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It’s easier than you think to pack a healthy lunch for your kids. Concentrate on basics like whole-grain bread, lean meats and lettuce and tomato for sandwiches. Add raw vegetables and a low fat-low sugar dipping sauce and favorite fruits for snacks. If kids buy lunch at school, remind them that hot dogs or mac and cheese should just be occasional foods. Source Link 

Some of your home improvement tools might work well in the kitchen. A straight ruler can cut dough for a lattice crust and self-adjusting pliers make a great nutcracker. Painters tape is a durable label for freezer leftovers and comes off clean months later. And office binder clips can hold open a cookbook while you’re working from a recipe. Source Link 

If you’re adding a child to the family phone plan think inexpensive and take control. Offer them a hand-me-down iPhone or a low-cost Android device. Establish ground rules like you get all passwords and can check their phone at any time. And set up parental controls on the phone for kid-safe searches and to limit what apps they can download. Source Link 

Social media is for sharing but you may not want the whole world to know. Check settings on Facebook to see if your posts are all Public meaning anyone can see them. You can also adjust Privacy settings to hide any photos from public viewing and stop any tagged photos from linking back to you. Sources Link 

We know what most buyers love about a home, but what do they hate? Having converted spaces like a man cave in a garage or a home office in a dining room are turn-offs. And too many personal items visible like photos on walls can make it hard for potential buyers to visualize the home as their own. Source Link 

Most people don’t think about foot care until they’re in pain but some common problems can be prevented with a few simple steps. Always wear water shoes around public swimming pools and in showers at the gym to avoid viruses that can cause nail fungus or athlete’s foot. Wear socks and tights made from breathable fabrics and if shoes hurt the first time you try them on, don’t buy them. Source Link 

If the morning routine starts with checking your phone, making the bed and pouring that first cup of coffee, you may want to rethink your habits. Experts say diving right into social media can leave you stressed and the caffeine in coffee is more effective a few hours after you wake up. And letting your bedding air out for a while reduces the moisture that can feed dust mites. Source Link 

Nursing home residents have been at the front of the line to get a COVID vaccination but that may not mean regular visits from family can resume right away. It’s not known if vaccinated persons can still spread the virus to visitors who haven’t been vaccinated. Experts say it may not be until herd immunity is reached before visits to nursing homes can return to normal. Source Link

A free year of Netflix -- who wouldn’t want that? -- but be careful responding to a text message with such an offer. Scammers are sending texts promising a free year of the streaming service to help people cope with being stuck at home during the pandemic. But if you click the link in the text, you’ll be handing over your credit card information to cyber-thieves. Source Link

You can see if your pet is overweight without using a scale. Run your fingers across their sides; with a healthy weight you should easily feel the ribs without pressing. And you shouldn’t be able to grab a handful of fat on their stomach. Source Link

How can you give your brain a boost in just 15 minutes? Lace up some comfortable shoes and step out. Researchers found that a quick, light jog can leave you feeling more energetic, lift your spirits and make your thinking more effective. Compared to simply resting, movement can improve your mood and brain function. Source Link

If there’s something in your life that you want to try, commit to a month of doing it every day. That could be starting a new hobby or something practical like putting things away after you use them or cleaning one drawer, rack or shelf each day. Making a 30-day pledge means there’s an end date in sight and performing an activity day after day builds a good habit. Source Link

When you want to commit something to memory, try doing nothing. Studies have shown that a 10 to 15 minute break after a learning session helped people retain information better. But the break time must be just that -- a complete break from thinking -- so no doing errands, checking emails or surfing the web. Source Link

Are you guilty of these bad habits when cooking on a stove? You fill a pan to brimming and don’t give ingredients room to breathe and cook properly. You don’t fully preheat a pan before using it or use a non-stick pan to sear or consistently cook foods. Or you move your food around too much while cooking and it doesn’t have time to develop a better texture and flavor. Source Link

Call it the silver lining to the COVID pandemic. So far, there have been only about 1,000 flu cases reported nationwide. A typical year has about 45 million cases. The reason is as plain as the mask on your face. Social distancing, wearing face masks and frequent hand washing to avoid COVID are also preventing spread of the flu. Source Link

Most of us need to eat more fruits and vegetables but you don’t have to adjust your meal menus to get those five to seven servings a day. Snacking on fresh fruit or raw vegetables could satisfy your nutritional needs, but cooking tomatoes, sweet potatoes or carrots provides the most nutrients from those vegetables. Source Link 

Your cell phone could be carrying more germs than a toilet seat but there are ways to clean it up. Keeping your phone out of the bathroom will help along with an occasional cleaning with a microfiber cloth or a solution of water and rubbing alcohol. And wash your hands frequently because that’s how most germs make it to your phone. Source Link 

You can have more success with your workouts with these trainer tips. Don’t race through a workout because that bad form can lead to injuries and shorten your routine instead of skipping it if you’re tired or rushed for time. And dress the part in exercise wear that makes you look good and feel comfortable. Source Link