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Make the most of the time you spend cleaning the house with these tips. Plan to clean from top to bottom so the dust from that ceiling fan doesn’t end up on the floor you just swept. Remove dirt from a surface with a dry microfiber towel before disinfecting. And don’t be too quick to wipe up spray disinfectant -- let it sit and work for three to 10 minutes.Source Link 

So, you want to get in on today’s low rates for mortgage refinancing but your credit score isn’t the best? Those with an FHA loan can use the Streamline Refinance program or you could do an FHA refinance for another loan. Veterans can also refinance a VA loan for a lower interest rate or use a cash-out refinance through the VA. Source Link 

This is a good time to review the differences between a cold and the flu. Think “wet versus dry” because a cold usually comes with symptoms like a drippy nose and sneezing while the flu brings a dry cough. Both can hit you with achiness and fever, but the flu comes on fast while a cold takes a few days to develop. Source Link 

When your wallet is bulging with too much stuff be sure to remove these items first. A Social Security card or anything with that number should never be in a wallet. Same with spare keys, a birth certificate or a blank check. And old receipts with a partial credit card number can be a gold mine for identity thieves. Source Link 

Google is ready to help you name that tune even if you can’t hear it now. The new search feature has you hum, sing or whistle a melody for 15 seconds to match it to listings for music, videos or lyrics. The new feature is available on the latest version of Android software as well as the Google app for iOS. Source Link 

Kids who aren’t in school during the pandemic are at-risk for weight gain from poor eating and less exercise but parents can fight back. Set up a healthy diet and physical activity regimen for the entire family. And make meals and snacks more healthy by stocking up on lean sources of protein, whole grains and lots of easy-to-eat fruits and veggies. Source Link 

If a vacation is in your plans try these easy travel hacks. An airline app can be a faster way to get notifications about flight changes and Google Translate will bridge a language gap in a foreign country. And tweeting to an airline may be a faster way to get direct customer support. Source Link 

Need some tips to save time and money on your next home move? Begin culling household items you rarely use and pack room by room ending with the kitchen. Look into more affordable alternatives like using a container to ship your goods and schedule your move for mid-month to avoid the end-of-month rush and higher prices. Source Link 

What fruits give you the biggest nutritional bang per bite? The top 5 nutrient-dense fruits are lemons, strawberries, oranges, limes and pink and red grapefruit. These give you plenty of vitamins B, C and K along with fiber, all of which are associated with a reduction in the risk of chronic diseases. Source Link 

Don’t let the question, “what’s in your wallet?” include these items. A Social Security card should never go with you and don’t carry old receipts with shopping and financial information that can help hackers. Don’t carry every credit card with you and avoid using a phone case that doubles as a wallet, in case your phone is lost or stolen. Source Link 

Studies show that people who take vacations regularly can have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease but fully unplugging is the key. Spending time elsewhere but still checking work calls and emails reduces the value of the vacation. And avoid the urge to binge on food and drink just because you’re not home because that’s not healthy. Source Link 

It’s a classic tech question -- should I leave my computer on 24-7? A daily shutdown could do more harm than good for an older computer because of the physical effect on components during a restart causes more stress than leaving it on. If you do a restart, be sure to follow the proper steps and don’t just switch the power off and on again. Source Link 

It takes a good eye to pick the freshest seafood. Look for a whole fish with eyes that are bright and clear and not dull gray. For a fillet, the skin should be shiny, metallic and clean. Fresh fish should smell like clean water or slightly briny but never “fishy” because cooking can’t improve a fish past its prime. Source Link 

You clean out the trunk of your car when selling it but have you swept up your personal data too? Before you go to the dealer for that trade-in be sure to disconnect your phone from the car’s Bluetooth syncing and delete your contacts, maps and address data. And remember to delete any garage door opener codes that were stored by the vehicle. Source Link 

It’s time to wake up and debunk some common myths about sleeping. A drink won’t help you sleep better and your body can’t function well on just five hours of sleep a night. And don’t assume that snoring is no big deal. Snoring that stops abruptly could be a sign of apnea that happens when throat passages close and you stop breathing. Source Link 

Dealing with a child’s tantrum involves reaction and prevention. Move to a quiet place because the situation can escalate in public view. Comfort them and find out if they’re hungry or tired. You can also teach your child the kind of mindful breathing that adults use to refocus and try to avoid situations that cause stress and can lead to a tantrum. Source Link 

The physical strain that comes from too much screen time might be cured in the blink of an eye. Typically, a person blinks about 30 times per minute but that can drop to just a few times per minute when focusing on a screen. One solution might be the “20-20-20” rule -- every 20 minutes, look away from the screen for 20 seconds at something that’s 20 feet away. Source Link 

Taking some simple precautions can help you avoid home accidents. Use a can opener instead of a knife to cut through clamshell plastic packaging and keep kitchen knives sharp because a dull knife is more likely to slip. Dial down your water heater to 120 degrees to avoid scalding accidents and wear long pants and close-toed shoes when mowing the lawn. Source Link