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You can raise kids who are smart about money by starting early. Point out prices on a menu or on sales receipts at the supermarket and explain the costs of living like paying for a house, a car, and utilities. And use that magic word “no” to teach budgeting and demonstrate the difference between wants and needs. Source Link 

Staying light on your feet could keep your body in shape and brain sharp as you age. Studies have shown that physical activity like dancing helped people remain independent as they age. Dancing requires balance, strength, endurance, concentration and memory for choreography and all of that can be good for mind and body. Source Link 

Need a plan to manage credit card debt and boost your credit score? Pay those bills early and often. Don’t go over 30 percent of your total credit limit at any time even if you pay the full balance each month. Instead, make several smaller payments throughout the month and don’t close unused cards because that can hurt your credit score. Source Link 

Learning skills to manage money can be fun and games for kids. Playing games like Monopoly or chess can teach your child to plan ahead and play to win. And if there’s a Fortnite fan in your family give them an allowance for in-game purchases to help them learn how to budget their spending. Source Link 

It’s not just those midnight feedings that are to blame for new parents losing sleep. A study found that sleep disruption for parents can last for up to six years including the occasional sleepless night worrying about childcare issues. The best advice for young parents to stay rested is to catch a nap at the same time your child does. Source Link 

Instead of dinner and a movie, that art class or game night may bring the two of you even closer. Couples activities like painting or playing a board game can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone associated with romantic bonding. Researchers say any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could also work. Source Link 

Fast food meals have gotten bigger and saltier in the past 30 years and we’re heavier for it. A study looking back to 1986 found that today’s average fast food entree has 27 percent more calories and 50 percent more sodium. And new calorie-heavy side dishes and more desserts are boosting ticket orders and expanding our waistlines. Source Link 

Frozen vegetables can be as tasty as fresh and easy to use when you remember these tips. Be careful not to overcook and try defrosting frozen vegetables in a colander under cold running water instead of using a microwave. You can add vegetables directly from the freezer in soups, stews and chilis and in that breakfast smoothie. Source Link 

Now's the time to think about preparing your kids to handle allergies during summer camp. Consult with your allergist who can provide a care plan to share with the camp and teach your child to advocate for themselves and watch for food allergens. If your child suffers from asthma or food allergies, consider sending them to a camp that specializes in these conditions. Source Link

You may not have to choose between an evening workout and a good night’s sleep. A study found that 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training in the evening had no negative impact on sleep. While most people try to schedule a morning workout the research found that those who exercised in the afternoon slept the longest. Source Link 

Could your skin art make getting an MRI riskier? The pigments in tattoo ink can interact with magnetic fields from an MRI and absorb energy that could cause skin burns. A new study found no side effects for people with tattoos who underwent an MRI, but no one in the study group had very large tattoos on more than 5 percent of their body tattooed. Source Link 

If you don’t want to do your own taxes, be sure your preparer is legit. The IRS is warning about so-called “ghost tax preparers” who aren’t registered and make a fast buck by falsely promising bigger refunds. Avoid anyone who requires payment in cash without a receipt or charges a fee based on a percentage of the refund. Source Link 

If you’re feeling ill and wondering should you go to work today, let the calendar answer the question. You’re most contagious during the first 48 hours of a cold or the flu, so stay home at the first sign of symptoms. A wet cough, a runny nose, fever or aches are things that should encourage you to call in sick. Source Link 

Shopping from the weekly grocery sales may not be the best for your health. Researchers found one-in-four sale items were protein-based foods but fewer than 10 percent were fresh produce and hardly any were healthful dark green, red and orange vegetables. Skipping the sales doesn’t have to be expensive because eating healthy might only cost an extra $1.50 a day. Source Link 

There’s no wage growth for those who earn with every tooth they lose. A survey of parents found that the Tooth Fairy was paying 43 percent less in 2018 for an average of $3.70 for each baby molar that’s left under a pillow. It’s the second straight year that the payoff for a gap-toothed smile has been shrinking. Source Link 

A credit freeze to stop identity thieves is a good idea for everyone in your family, including the kids because their names could also be used to open bogus accounts. All three major credit bureaus allow a parent to request a credit freeze for a child. You’ll need to mail a copy of their birth certificate and Social Security card to set it up. Source Link 

Drawing a blank when you try to remember things? Then it’s time to do some real drawing. Studies have shown that making a drawing of an important thing can help you remember better. It doesn’t have to be a work of art because the process of drawing is what helps your brain lock-in the memory. Source Link 

Here’s a pop quiz - what’s the value of everything in your home? It’s a good idea to document your belongings room-by-room and your smartphone can make the job easier. Take a video of each room that you can pause to see everything that’s there when making a list. It’s also good to have individual photos of big-ticket items like electronics. Source Link