a smart diaper that tracks a baby’s sleep patterns. Source Link

Are you a microwave oven power user? You are if you cook vegetables in it to retain the most nutrients or hit the “Pause” button to stir foods halfway through cooking to ensure proper heating. And you’re on top of your game if you know your microwave oven’s wattage because smaller, less-powerful units require more time to get the cooking done. Source Link

Some of the signs of depression in children and teens could be different from what’s seen in adults. You may notice more irritability and loss of interest rather than just sadness or a depressed mood. Other warning signs are problems with sleep, withdrawing from family and friends and declining school performance. Source Link 

A key reason some people remain sharp into their 80s and 90s may be that their brains resist the buildup of certain proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease. The so-called “super agers” may have genetics to thank but everyone can support brain health by avoiding high blood pressure and diabetes, getting regular exercise, eating healthfully and staying mentally and socially engaged. Source Link 

That smartwatch you’re wearing has its own security risks. Make sure that apps you use to pay with your watch are set to private and enable notifications whenever a payment is made to quickly spot any fraud. And keep your smartwatch updated to combat the latest malicious activity from hackers and trackers. Source Link

Finishing up this year’s income taxes and wondering how long you need to keep those old returns? The IRS says the average filer should keep tax returns for three years because a typical audit is a three-year lookback. But keep your W-2’s for four years and if you’re self-employed or a freelancer you should hang on to your tax records for seven years. Source Link 

Before you throw away that almost-empty container of peanut butter, honey or mayonnaise, think about ways to put it to good use. You can eat ice cream out of a peanut butter jar or make a vinaigrette salad dressing from the last of the mayo. And a nearly-empty honey bear can be the basis of a sweet dressing. Source Link

Wondering if the Wi-Fi at that hotel will be up to speed? A new iOS app called Lag aims to help create a crowdsourced list of WiFi from around the country. Similar apps include Speedcheck, HotelWiFiTest, WiFi Map and WiFi Finder. And if you frequent the same places you can keep your own records with Speedtest and web sites such as Source Link