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Should you buy or lease your next car? If you drive a lot of miles annually or want to modify your car or keep it for many years then buying is a better long-term deal but leasing helps you afford more car now. Whether you buy or lease remember to keep your car costs including insurance to under 10 percent of your gross income per month. Source Link 

There are easy ways to get the most mileage in airline travel rewards. Sign-up for every airline’s program to get credit for any trip and look for alliances with credit cards, hotels and travel partners that can add more points. And don’t cash in too soon, because many programs offer bigger rewards for those who use more points per transaction. Source Link 

Building a better breakfast sandwich starts with what it’s made of. Skip the croissants or biscuits and try a whole-wheat English muffin, tortilla or pita wrap. Include four ounces of protein from eggs, turkey sausage or lean meat leftovers like chicken along with plenty of veggies and add some kick with salsa or hot sauce. Source Link 

When shopping for sunglasses, go for bigger but don’t worry if the price tag is smaller. Sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection to protect your eyes can be very affordable. Consider a pair with larger lenses or a wrap-around style to maximize your protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Source Link 

There are some simple steps you can take to keep your home healthier. Be sure to replace kitchen sponges regularly and use bleach to sanitize separate cutting boards for raw meats and vegetables. Change HVAC air filters regularly to improve indoor air quality and set a calendar reminder to change the batteries in smoke detectors every six months. Source Link 

Need a strategy to avoid overeating at the buffet? Start by sitting where you can’t see the food and before you leave your table, pick just 5 to 7 items that you want. And resist the urge to get your money's worth by going back for more food even after you're full. Source Link 

Using autopay is an easy way to handle your bills but some of them should be paid manually. Infrequent bills like a subscription, membership or semi-annual auto insurance premium might slide by without you knowing it. And bills that can fluctuate monthly like an electric bill could leave you overdrawn if you don’t know it’s higher. Source Link 

You need to do more than a factory reset when you’re selling or giving away that old smartphone. Be sure to remove the SIM card that links the phone to your carrier and an SD card you may use for extra memory. And sign out and unlink the phone from all online accounts so no one can use the device in your name. Source Link 

Make sure you’ve tidied-up your tech before you check out of that Airbnb rental. Sign out from any online accounts or streaming services that you used during the visit to prevent the next tenant from borrowing your account. And consider using a VPN or virtual private network with your phone, tablet or laptop because you never know about security on someone else’s WiFi. Source Link 

These simple steps can safeguard your money while on vacation. Use two wallets for cash with one in a bag or purse and the other in your pocket and keep credit cards separate from the cash Stick with small bills in the local currency to avoid conversion fees or mistakes when paying and don’t use public WiFi for any banking or other financial business. Source Link 

There’s strength in numbers and variety when picking a good password. Use longer passwords like a full phrase with upper and lower case letters and throw in some symbols and numbers. A password manager can do this for you with every app or website login and all you need to do is remember the master password. Source Link 

Many people share a login for streaming video sites but what if it’s a stranger who’s piggybacking on your account? Settings for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon allow you to see a list of devices that have connected and you can delete any that you don’t recognize. You can also log out of all devices and change your password to keep those deadbeats off your account. Source Link 

When is travel insurance a smart buy? Getting travel insurance for an expensive international trip makes sense because you have more to lose and it might help with medical expenses should you become ill outside of the country. And it’s smart to buy travel insurance for a cruise if you book it a year ahead of time because your situation may change and force a cancellation. Source Link 

If your commute includes stop-and-go traffic there’s one auto part that can help you breathe easier. An activated charcoal cabin air filter can remove most of the pollutants from exhaust fumes that build up while you’re stopped. You should have the cabin air filter checked with every oil change. Source Link 

Answering just two questions could be the key to killing clutter in your home. Start by categorizing items as useful or decorative. For useful items, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past year. For decorative pieces, ask yourself if you “love” it. If the answer to the question is “no” it’s time to sell, recycle, give away or donate the item. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

Giving kids household chores can teach them to be responsible and build self-esteem. Find ones that are age-appropriate like putting away toys, making their bed, setting the table or raking leaves. Put these on a calendar with scheduled days and times and consider giving an allowance to older kids who do heavier chores. Source Link 

If you’re among the half of Americans who admit to using retail therapy to cope with stress you might slow down the compulsive shopping with the “30-day rule.” Wait one month before making that impulse buy. If you still want it 30 days later, it’s probably a worthwhile purchase. Source Link