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The purse, backpack or diaper bag you carry could be a danger zone for little hands so think about how you fill it. Always use child-safe medicine bottles and keep those away from spots where youngsters might look for treats. And stash any cosmetics, skincare products and small loose items like coins, breath mints or cough drops that could be a choking hazard. Source Link 

That first cup of coffee in the morning might help you focus on success in the day ahead but don’t expect it to jump-start your creativity. Researchers found that caffeine could boost so-called convergent thinking such as problem-solving but divergent thinking that’s linked to creativity wasn’t improved for coffee drinkers. Source Link 

We’re all thinking more about how to keep surfaces clean but how do you do that with the number-one touchpoint for most people? You can clean your phone screen with a dry microfiber cloth or one that’s with some water on it but never spray anything on the screen. You can also disinfect with a mixture of half distilled water and half white vinegar. Source Link 

What are some red flags in a vehicle history report for that car you want to buy? Too many owners could mean the car has had ongoing problems and a salvage title shows that the vehicle was once totaled. And your mechanic should check to see if repairs were done properly if there’s an accident history with major structural damage or airbag deployment. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

You like those discounts when you sign up for a store credit card but think twice about using that kind of plastic. Getting an upfront discount and zero-percent financing for six months is fine as long as you mind the calendar. Leaving any balance due after the term is up will mean a high-interest charge on the entire cost of the purchase. Source Link 

Most of us know you don't give chocolate to a dog, but what other common foods are a no-no for Fido? Grapes and raisins can damage their kidneys and garlic and onions are also poisonous. The same is true for macadamia nuts and avocados and alcoholic drinks are also dangerous for dogs. Source Link 

We all know it’s an unhealthy habit, but how do you keep from touching your face? When you feel the urge to scratch an itch, rub your nose or adjust your glasses, grab a tissue and use that instead of your fingers. And break those compulsive unconscious habits like using your hand as a chin rest or to adjust your hair. Source Link 

Take some steps before you dive into that new phone or tablet to avoid becoming the victim of a hacker. Backup and transfer old data and consider using a cloud service to safeguard it from loss or theft. Create strong, secure logins and use new passwords for those vital services. And register your device with the manufacturer to help with recovery if you are hacked. Source Link 

If your email inbox reminds you of an episode of “Hoarders” there are ways to clean out the digital clutter. Treat your email inbox like your real mailbox -- empty it every day and immediately throw away what you don’t need. And just as you can get off junk mail lists, unsubscribe from email lists and alerts that you don’t use. Source Link 

Giving your partner little bits of attention each day can make for a happy marriage but you need to respond correctly. It could be when you ask him to a chore or wanting to share something with her about a book you’re reading. An active positive response is best but even rejection isn’t as bad as missing the signs altogether. Source Link 

The food that you stock up on shouldn’t just be a stash for future use. Follow the practice of “use and replenish” and once a week create a meal from your stockpile. Start with the food that’s closest to expiration and replace what you’ve used and you’ll rotate that two-week meal supply in just under a year. Source Link 

Some of the most lovely plants for your home could be deadly for your dog. Azaleas, tulips, alocasia, oleander, morning glory and the leaves and peels from fruit plants are poisonous if eaten by a dog. In the kitchen, eating raw onions and garlic bulbs can also be life-threatening for your canine. Source Link 

Could that stretch in the sauna offer a heart workout similar to spending time on an exercise bike? Testing found that a sauna bath raised heart rate and blood pressure the same as brief high-intensity exercise. But a sauna bath didn’t help people lose pounds because they were sweating away water weight that quickly returned. Source Link 

The tech that powers our everyday lives needs to take an occasional break, but how often should you reboot? Restarting your phone or tablet at least once a week can free up memory for smoother operation and your smartwatch can benefit from a restart every few weeks. Your smart TV or home router should be powered down about once a month. Source Link 

There’s an important health screening that every adult should have. It’s now recommended that everyone between the ages of 18 and 79 is tested for Hepatitis C. The focus was on Baby Boomers but there’s been a surge in Hepatitis C cases in younger adults. The infection causes chronic liver disease but can be cured in nine out of ten people with no side-effects. Source Link 

If you want to break a cycle of spending on items you don’t really need, try waiting to buy it. That could mean running out of something to see if you really need it before you re-stock or leaving that online purchase in the virtual shopping cart to see if you still want it a few days or a few weeks later. Source Link 

Think about all the things in your wallet that you’d have to replace should you lose it and pare down what you carry with you. Never carry a Social Security card, keep store membership cards in the glove box of your car and only carry one credit card. And throw away any old receipts because those could have useful information for an identity thief. Source Link