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Recycling can be more than plastic, paper and glass. There are national programs to recycle things like used crayons, wine corks and old eyeglasses. A juice box can’t go into home recycling because of the mix of plastics and aluminum but the company that makes juice boxes will donate two cents to charity for every one that you send to them and shipping is free. Source Link 

If you've always got your mind on your money, give yourself a break by automating your budget. Experts say you can manage your money without the headaches by using direct deposit of your paycheck with automatic bill payments and automatic transfers to savings. And if you budget correctly what’s left is money you can spend any way you’d like. Source Link

That one-page resume is no longer the fast track to a job interview. You still need one but experts say an online presence like a LinkedIn profile is more likely to attract employers. Keep it updated with specific examples of your success and don’t underestimate the value of recommendations and references that can showcase your soft skills. Source Link 

Try these tips from travel experts to save on your next airfare. Use several price comparison sites that sometimes have special deals with airlines, especially for travel packages. Check for other airports near your destination that may have lower ticket prices and use the calendar view in your search to see airfares and possible savings on other days of the week. Source Link 

You can reduce the risk of an electrical fire in your home with a safety check every six months. Make sure all bulbs in lamps are the proper wattage and that all electrical outlets and switches feel cool to the touch. Flip circuit breakers to see if any are stuck, check for damaged power cords and unplug all bathroom and kitchen small appliances when you’re not using them. Source Link 

Parents who hang on next to the crib until their baby falls asleep may be sabotaging themselves. Experts say if your baby sees you there as they drift off to sleep they’ll expect you to be there every time they wake up during the night. Leaving a baby to sleep while they’re awake helps them learn to fall asleep without you in the room. Source Link 

What can you do when you’ve forgotten the phone charger on vacation? Turn on the TV. The USB port on many hotel room TVs can double as a charging station, but it will be slower. The better solution is to buy a separate charger that always stays in your suitcase so you never forget to pack one. Source Link 

How can you enjoy the flavor of real chocolate without all the calories? Add unsweetened cocoa to fat-free milk, mix it into low-calorie yogurt or use it to make your own chocolate gelato. If you’re eating chocolate, be sure it’s at least 70 percent cocoa and limit your portion to one that’s about the size of a Hershey’s Kiss. Source Link 

It’s a simple step that might save your child’s life. Millions of car seats are recalled every year for safety issues, so you should mail in the warranty card or register online to be notified if there’s a problem with the car seat you use. You can also see a listing of car seat recalls for the past 10 years at Source Link 

You can avoid being ripped off at the auto shop by doing a little work before your car needs it. Shop around for a mechanic by asking friends or checking online reviews and take your car in for a small service to see if you’re comfortable there. And don’t be afraid to have your car towed somewhere else if you feel like you’re being cheated. Source Link 

It’s happened to all of us, but how can you avoid that awkward moment when you’ve forgotten someone’s name? When you first meet, repeat the person’s name in your head through the conversation and use their name as you’re talking. You can also envision the setting where you met the person to retrace your mental steps and recall the name. Source Link 

Setting new goals can help to keep you on-track for lifelong fitness. Identify an area that needs work, like cardio endurance or flexibility, and focus on that. You could master an activity that’s new to you, like running, swimming or cycling, or exercise for a good cause by signing up for an event like a 5K run or a bike ride for charity. Source Link 

You were turned away by your pharmacist in search of the new shingles vaccine, but the wait might be over soon. The makers of the vaccine say the tight supply should loosen up through the end of the year. The new vaccine is up to 90 percent effective in stopping shingles and high demand has many people on waiting lists to get it. Source Link 

A three-pronged approach to fitness over 50 should focus on muscle, heart and head. Resistance training can delay the loss of muscle mass that happens as we age and aerobic exercise will get your heart beating faster. And balance exercises can help prevent falls that are the number-one cause of disabling injury for seniors. Source Link 

Can you pack part of the holiday feast on your flight home for Thanksgiving? TSA officials say you can bring things like pumpkin pie or green bean casserole in a carry-on but portions will be small because it needs to be in clear, three-ounce bags. You can also pack food in checked luggage along with adult beverages as long as they’re less than 24 percent alcohol. Source Link 

You’ll want to think twice before responding to a text from the bank saying your account has been hacked. Security experts have spotted a new scam using bogus text messages containing a link to a fake bank website to get your personal information and password. If you’re contacted this way you should call your bank directly to report it. Source Link 

America’s pediatricians say spanking and yelling can do lasting damage to a child. Research shows that striking, shouting at or shaming children can elevate stress hormones and lead to changes in the brain's structure. Children who were spanked more than twice a month at age 3 were more aggressive by age 5 and the effects lasted through age 9. Source Link 

More people are heading to work each day by walking down the hallway in their home. A survey found that 20 percent of workers always clock in from home or another remote location and more than 50 percent have the option to work outside of the office. But half of those surveyed say they prefer to leave home each day and work with colleagues. Source Link