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If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more wisely here are some simple ways to do it. Try cutting one service you’re not using like a premium cable channel you don’t watch, or eat dinner at home once more per week or brown-bag your lunch one day a week. And with clothing, games, books or sporting equipment look for used items before you buy new. Source Link 

How and when you shop for groceries can help you get the freshest food at the best price. Most stores re-stock produce in the early morning or early evening. Reaching to the back of the bin gets you the freshest items and the same is true in the milk cooler. And don’t buy just because it’s on sale - compare that price to other brands to see if it’s a true deal. Source Link 

Boosting your immune system to avoid colds and the flu can literally be a walk in the park. Testing showed that 30 minutes of brisk walking or other moderate intensity exercises increased the circulation of natural killer cells, white blood cells and other parts of the immune system. But you need to commit to exercise every day to get the maximum benefits. Source Link 

When should small children go without a coat in winter? When they’re in a car seat. Puffy coats or snowsuits can flatten on impact during an accident and loosen the seat straps so that your child slips out. Dress children in layers and use a blanket or coat over the seat after they’re safely strapped in. Source Link 

If you’ve resolved to eat better this year, a good strategy is to focus on what you’re adding instead of what you’re giving up. Fill your plate with more fruits and vegetables and add a healthy snack to take to work each day. But ditch those unhealthy foods lurking in your kitchen, glove box or desk. Source Link 

Don’t let the answer to the question, “What’s in your wallet?” include these things. A Social Security card should never go with you and don’t carry old receipts with financial information that could help identity thieves. Don’t carry every credit card with you and avoid using a phone case that doubles as a wallet, in case your phone is lost or stolen. Source Link 

If joining a gym to get in shape is one of your New Year’s resolutions, be sure to get the best deal for your exercise dollars. Always do a test run before you become a member with a one-day or one-week free trial and ask for one free training session. And beware of the smoothie station because they’re usually overpriced and have lots more calories than you need. Source Link 

How can a kitchen timer help you keep your home cleaner? If you avoid chores, set a kitchen timer to find out just how long it takes to wash a few dishes or pick up some clothes. Seeing how little time it takes to do a chore can encourage you to do those things right away and not let them pile up into a big job. Source Link 

One of the three national credit bureaus is making it easier for some people to improve their credit score. Experian Boost is a free program that tracks timely payments on utility and telephone bills that aren’t part of someone’s credit history. That can improve a score for people who haven’t had much access to credit. Source Link 

Your doctor has some New Year's resolutions that could help you see the year 2020 and beyond. The American Medical Association says you can resolve to learn your risk for type-2 diabetes, know your blood pressure and take antibiotics exactly as described. You can also resolve to eat less processed food in 2019 and learn how to manage stress. Source Link 

Keeping a loved one with dementia safe means thinking about meals, wheels, bills and pills. Plan meals that don’t require using an oven or stove and keep them from driving but arrange other dependable transportation. Monitor finances to ensure they pay their bills and don’t fall victim to a scam and manage medications with a pillbox that can prevent accidental overdosing. Source Link 

Here’s a pop quiz - what did you get for Christmas in 2017? Don’t feel bad if you can’t remember. A survey found that about half of those holiday presents given just over a year ago have been forgotten. And odds are one out of six gifts that you received this Christmas is already gathering dust and won’t be touched again. Source Link 

You can make space in your fridge by removing any of these foods. Tomatoes keep their best on the kitchen counter and coffee needs a cool and dry place for storage. Bread can be kept in the freezer but not the refrigerator and onions and potatoes don’t need to take up space in your crisper because any cool, dry storage place will do. Source Link 

If yo-yo dieting has your weight going up and down the scale, try these tips to stabilize that number. Eat in moderation and practice mindful eating to be aware of what you’re eating and why. Weigh yourself every day and aim for small changes over time and find ways to reward yourself that don’t involve food. Source Link 

There’s a must-have personal care product you should pack for every flight and it’s not hand sanitizer. Experts say a travel-sized bottle of moisturizer can keep skin from drying out fast during your flight. It’s a real problem because the average aircraft has humidity levels of just 10 to 20 percent and that can cause skin discomfort and inflammation. Source Link 

How about half a year to a better brain? A study found that six months of moderate exercise, like walking or using a stationary bike improved mental sharpness for older adults who had been slowing down. And researchers say healthy diet changes like eating more fruits and vegetables boosted the brain benefits from moderate exercise. Source Link 

When you need to break a bad habit you should consider taking a vacation. Experts say getting out of your normal routine can help because the environmental cues at home that might lead to mindless eating or skipping those chores aren’t there. Seeing new sights may make it easier to achieve your goals. Source Link 

If your entire life is on your phone, do this before you hand it over to someone to fix a cracked screen or replace the battery. Log out of all online accounts and delete your browser history and consider doing a complete encrypted backup and a factory reset to protect all your personal information. And look for a reputable repair shop with good online reviews. Source Link