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Be sure to mind these rules of the sky if you want to be a good fellow passenger on your next flight. The middle seat gets both armrests, don’t recline in economy seats and don’t grab the back of seats while walking down the aisle. And stand up when someone needs to get past you and into the aisle. Source Link 

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that can make your workday more productive. For example, don’t load up that daily must-do list -- keep it to five items. Don’t skip breaks that can help you stay on track mentally. And don’t be afraid to schedule downtime every day when you can think big without a deadline. Source Link 

A fitness tracker can be an investment in better health but be sure to pick one that works for you. Read reviews and find one that’s best for walking, running, swimming or cycling. If there’s a health app on your smartphone you could already have a baseline to measure against the readings from a new tracker. Source Link 

Drinking too many calories is a problem for some people who try to watch their weight. Start by making water, black coffee or tea your default drink. Beware of any beverage that gets most of its calories from sweeteners, whether real or artificial and keep smoothies to the smallest size with only non-fat yogurt or milk and real fruit but no added sugar. Source Link 

Grocery shopping by color can be your first step toward a healthier heart. Choose foods with lots of color by starting in the produce section to stock up on a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables. And avoid white in bread, potatoes and rice and check labels for added salt and sugar that can be found in many processed foods. Source Link 

Don’t get fooled by these car care tips that could hit you hard in the pocketbook. Overfilling your tires won’t improve mileage but will give you a rougher ride and wear out the tires sooner. And don’t drive with less than a quarter-tank of gas because it makes your fuel pump work harder and wear out faster and replacing it could cost up to $700. Source Link 

Most people don’t think about foot care until they’re in pain but some common problems can be prevented with a few simple steps. Always wear water shoes around public swimming pools and in showers at the gym to avoid viruses that can cause nail fungus or athlete’s foot. Wear socks and tights made from breathable fabrics and if shoes hurt the first time you try them on, don’t buy them. Source Link 

When you want a loan or a credit card there’s a difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval. With pre-qualification, you ask the lender to look at your credit report to decide if you’re a good candidate. With pre-approval, lenders will get information from credit bureaus to generate a list of people who get offers for a loan or credit card. Source Link 

Looking for a natural way to a whiter smile? You can brush once a week with a paste made from baking soda or use a five-to-one mix of water and apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash. Rubbing your teeth with orange or lemon peels is another whitening method and brushing with activated charcoal can absorb plaque and compounds that can stain your teeth. Source Link 

How can changing one word make that self-critical voice in your head become a cheerleader? Experts say swap the word “I” for “you”. Making your mental narrative sound like it’s a friend’s advice can produce more positive self-talk and strengthen your resolve to get things done. Source Link 

Time to bust some popular myths about your cyber privacy. Your emails aren’t always secure unless you use a service like Gmail or Yahoo that encrypts by default. Private browsing can’t shield your activity from the boss or from your internet provider. And turning off GPS on your phone doesn’t make you untrackable because there’s still a record of cell towers and WiFi hot spots that you’ve used. Source Link 

Using sunscreen might do more than protect from skin cancer -- it could help you keep your cool. Researchers found that an SPF 50 sunscreen changed blood flow to the skin for natural cooling. Using sunscreen might be doubly good for people who work outdoors and need protection from UV rays and more ways to keep cool. Source Link 

When you calculate its price per gallon printer ink is like liquid gold, so here’s how to get the most from it. Try switching font type and size -- Times New Roman is better and Arial is worse. Use Print Preview to avoid wasting ink and paper when printing a web page. And forget the warnings and replace that cartridge only when it’s completely empty and can no longer print. Source Link 

Your muscles have a need for speed that could translate into a longer life. Research showed that people with more muscle power were less likely to die earlier. Building muscle power requires strength training that emphasizes the speed of repetition along with the amount of weight and number of reps. Source Link 

The college grad in your life might like one of these gifts to help them in the work world. Try a book on time management or an organization tool like a personalized portfolio to keep paperwork in one place. And graduates who land a job in an open office might appreciate having noise canceling headphones to use at work. Source Link 

Instead of dinner and a movie, that art class or game night may bring the two of you even closer. Couples activities like painting or playing a board game can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone associated with romantic bonding. Researchers say any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could also work. Source Link 

For better self-esteem, look for ways to build on your strengths instead of just fixing the weaknesses. Discover what skills make you feel the best about yourself and find activities to stimulate that. If it’s critical thinking, go to lectures or take a class. Creatives can start a new project and or can strengthen perseverance by taking on a new responsibility on a short timetable. Source Link 

Many household plastics that go into the trash could have a second life in your home. Gardeners can use yogurt cups to grow seedlings and those clear plastic containers used to package salad mix or berries can store loose items in your fridge. And an old peanut butter jar is perfect for making salad dressing or overnight oats. Source Link