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How can you eat healthy when fast food is your only choice for a meal? Look for the lowest calorie selections and go for lean protein like grilled or broiled meats served in a salad instead of on a bun and without fatty or sugary dressings. And resist the urge to eat in your car - walk into the restaurant and take the time to enjoy your food. Source Link

Getting rid of car clutter is easy with these simple tips. Keep an envelope in the glove box to quickly stash receipts and check it once a week to see what you need to keep. A silicone muffin tin liner can protect a cup holder from dirt and spills and use empty tissue box as a trash container. Attach Velcro strips and stick it to the carpeting near the passenger seat. Source Link 

You can step off, speed up or dive into a new exercise plan. Start by scheduling a daily walking session and find other ways to take more steps each day. You can also pick up the pace with things like house cleaning to make it more of a workout or take a water fitness class that lets you exercise with less resistance. Source Link 

There’s a 50-50 chance that you’re trying to lose weight. The CDC says the latest figures show that half of all Americans are trying to lower the number on their bathroom scale. Experts say there’s a growing awareness of the health risks from obesity and how a sedentary lifestyle at home and at work contributes to the problem. Source Link 

Cold season has arrived and it’s a good time to review the difference between a cold and the flu. Think “wet versus dry” because a cold usually comes with symptoms like a drippy nose and sneezing while the flu brings a dry cough. Both can hit you with achiness and fever, but the flu comes on fast while a cold takes a few days to develop. Source Link 

If you’re craving the video games of the 1990s, Sony has a small solution. The $100 Playstation Classic that goes on sale December 3rd and is available for pre-order now is a lookalike console less than half the size of the original and comes loaded with 20 classic games. Titles include favorites like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Cool Boarders and Rayman. Source Link 

Should gauging your muscle mass be as vital as measuring weight and blood pressure at a doctor’s visit? Researchers found that people with less muscle had a lower survival rate when dealing with chronic ailments. Lower muscle mass meant longer stays in intensive care, less chance of beating breast cancer and led to more serious cases of Alzheimer’s. Source Link 

We all know to keep tabs on our credit report, but other records could affect your chances of getting a new job. Doing a background check on yourself could uncover mistaken arrest warrants or ID theft that led to a suspended license. Experts say you need a professional background check and not the kind offered to consumers online. Source Link 

Being anxious about a visit to the dentist isn’t unusual but there are some things that can help. Tell the dentist or hygienist about your anxiety so they can help ease your fears and offer the best options to reduce pain. And keep to a regular schedule of checkups so that problems can be caught before they require major work. Source Link 

You’re making a healthy choice by eating at the salad bar but don’t ruin it with unhealthy toppings. Mounds of shredded cheese and croutons or crispy noodles can add lots of calories and skip the taco or bread bowl. Grated cheese, fresh avocado or a spoonful of nuts or seeds can soup-up that salad without ditching your diet. Source Link

What does it take to join the millionaires club? An author who interviewed hundreds of wealthy Americans found that most are early to bed and early to rise, read lots of nonfiction, make time for meditation and exercise, and work on improving their communication skills. Many also talk to themselves to create an inner dialogue for motivation. Source Link 

If you’re a person who says you’ve seen a ghost, you have lots of company. A survey found that six out of ten people believe they’ve seen a ghost and one-third of them say they’ve lived in a house that’s haunted. And how do people react to a ghostly presence? Men were twice as likely to scream and run away but women screamed louder. Source Link 

When a smoke alarm goes off in a house fire there might be just a moment to escape, so be sure you know two ways out. Fire safety experts recommend that you have two escape routes from every room and then rehearse with your family so everyone can safely escape your home within two minutes. Source Link 

Planning ahead can help your child enjoy an allergy-safe Halloween. Don't let children eat candy that isn't clearly labeled for indications of possible allergens and bring safe treats for your child at school. And if your child has asthma bring an inhaler for trick-or-treating in case of exposure to smoke machines or mold while going door-to-door. Source Link 

Is having a good scream good for you? Researchers found that after people visited a haunted house they felt less anxiety and stress and had higher levels of the hormone that helps humans bond with each other. The key to a healthy scare is having it in a controlled setting like a haunted house or watching a movie where you know you’re not in real danger. Source Link

High-tech and old-fashioned tools can help you lose weight and keep it off. Using a diet app to track the food you eat and writing a weekly meal plan can help to keep you disciplined. When you can’t plan ahead a cooked rotisserie chicken is a good choice for a quick meal and stock up on fresh fruits and nuts to help at snack time. Source Link 

Are you falling for some of these myths about motoring? Experts say you don’t get better fuel mileage with a truck tailgate down and you won’t get more gas if you fill up in the cool of the morning. Your coolant and air filter don’t need to be changed every time with the oil and you can replace just one tire if it’s the same brand, model and size. Source Link 

Giving your to-do list letter grades might help you complete more assignments. An “A” item is significantly important with serious consequences if it’s not done. A “B” is something you should do but has a minor downside. A “C” would be nice to accomplish but not vital. A “D” is something to delegate to others and an “E” task is one you can eliminate. Source Link