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What are some of the most common mistakes when wearing a face mask? Start by washing your hands so you don’t contaminate your mask and face and only handle the mask by the ear loops or ties when putting it on or taking it off. And here’s a tip -- washing your glasses in soapy water may help prevent them from fogging up when wearing a mask. Source Link 

Try this three-step plan to boost your happiness. Increase social connections with old friends or even strangers, but Facebook friends don’t count. Perform acts of kindness by volunteering, buying coffee for the person behind you in line or letting someone merge in front of you on the highway. And try exercising for a natural boost in feel-good hormones. Source Link 

The easiest way to get control of managing your finances may be doing less. Automate bill payments and deposits to savings and investments and pay for everything with a credit card that you pay off each month. And consolidate all your account information like the type of account and password in one notebook or file folder. Source Link 

There are some special ways you can make working from home more enjoyable. Use the time that you would have been commuting for something intentional that’s not work-related or as unstructured free time. And add some variety to where you work by sitting in a chair, standing at your kitchen counter or sitting on the floor using your coffee table as a desk. Source Link 

Running doesn’t have to fall victim to social distancing rules. Pick times and routes that are less likely to be busy. Try running earlier in the morning or during your lunch break to avoid crowds and give yourself 10 to 12 feet of separation during a run because you’re breathing heavily and that could spread germs more easily. Source Link 

If you’re among the many people who are nervous about public speaking maybe Alexa could help. Researchers have developed a program that turns Amazon’s virtual assistant into a public speaking coach. Testing was successful and developers say it may someday help people overcome speech anxiety without fear of being judged by another person. Source Link 

If you want to get more life from an N95 mask try heading to the kitchen. A study found that heating an N95 mask after each use can disinfect it to wear up to 50 times. Heating the mask for 20 minutes in an oven at 185 degrees Fahrenheit was effective for personal protective use but not medical use. Source Link 

A yoga mat might be just what the doctor ordered for migraines. Researchers found that people who added gentle yoga practice to their usual migraine medication suffered about half as many attacks as they normally did. migraine patients first had classes with a yoga teacher three times a week for one month and then practiced at home. Source Link 

Knowing how to reduce your risk of skin cancer doesn’t mean people will do it. A survey showed that 76% of Americans know the importance of sun protection, but only 41% regularly protect themselves outdoors. Seeking shade between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., wearing sun-protective clothing and using SPF 30 water-resistant sunscreen are the best ways to prevent skin cancer. Source Link 

If you’re often nervous behind the wheel then cranking up the right tunes could help your heart. Researchers found that people who listened to instrumental music while driving showed less cardiac stress. The test subjects were younger drivers who were less experienced with longer commutes. Source Link 

You should “Take 10” before heading to the doctor for an antibiotic prescription for that cough or sinus infection. Up to 50-percent of antibiotics may be unnecessary, so you should wait 10 days for symptoms to resolve unless you're running a high fever, have severe pain or if symptoms appear rapidly. Source Link 

You can do a lot with your old smartphone after you buy that new one. Besides being a hand-me-down, your old phone could be a hands-free screen for use with Siri or Google Assistant or you can put it to work as a dedicated remote for your TV or smart home system. And that old phone can be a new handheld gaming device for young children who won’t need to play with your new phone. Source Link 

That sleek cellphone you carry makes it more likely to be a germ magnet. The virus responsible for COVID-19 can live on glass, plastic and stainless steel for days and your phone should be cleaned regularly using a disinfectant wipe or a microfiber cloth with 70 percent alcohol. Make it a habit to wash your phone before you wash your hands. Source Link 

Need another reason to swap out that old carpeting for hardwood? It could be a major source of kids' exposure to harmful chemicals that were once used to make carpets stain- and soil-resistant. Experts say families, schools and daycares can eliminate that risk by replacing older carpets. Source Link 

Here’s why that piece of cake may taste even sweeter when paired with a cup of coffee. Researchers found that drinking coffee made people more sensitive to sweetness. But while taste was enhanced by a cup of coffee the familiar fragrance didn’t improve the sense of smell. Source Link 

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t see some of the favorite parts of Memorial Day. The four major broadcast networks are airing a pre-recorded National Memorial Day Parade and you can honor the memory of the fallen by taking a virtual tour of America’s most popular veteran and war memorials online through Google Arts and Culture. Source Link 

Working from home can be habit-forming -- and that’s a good thing. Develop some consistency to your work routine at home and create a schedule for all your family to help everyone predict how the day is going to go. And keeping to your routine for personal care will make you feel more like you’re being professional. Source Link 

Taking time to eat your veggies can make them easier to swallow. Every forkful of food must first be dissolved by saliva before the taste buds have a turn. If you include these foods more often in your diet the taste for them will eventually change. Source Link