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If you think that watching TV will help your young child wind down before bedtime, think again. Researchers found that pre-schoolers who watched more TV got less sleep, especially if that TV was in a bedroom and leaving a TV on at bedtime did not help children fall asleep faster. One in three families said their young child had a TV in the bedroom. Source Link

You want unique and strong passwords for online accounts, but how can you remember all of them? Your web browser will help by storing those passwords and inserting them automatically when you visit a site. Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome let you access those passwords on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Source Link 

What’s an eating plan that’s good for your heart? Spread out your meals and get more of your calories earlier in the day. There isn’t proof that eating breakfast is an absolute must but you should always hydrate yourself first thing in the morning. Coffee counts but the better choice is a glass of water. Source Link 

There are some simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of online scammers. Beware of opening document files attached to emails that might include hidden hacker code and keep your router’s firmware updated for the latest protections. And consider using a virtual credit card that generates a one-time-use number for every online purchase. Source Link 

Think your email account may have been hacked? Check your “Sent” and “Drafts” folders for emails you didn’t write and search for terms like “password reset” in your emails for changes you didn’t make. And look at your read emails to see if any of these are ones that you haven’t opened. Source Link 

What goes into picking a safe PIN? Avoid your birth date, a year in the 1900s, or an obvious numerical sequence. You can go with the birthday of a close friend, the date of your favorite holiday, or the current time and change your PIN periodically, especially when you hear about a data breach. Source Link 

No one likes to be caught with a phone battery that’s dying fast but there are ways to hang on longer. Look for the “low power” setting on your phone or switch to Airplane Mode if you can work without a data connection. When you can charge it use a rapid wall unit and take the phone out of the case because keeping it cooler helps a phone charge faster. Source Link 

What foods can you add to your diet to reduce stress? Fish has omega-3 fatty acids that can decrease depression and anxiety and compounds in avocados can improve concentration and mood. Probiotics can help with gut health that impacts anxiety and depression and dark chocolate has antioxidants to lower the production of stress hormones. Source Link 

Eating a meal just before bedtime might have you gaining weight in your sleep. Because of metabolism changes, late diners can have higher blood sugar and burn less fat overnight. Eating before dinner, eating dinner and then snacking until bedtime can bring on the same problem. Source Link 

Burning that midnight oil doesn’t burn more calories. Studies show that people who got too little sleep ate the equivalent of another meal a day with more fat and less protein. Researchers think a lack of sleep might affect hormones related to hunger. Source Link 

How can you break the habit of spending so much time on your phone? Turn off biometric screen unlocking to make it harder to dive into a scrolling session and use a smartwatch that lets you see text messages without picking up your phone. And don’t incorporate work email into your private email program and you won’t be tempted by work-related messages after-hours. Source Link 

You should be putting more than just bank statements and old bills through that shredder. Airline boarding passes, prescription paperwork, free return labels and even extra birth announcements have information that could be used by identity thieves. And a vet bill may include a pet’s name which many people use in an online security question. Source Link 

It’s a tempting snack in a two-pet household but dogs should not be eating cat food. It’s usually higher in protein and fat and that could give Fido an upset stomach. If your cat eats slower and leaves food in the bowl you can put it up where it’s accessible for the cat but out of reach for the dog. Source Link 

Need a new side hustle that won’t break a sweat? Rent out the stuff you’re not using. There are websites that help you rent your bike, boat, surfboard or paddleboat on a daily or weekly basis. And if you own acres of land you can rent out some of that space to campers who want a unique getaway spot. Source Link 

Tough choices about major decisions might be easier to live with if you simply flip a coin. A study found that people who go through with their coin flip choices were living happier lives six months later. If you don’t want to flip a coin try choosing the action that represents a change rather than continuing the status quo. Source Link 

How can you host an outdoor get-together with social distancing in colder weather? Use a backyard tent or gazebo or a garage with good airflow or plan a noon-time meet-up in a park on a sunny day. Keep it shorter, serve hot drinks and invite people who are taking pandemic precautions at work and at home. Source Link 

Wearing a face mask can come with the unwelcome side effect of dry eyes, but there are some simple ways to prevent it. Look for a mask that has a bendable wire along the top edge to mold to the bridge of your nose so your breath doesn't escape the top. You can also put a piece of paper surgical tape on the nose bridge or along the top of the mask. Source Link 

Your favorite soda drink can also be a handy cleaning supply. Use it to remove oil and grease stains from a driveway or as a powerful toilet bowl cleaner. You can also use soda to clean dirt from grout and stains from clothing, polish your jewelry and cut through baked-on grease stains in pots and pans. Source Link