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Every 11 seconds, an elderly American suffers a fall. To reduce your risk, talk to your doctor and review medications that can make a fall more likely. Have your vision and hearing checked once a year because these can affect balance; remove home hazards like loose rugs and add grab bars in the bathroom, and find an exercise program that helps build your stability. Source Link

Meal prep using some key ingredients is a great way to save time getting dinner on the table. Look for recipes that use roasted potatoes, hard-boiled eggs or cooked spaghetti. You can make smoothie freezer bags with your favorite ingredients for a fast breakfast and consider adding a meatless day with vegetable and pasta dishes that need less cooking time. Source Link 

That next cross-country flight may be jet-lag free with these tips. Switch to local time for meals and bedtime as soon as you land and go outdoors in the afternoon heading west and in the morning heading east to reset your body’s time clock. And once you get to your destination, plan some time to relax, whether that’s meditation, yoga or a massage at the hotel spa. Source Link

You can make space in your fridge by removing any of these foods. Tomatoes keep their best on the kitchen counter and coffee needs a cool and dry place for storage. Bread can be kept in the freezer but not the refrigerator and onions and potatoes don’t need to take up space in your crisper because any cool, dry storage place will do. Source Link 

Is your digital world prepared for an attack? It’s easy to safeguard your computers and mobile devices with free or inexpensive programs to back up data and create and store strong passwords. Be sure to allow automatic updates of software and review which apps you don’t use that can be deleted from your phone. Source Link 

Letting your toothbrush air dry is how you keep it clean at home, but that’s not always possible while on vacation. The solution can be using a resealable plastic bag that keeps your toothbrush separate from everything else in the luggage. When you get to your next destination, open the bag and let your brush air dry. Source Link 

What goes into a calculation of how much house you can afford? Look for a monthly payment with principal, interest, taxes and insurance that’s no more than 30 percent of your take-home pay after deducting retirement or other savings. And remember extras like upkeep, repairs and decorating that averaged $9,000 a year for homeowners in a recent survey. Source Link 

Saving money doesn’t always mean spending less. A high-quality mattress might cost more but could last twice as long as that bargain model. And you should consider the net value when buying a car. A new car that’s three years old may fetch a higher resale price and be a better overall value than selling a used car you’ve been driving for three years. Source Link 

When shopping for a new car you can figure out what you can afford by using the 20-4-10 rule. Start with a 20 percent down payment and make sure the loan is for no more than four years. And don’t spend more than 10 percent of your gross monthly income on car expenses including the loan payment plus insurance, gas, license fees and parking. Source Link 

Does it seem like you’ll never be able to tame that overflowing Camera Roll or Photo Gallery on your phone? Try tackling it one day at a time. Sort through one day, one week or one month of photos while you’re watching TV or turn on your favorite podcast and sort pictures until you finish an episode. Source Link 

Bubbly water might be a good alternative to sugary soda, but is it healthy? Sparkling water or carbonated beverages without added sugar or other artificial ingredients can be a good choice but sparkling water that’s not natural does have acids that can erode your teeth. And be mindful about drinking sparkling water with a meal rather than by itself. Source Link 

Want a “set it and forget it” way to invest in your retirement account? Aim for a target. Most plans let you choose a target-date fund that’s pegged for the year you expect to retire. Your target fund is adjusted annually to the proper mix of stocks and bonds to give you the best returns now and safety from major losses as you get closer to retirement. Source Link 

You probably won’t get a new bright smile with your toothbrush. Whitening toothpaste that uses abrasive ingredients to scrub your teeth may also damage the enamel and chemical-based whitening toothpaste isn’t on your teeth long enough to do the job. The surest way to a brighter smile is a treatment administered by your dentist. Source Link 

It’s one step that could save you from skin cancer. A full-body exam to look at all of your bumps, moles and birthmarks is the best way to find out which are benign and which might put you at-risk for skin cancer. But this isn’t a DIY job, so make an appointment with a dermatologist for a full-body exam. Source Link

Why not buy name brand items on Amazon? Because it’s often a bad deal. Costo’s Kirkland brand, along with Ikea and Trader Joe’s products are often marked up in price by Amazon resellers, and some may even be counterfeits. You can buy many name brand products from retailers directly online and skip the Amazon up-charge. Source Link 

If the fingerprint reader on your smartphone is a bit finicky, try this tip to improve performance. Most phones allow you to register more than one finger and you can use that to scan the same finger more than once. Having multiple scans of the same fingerprint can improve the performance of the sensor. Source Link 

How can something that goes into the recycling bin help you save money on your water bill? If your home has older-style toilets with a full flush rather than low-flow, fill an empty gallon-sized milk jug with water and place it in the toilet tank. This will reduce the amount of water needed for each flush and cut your utility costs. Source Link 

Wearing a face mask this fall is nothing to sneeze at. Masks that people use for protection from COVID-19, particularly those that filter out more particles like the N95 or KN95 masks, can also filter out pollen that causes so much seasonal misery. People who are putting masks back on may decrease their fall allergy symptoms. Source Link