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More people are using the higher standard deduction in this year’s tax returns but there are still ways to save if you don’t itemize. Contributions to IRAs and Health Savings Accounts can reduce your tax bill and you can still write off some costs from self-employment. Alimony payments and college tuition may also be claimed without itemizing. Source Link 

An infrared snapshot can’t replace a traditional test for breast cancer. The FDA says there’s no evidence that thermography which shows heat and blood flow beneath the skin can be as effective as a mammogram. The devices are being touted by some as a non-invasive alternative to screen for breast cancer. Source Link 

Instead of dinner and a movie, that art class or game night may bring couples even closer. Activities, like painting together or playing a board game, can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone that’s associated with romantic bonding. Researchers say any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could work as well. Source Link 

In the race to shed those pounds and improve your health, it doesn’t matter if you're the tortoise or the hare. Research has shown that losing weight quickly doesn't offer any more health benefits than slimming down slowly. Some believe that faster weight loss may be better in reducing risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Source Link 

Can a popular technique to cut clutter in your home also work for your finances? Look at the things you spend money on and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If not, it needs to go. Plenty of us have subscriptions or memberships we don’t use, new clothes that never make it out of the closet or too many tech toys that lose their thrill quickly. Source Link 

If you love to get that Amazon Prime purchase shipped free in two days, a new plan lets you do slow down a bit and do your part to help Mother Earth. With “Amazon Day” you can choose one day a week when Prime purchases will be delivered. That makes it easy to plan for when things hit your doorstep and also cuts your carbon footprint from all those delivery trucks. Source Link 

If you want to eat more vegetables, here’s what to look for in the produce section. Dark and leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are among the best, along with cauliflower and broccoli. Fresh or frozen vegetables have more nutrition than canned varieties. And swap the corn, peas and potatoes for beans to get fewer calories and more fiber. Source Link 

Self-esteem is considered a must-have for emotional wellbeing but it may be just as important to know how to give yourself a break. With self-compassion, you can show yourself the same empathy that you extend to others. Being understanding with yourself, rather than judgemental offers a kind of immunity against negative influences like fear. Source Link 

Is a steady diet of reality TV a blessing or a curse for teen girls? Maybe a bit of both. Studies have shown that watching reality TV was tied to a higher level of respect that girls wanted in dating relationships. But it also was tied to an increased focus on appearance and a willingness to compromise values for fame. Source Link 

So what will or won’t improve your credit score? Experts say carrying a credit card balance won’t help but having more available credit will. Closing an unused credit account may hurt if it’s one that’s been part of your credit history for years. And paying your phone bill on-time won’t help your credit score because those accounts aren’t reported to credit agencies. Source Link 

Is there a big threat to your waistline lurking on desktops and in the break room at work? A study found that the typical worker ate nearly 300 calories a day in food from the office and that can add up fast. Think before you grab a free cookie or cupcake and avoid the urge to hit that candy dish by bringing your own healthy snacks to work. Source Link 

If you think that what you drink first will ease a hangover, this may sober you up. A study found no difference in how people felt the morning after if they started a heavy drinking session with beer or wine. Researchers say the best way to avoid a brutal hangover is simply to drink moderately. Source Link

Keeping a loved one with dementia safe means thinking about meals, wheels, bills and pills. Plan meals that don’t require using an oven or stove and keep them from driving but arrange other dependable transportation. Monitor finances to ensure they pay their bills and don’t fall victim to a scam and manage medications with a pillbox that can prevent accidental overdosing. Source Link 

How can a kitchen timer help you keep your home cleaner? If you avoid chores, set a kitchen timer to find out just how long it takes to wash a few dishes or pick up some clothes. Seeing how little time it takes to do a chore can encourage you to do those things right away and not let them pile up into a big job. Source Link 

Don’t let the answer to the question, “What’s in your wallet?” include these things. A Social Security card should never go with you and don’t carry old receipts with financial information that could help identity thieves. Don’t carry every credit card with you and avoid using a phone case that doubles as a wallet, in case your phone is lost or stolen. Source Link 

You’re not a morning person, so how can you make wake-up time less of a chore? Start the night before by choosing the clothes you’ll wear and getting the tools of the workday ready to go, such as laptops or paperwork. Set your alarm to a motivating ringtone and head to sleep visualizing yourself having a successful day. Source Link 

That treadmill or set of resistance bands might offer the same benefits as medication for some people with high blood pressure. Studies have shown that endurance or dynamic resistance exercise can lead to lower blood pressure readings similar to those achieved with medicines. But researchers say more study is needed before anyone will stop taking their prescription. Source Link 

Tweens and teens who struggle in school may need better study habits to improve those grades. Use a paper or electronic calendar to track progress and due dates for assignments and have your child create a daily schedule for study time. Designate a space for study and post a daily to-do list that can keep your child motivated with every item they check off. Source Link