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Who says the tools to improve your health have to carry a price tag? Meditating to reduce stress and improve sleep is free, and you’ll find plenty of free workout videos on YouTube. You can improve your mental health with a pen and paper by journaling and swapping water for soda is more healthy and will save you money. Source Link 

Loss of smell is a symptom of Covid-19, but there are a number of other possible causes. A nasal or sinus inflammation, allergies or another viral infection could be to blame. If it is Covid it might be one of the milder symptoms seen in people who don’t need to be hospitalized, but your sense of smell could take weeks or even months to return. Source Link

Will the new year bring an end to some old favorites in home decorating? Real estate experts think the Modern Farmhouse look is on its way out along with white-on-white kitchens. Classic tile patterns are also getting the thumbs-down and gray tones for paint are too bland for buyers looking for something to catch their eye in an online home search. Source Link

Just like in humans, there are warning signs you can spot when your dog is sick. Unexpected accidents indoors could be a sign of kidney failure or diabetes, and too much tail-chasing might be caused by an ear infection. And labored breathing can be a symptom of heartworm disease. Source Link 

Want to add more fruit to your diet conveniently without stocking-up in the Produce section? Dried fruit can help because it’s portable, shelf-stable, and may even be cheaper than fresh. Just be sure to watch your portions and choose unsweetened dried fruit without added sugar. Source Link

Outdoor meet-ups with social distancing in winter require the right gear to keep the visit warm and cozy. Bring along a blanket, cushion or pad to sit on, stay hydrated but not with alcohol and bring snacks that are high in fat, calories and protein to generate more internal body heat. And dress like an onion with layers of clothing that can wick away moisture and insulate, plus a warm coat with a hood. Source Link

Breakfast gets all the glory but lunch sets the stage for dinner and there are ways to do the mid-day meal right. You can graze with handfuls of raw vegetables, a few hard boiled eggs and popcorn, or go for takeout with lean chicken, fish, and black beans but no buns or shells. Or you can make an extra portion of dinner the night before and pack that for today’s lunch. Source Link 

You can make some key kitchen tools last longer with a little extra care. Don’t use chemical cleaners on a stove top -- baking soda and a damp cloth is safer. Running your microwave oven when it’s empty creates an energy overload inside that could kill it in just 10 seconds. And cooking spray can ruin non-stick pans. Instead, use whole fats like butter or oil. Source Link 

If Amazon is your go-to place for online shopping there are some easy ways to save more. Amazon’s own credit cards offer up to 5 percent cash back on Amazon purchases and browser extensions like Honey, Capital One Shopping and CamelCamelCamel can track prices for comparison shopping. And subscribing to purchase some items from Amazon might save you up to 15 percent. Source Link 

Household dangers for pets go beyond that leftover chocolate bar and certain flowers. Experts say a tiny Lego piece can also look like a treat to your dog but will be big trouble if he eats it. And be sure you don’t have any twist ties, rubber bands, cotton swabs or dental floss laying on the floor. Source Link 

During a hectic workday, it’s easy to choose not-so-healthy snacks but there are some superfoods that are perfect for the office. Green tea is a healthier choice than coffee for that caffeine boost and snacking on seasonal fruits can keep your energy levels up. Yogurt is great to combat that mid-afternoon slump and stay hydrated all day with plenty of water. Source Link 

Whether it’s baking bread, learning to play guitar or doing more DIY projects around the house, most of us are finding new ways to escape the harsh realities of the pandemic. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say shutdowns are giving them more time to escape into hobbies or tackle odd jobs. And three-quarters say that’s one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dreary year. Source Link 

Forgetfulness is common as we get older, but how can you tell if it’s just aging or the onset of Alzheimer’s? If memory loss makes it hard for you to handle your daily tasks or you’re really struggling to do things like follow directions in a familiar recipe or keep track of bills the way you used to do, those could be warning signs of memory problems. Source Link 

If push comes to shove, what’s your financial survival number? Find it by totaling the cost of rent or mortgage and utilities, groceries, dining out, transportation, household costs, clothing, health care and entertainment. Then take everything that isn’t a fixed cost and cut it down to the bare minimum. Source Link

Here’s a simple one-minute exercise to help you fall asleep faster. Lie on your back and put one hand under your head along the ridge at the base of your skull. Place your other hand flat across your forehead, close your eyes and relax until you feel your pulse sync up between both hands. This sends a signal to your nervous system to bring more blood to the brain and helps you doze off. Source Link 

You want a snack but want to stay under 100 calories? Try a salty treat like 2 tablespoons of guacamole and 5 tortilla chips, or get some crunch with 3 cups of air-popped popcorn. Satisfy a sweet tooth with 2 tablespoons of frozen yogurt sandwiched between 2 graham crackers or get tart with 6 ounces of no-fat lemon yogurt. Source Link 

Call it a COVID makeover -- most women are changing up their hairstyles. A survey found that one-quarter are growing their hair longer than ever before while 26 percent are cutting hair significantly shorter. And one-in-three women say they changed their hair color last year. Source Link 

Controlling clutter in your home means avoiding some common bad habits when you step in the door. Hang a basket to hold car keys and sunglasses and place peel-and-stick wall hooks nearby for coats and bags instead of dumping this on a chair or sofa. And deal with mail as soon as you can by handling it once and sorting while standing over your trash can. Source Link