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When it comes to paying the tab during your vacation, you should be packing the plastic. A credit card can be frozen if lost or stolen and many cards include benefits like travel accident insurance and coverage for lost luggage or trip interruptions. Just be sure to pay off the balance completely when you’re back from your summer getaway. Source Link 

You don’t have to go all-vegan for health benefits because swapping just a few burgers for a bean dish or oatmeal with chopped nuts could mean a longer and healthier life. A long-term study found that people who ate more plant-based protein had less risk of early death. Eating more whole grains was also beneficial. Source Link 

It may not be just how long you sleep but how you lay in bed that makes a difference in recharging your brain. An animal study using MRIs found that brain waste was cleared most effectively when sleeping on one side rather than on the back or stomach. Side sleeping may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other brain-based diseases. Source Link 

You can make the most of house hunting when you go off the beaten path during an open house. Head for the basement to look for obvious signs of dampness or aging HVAC equipment or take a walk around the block to see what the neighborhood is like. And don’t be fooled by expert staging or distracted by the pleasant smell of fresh-baked cookies. Source Link 

Here are some things to remember if your dog will be joining you on a car vacation. Get them used to a harness or crate before you leave and just like kids they should always be strapped in and get a potty break every few hours. And bring along something familiar from home that will help ease any separation anxiety when they’re staying in a strange place. Source Link 

One of America’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailers is going head-to-head with Amazon for a two-day online sale next week. Target is planning its “Deal Days” on the same Prime Day sales days for Amazon on July 15th and 16th. Even eBay is getting in on the sales frenzy with a one day of online specials on the 15th. Source Link 

Be prepared to keep kids safe during your next visit to a pool or beach. Have towels and sunscreen nearby before your child enters the water so you won’t have to walk away to get them. And for children who don’t know how to swim, trade those floaties for a properly-fitted life vest. Source Link 

How much time in the great outdoors do you need to improve your health? Try two hours a week. A study found that people who spent two hours a week outdoors reported better physical health and mental well-being. Most people got their outdoor time within two miles of home so a trip to a local park might be just the thing. Source Link 

If you want that food truck meal or party plate to taste better, take a seat. Researchers found that people who ate while standing felt that the same foods didn't taste as good as eating when sitting. They think it’s because your body’s vestibular sense that deals with balance and posture also works with your sense of taste. Source Link 

For older adults, weight training is more about building bones than bigger muscles. The body’s natural system of renewing bone mass slows down as we age and that can lead to osteoporosis. Resistance training with weights or bands stimulates the development of bone and uses more blood sugar, which can be a bonus for people with type 2 diabetes. Source Link 

What are the health benefits of owning a dog? We know that walking a dog is a good exercise but make sure you're doing it enough to benefit both you and your pooch. The unconditional love from a dog can also boost your emotional health and bringing a dog to work can reduce stress and help build better bonds between co-workers. Source Link 

If your weight loss plan doesn’t include a cup of Joe, maybe it should. New research found that drinking coffee stimulates the body's brown fat that generates heat and literally burns calories. The next step is determining what in coffee stimulates brown fat and if that can be replicated with something like a caffeine supplement. Source Link 

What could you do with an extra $1,500 a year? That’s how much food the typical family throws away but you can reduce that waste with simple steps like checking to see what you already have before you grocery shop and understanding that “sell by” dates don’t mean you can’t eat it later. And freeze and save leftovers that you don’t eat within a few days. Source Link 

Skin cancer is the most common type and you can stay on-guard by remembering your A-B-Cs and D-E-Fs. Look for a mole that’s asymmetrical, has a border with ragged edges, a color that's uneven, a diameter larger than a pencil eraser or is elevated or raised. If you see any of these in a monthly self-check then it’s time to visit a dermatologist. Source Link 

If you’d like to cut back on red meat but love your hamburgers there’s a growing alternative. A large Portobello mushroom cap has the shape of a beef patty and great texture and flavor when grilled. That shroom burger also has more nutrients, including copper, selenium and many B vitamins. Source Link 

Sleep experts say using your phone or tablet before bedtime is a no-no, but there’s an exception to that rule. You should do things that can ease you into sleep, and if an app on your phone or even clearing an email inbox is relaxing, you can make it be part of your pre-bedtime routine. Source Link

These classic first aid moves need some updating. Do pinch your nose but don’t tip your head back with a nosebleed because that lets the blood run down your throat. Skip the ice or butter and use cool water to treat a burn. And don’t rinse off a tooth that been knocked out. Put it in a cup of milk and take it to the dentist. Source Link 

Healthy aging can be easier if you add these things to your lifestyle. Eat more whole foods to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease and add more fiber to your diet. Walk for 30 minutes a day and try Tai Chi to improve balance and ease stress. And stay connected to friends and family because loneliness is harmful to your health. Source Link