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Sneezing is good for you because it gets rid of allergens or viruses in your nose, but an open sneeze can travel more than 10 feet and leave germs that can linger for weeks. Sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm and if you sneeze into your hands, wash with soap and water because hand sanitizer won’t kill all the germs. Source Link 

Call them home hacks for harried moms and dads. The new book “Weird Parenting Wins” features crowdsourced solutions like laying an electric toothbrush in the crib to soothe a baby to sleep; putting any food on a stick to trick those picky eaters or drinking lots of water so you can lead the way to the bathroom every hour for toddler potty training. Source Link 

First, there were lace-up tennis shoes. Then, slip-ons. Now, Nike has a shoe that promises a perfect fit in real time. The self-lacing $350 Nike Adapt BB has built-in sensors, motors and a gear train to allow wearers to adjust the fit by pressing buttons on the shoe or using a smartphone app. Source Link 

That “baby talk” with your infant could be key to boosting their vocabulary. Researchers say two-year-olds who had a large vocabulary were more likely to start kindergarten ready to read and learn math. Reading to your baby and verbal interaction between you and your child are the best ways to build their vocabulary. Source Link 

Here’s a strategy if you have an average student who’s heading to college and looking for scholarships. Check for any that may be connected to your profession or where you live and apply for the many scholarships that don’t require a high GPA. You can also use social media to search for scholarship opportunities via hashtags. Source Link 

You don’t need an evening class or an online course to become a more valuable employee. Focus on improving communications with the careful crafting of emails and overall attention to detail. Get more organized by using to-do apps or keeping your work area cleaner. And be a team player by reaching out to co-workers to help them when you can. Source Link 

If you want to be a world traveler this year here’s where to go to get the best deals on airline tickets. Flights to New Zealand and Australia are dropping in price and travelers to European countries like Norway and Iceland are benefitting from low-cost airline wars. And Costa Rica is the most affordable destination in Central America. Source Link 

What’s the orange-colored produce that’s best for your eyes? Here’s a hint - it isn’t carrots. Studies show that eating oranges may greatly reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration that’s a common cause of blindness in older people. Researchers say the flavenoids you get from an orange a day can protect against the eye disease. Source Link 

Need a plan to manage credit card debt and boost your credit score? Pay those bills early and often. Don’t go over 30 percent of your total credit limit at any time even if you pay the full balance each month. Instead, make several smaller payments throughout the month and don’t close unused cards because that can hurt your credit score. Source Link 

If your home internet connection is hardly high speed there are some simple ways to get back into the fast lane. Make sure your router is out in the open and not in a cabinet and unplug it for a moment to reset. If the router is more than a few years old you might replace it with a new one that’s priced a bit higher and has more processing power. Source Link 

It’s easy to eat healthy anytime when you stock your freezer with these items. Frozen shrimp or fish fillets are rich in protein and low in fat and frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh. Frozen berries make a great smoothie and whole wheat flatbreads or tortillas will keep in the freezer for months. And satisfy that sweet tooth with 100 percent frozen fruit bars. Source Link 

You might want to cap off that next meal with a short stroll. Studies have shown that a 15-minute walk after a meal can have more health benefits than a 45-minute walk at mid-morning or afternoon. Exercise can combat the surge in blood sugar that happens after you eat and can also aid in digestion. Source Link 

Some simple hacks can help your health without a lot of effort. Improve your balance by standing on one foot when brushing your teeth and wash bed linens once a week to get rid of bacteria and fungus that makes us sick. Use colored plates if you want to eat less white bread or rice and satisfy that sweet tooth with natural sugars in fruit instead of candy. Source Link 

One out of ten adults has a food allergy, but twice as many think they do but really don’t. A food allergy can be life-threatening, but many people have a food intolerance to things like lactose in dairy products. Testing can determine if it’s a food allergy and then you should carry an epinephrine auto-injector to stop a dangerous reaction when it happens. Source Link 

The flu and a cold can both be a real pain, but where you feel them can help determine which it is. The common cold can cause aches and pains but health experts say that’s usually mild and often associated with nasal congestion. On the other hand, the flu can bring on deep muscle pains in your legs and back. Source Link 

A parking lot, a flight of stairs, a street corner and even your bathroom can be places for exercise. Try a combination of fast running and then walking 50 yards in a parking lot or take a flight of stairs two steps at a time. When waiting to cross the street, alternate standing on each leg for 10 seconds or add 10 reps of standing up from sitting on the toilet. Source Link 

What kids are eating may not be all that puts them at risk for obesity because the way foods are prepared can make a big difference. Fish, chicken and potatoes can be healthy choices when broiled, boiled or baked but breading, battering or frying was linked to weight gain. Seasoning with herbs can also substitute for using salt and cooking in fats. Source Link 

Why is chicken noodle soup a superfood for when you’re sick? The clear warm broth hydrates and can soothe a sore throat and those noodles provide carbs to fuel your body. Chicken is high in protein and vegetables like carrots, celery and onions are rich in vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and help with digestion. Source Link