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If you avoid candy because it’s not good for your teeth you’ll want to skip these foods that are bad for your smile. Dried fruit has the one-two punch of sugar and stickiness and flavoring on potato chips might be like sandpaper to your teeth. And bottled water that isn’t distilled can be higher in acids that are tough on tooth enamel. Source Link 

Keep these “do’s” and “dont’s” in mind when updating your resume. Don’t list every job you’ve held unless it relates to the position you want and do not use cliche phrases like “hardworking” or “detail-oriented.” And do explain any gaps in your work history that might be a red flag for would-be employers. Source Link 

Could a twist on a classic diet plan improve your wallet’s weight? A financial fast has you spend three weeks making no unnecessary purchases and taking one day a week to make no purchases at all. Experts say it can help you reset your spending priorities and show how much you could be saving. Source Link

Hitting your weight loss goal is great but it’s only half the battle. To keep that weight off, experts say don’t ease off on exercise, choose a forever diet and increase food intake very gradually. And maintain the support network of friends, family or health professionals who helped you achieve your weight loss goal. Source Link 

If that gym membership is going unused there are ways to get back on track for fitness. Set specific goals you can achieve at the gym and ask a trainer for one-on-one instruction to learn the best way for you to exercise. You can also try new classes each week to explore different techniques and maybe find a new favorite. Source Link 

How can aluminum foil prevent your car from being stolen? Experts say the radio signals from car fobs that let you start a vehicle without a key can be hacked by thieves when the car is parked nearby. Keeping a car fob wrapped in aluminum foil when it’s not being used can stop a thief from taking over the keyless controls. Source Link 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t sabotage it with poor food choices. Be sure to get enough protein and be careful to keep your breakfast at about 400 calories. Don’t fill up on carbs, avoid frozen breakfast meals that can be high in sodium and try fresh fruit instead of fruit juice that’s high in sugar. Source Link 

The shipping wars are heating up for the holidays as Amazon is making it a real “free for all.” The online retailer is offering free shipping for everyone on any item that can be delivered by Christmas. But don’t expect speedy delivery because the free shipping takes five to eight business days. Source Link

That chocolate Lab you’ve been longing for may not be a member of your family for as long as their black or yellow cousins. A study found that brown Labradors have the shortest lifespan among variations in the breed. Experts say a smaller gene pool could be to blame because both mother and father need to be brown to make a chocolate Lab puppy. Source Link 

If your kids have too much leftover Halloween candy you can donate some of that sweet stash to a good cause. The “Treats for Troops” program from the group Soldiers’ Angels accepts donated candy. The organization uses candy instead of packing peanuts in the care packages it sends to American troops overseas. Source Link 

Taking the scenic route might make for a better day on the job. Researchers found that people whose commutes took them through wooded areas, parks and other natural settings were more likely to demonstrate stronger mental health. It doesn’t have to be the wide open spaces because any view with green or blue can improve your mood. Source Link 

Being a recent airline passenger might be your ticket to some extra cash. American, United, Delta and Southwest Airlines have settled a class-action lawsuit claiming they conspired to charge more for airfares between 2011 and 2017. The payouts are yet to be determined but you should save receipts for airfares during those years. Source Link 

There are plenty of places in the typical office where germs are just waiting for you. Things that get lots of touches like elevator buttons, escalator railings or doorknobs are hot spots and so is the conference room phone. And watch out for break room coffee cups and disposable lids that might be handled by others as they grab for one. Source Link 

The average American throws out $600 worth of food each year, so how can you stop wasting and lower your grocery bill? Creating a weekly menu will help you match activity plans with food shopping. Leftover fresh produce can be frozen for smoothies, sauces or casseroles. And remember that “sell by” dates are about quality and not safety. Source Link 

If you own an iPhone 6 or later model, you may want to power up now with a new battery. Apple is replacing weak batteries for free and others can get a new iPhone battery for $29 through the end of December. Apple admitted that a software update was slowing down performance on older models and made some people buy a new iPhone thinking their battery was failing. Source Link 

Your body’s sleep clock is changing with the switch back to Standard Time and there’s an easy way to see if your slumber is sufficient. On the weekend, don’t set an alarm and sleep until you wake up on your own. If that’s longer than your typical shuteye, adjust your weekday routine to get that much sleep every night. Source Link 

If you’re ready to add more fiber to your diet be sure to pace yourself. Natural fiber in fresh fruits, leafy raw greens, nuts, beans and whole grain bread, oatmeal, brown rice or even popcorn can help you feel full without adding all those calories. But flipping the fiber switch too fast can be tough on your digestive system, so add more fiber gradually each day. Source Link 

When you want to begin your workday right, avoid the urge to multitask. Testing has shown that trying to tackle several things at once right off the bat can set you back for the rest of the day. And don’t start with small talk that can derail your focus on the important tasks at the beginning of your workday. Source Link