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You can’t have a dog or cat but want a family pet? Gerbils and guinea pigs can be fun for kids but might nip while they’re being held. Goldfish are easy to care for and birds like the budgie are affectionate and can often be taught to speak. A ferret is also a popular pet but isn’t legal in some areas, so check first. Source Link 

If eating out is taking a toll on your diet plan you can try these tips. Choose a restaurant with healthier fare, like Asian cuisine or Greek or Spanish that feature fish, grilled lean meat and vegetables. Look at menus online and know what you’ll have before you arrive. And instead of an entree try sharing several appetizers and have one dessert for all. Source Link 

Charging your phone while in the car isn’t a good idea. USB ports in cars typically don’t provide enough power and if your car has an older battery it could be drained by charging your phone. It’s better to top-up at home and have a portable power pack to charge the phone when you’re on the road. Source Link 

Can that old toothbrush re-infect you after a cold has cleared up? Experts say you can’t get the same cold virus again, but it’s still a good idea to change your toothbrush every three months. Things like towels, bar soap, bedding, lip balm and even makeup applicators can spread germs to others who share them. Source Link 

Staying up late to watch the NCAA basketball tournament games might be the real March Madness. A lack of sleep can impair your decision-making, problem-solving, and control of emotions. The only consolation is you’re not alone because about half of Americans including three out of four men say they stay up late to watch sports. Source Link 

When the workday is dragging, try this five-minute pick-me-up. Stand up and stretch or take a walk for 60 seconds. Spend two minutes completing a short online errand and then take a minute to write down your weekend plans. Finally, send a text or use a messaging app to check-in with someone you care about. Source Link 

If you’re minding that credit score there are some things that won’t ding your rating. Paying off a credit card won’t hurt but canceling one will because it reduces your total available credit. Checking your credit report or a credit check by an employer has no impact and you can’t have too many credit cards unless you carry balances that you can’t pay off each month. Source Link

Your cat or dog can’t spread the coronavirus to you but you might give it to them. There’s no evidence that pet animals can be a source of a Covid-19 infection for people but there have been cases of pets showing signs of a mild form of the coronavirus. The same hygiene rules that apply to interactions with people can also help prevent spreading the virus to your pets. Source Link 

If late-night snacking is a problem for you, the solution might begin in the early morning. People who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat later and getting more protein and fiber during the day can limit those refrigerator raids. And turn off the TV, tablet and cell phone earlier because more screen time can lead to mindless eating. Source Link 

What you do when you’re not exercising can be as important as those workouts. On your resting days be sure to keep moving for good blood circulation, get quality sleep and find fun activities for mental recovery. Typically you should give your body 48 to 72 hours to recover from a strength training session. Source Link

Spring cleaning can work for your tech too. Start by canceling digital subscriptions for services you no longer use and then clean up the camera roll on your phone by using Apple Photos or Google Photos to make automatic back-ups. And go through that desk drawer and clear out any old phones or other gadgets that can be sold or donated. Source Link 

When you have a financial goal in mind, think about it more often and you may be closer to reaching it. A survey found that people were able to increase their savings by up to 73 percent when they envisioned themselves succeeding. Using something like a vision board could help you get closer to that dream vacation or retirement savings goal. Source Link 

An old-school financial con is getting a second life as fake check scams have cheated Americans out of $29 million a year. It happens when you receive a check in the mail from someone who asks you to deposit it in your account and send the money to them but keep some for yourself. Later the check bounces and you’re on the hook for all of the money. Source Link 

Talk of a coronavirus vaccine brings to mind an important question for every adult -- are you up-to-date on your vaccines? Even if you had them in childhood, vaccine effectiveness can weaken over time and you may no longer be protected. Whooping cough and tetanus vaccines are among several that require booster shots throughout your life. Source Link 

A big breakfast might pave the way to weight loss if you ease off on eating for the rest of the day, according to a new study. More calories are burned in the morning, so you should eat more when calorie-burning is at its peak. Front-loading your food intake may also keep your blood sugar levels from going too high and protect against diseases like diabetes. Source Link 

When it comes to picking the best toothbrush, should it be an electric model or the traditional hand-operated type? It depends more on technique than technology because both can do a good job if you brush properly and long enough. An electric toothbrush might be a better choice for someone with arthritis or another condition that makes brushing difficult. Source Link 

You’ve heard of refinancing your mortgage, but how about the loan for that set of wheels? Auto loan refinancing may be an easy way to save money because many people don’t shop around for the best rates when buying a car. Refinancing an auto loan is much simpler than a mortgage and may take just one day to complete. Source Link 

When should you lock up your credit report in the deep freeze? If your Social Security number has been compromised or you’ve experienced fraudulent activity, you’re part of a data breach or you see inquiries on your credit report that you didn’t authorize. It’s also a good idea to freeze a credit report to protect an elderly or incapacitated person for whom you hold power of attorney. Source Link