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How do you know when you’re addicted to your smartphone? Experts say people with a cell phone addiction check their phones constantly, feel impatient or irritable if they’re not holding it, and think about their smartphone when they’re not using it. And when cell phone use interferes with work and makes it hard to focus on tasks, it’s time to get help. Source Link 

Staying heart healthy might require you to fuel-up every morning. In a 20-year study, people who never ate breakfast were 87-percent more likely to die from heart-related causes and had three times the risk of stroke. Skipping breakfast can lead to overeating later in the day and that could lead to obesity which raises the risk for heart disease and stroke. Source Link 

Does that burst of creativity need a waiting period to arrive? A study found that people were more creative when they had a 20-minute break after brainstorming new ideas. Researchers say the recipe for creativity may be to try and get frustrated and then relax, sit back, and see it happen. Source Link 

A treadmill or set of resistance bands might offer the same benefits as medication for some people with high blood pressure. Studies have shown that endurance or dynamic resistance exercise can lead to lower blood pressure readings similar to those achieved with medicines. But researchers say more study is needed before anyone will stop taking their prescription. Source Link 

How can a kitchen timer help you keep your home cleaner? If you avoid chores, set a kitchen timer to find out just how long it takes to wash a few dishes or pick up some clothes. Seeing how little time it takes to do a chore can encourage you to do those things right away and not let them pile up into a big job. Source Link 

Self-esteem is considered a must for emotional wellbeing but it's also important to know how to give yourself a break. With self-compassion, you can show yourself the same empathy that you extend to others. Being understanding with yourself, rather than judgemental offers a kind of immunity against negative influences like fear. Source Link 

Gardening is a form of exercise and here’s how to avoid injury when you’re planting and pruning. Try some stretching to loosen joints before you start and to avoid staying in the same position too long. If you’re moving rocks or other heavy objects be sure to lift with your legs and use a garden stool to reduce the strain from kneeling. Source Link 

Take care to avoid these things that can shorten the battery life of your smartphone. Using vibration for calls and notifications, giving location permission to apps that don’t need it and not using auto-brightness for your screen can drain a battery faster. And leaving your phone under your pillow at night or out in the sun can cause it to overheat and damage the battery. Source Link 

If every meal seems like a race to clean your plate, try these tips to slow down. Eating with your non-dominant hand can help and set down your fork for 10 seconds between each bite. And use smaller plates and bowls that empty faster to make it look like you’re full even when you’ve eaten less. Source Link 

Keeping air travel safe for your pet begins long before the plane leaves the ground. If your dog or cat is traveling in cargo, get them acclimated to the kennel they’ll be staying in to avoid injuries from biting or scratching at the cage. Stop solid food at least six hours before the flight and consult with your vet before giving pets any sedatives. Source Link 

You may not have to hit the gym during the workweek if you’re active on the weekend. Researchers found that those who exercised one or two days a week had the same life span as those who exercised more often. If you’re getting at least 3 hours of moderate to vigorous activity each week it may not matter if you spread it out over seven days. Source Link 

It’s time to wake up and debunk some common myths about sleeping. A drink won’t help you sleep better and your body can’t function well on just five hours of sleep a night. And don’t assume that snoring is no big deal. Snoring that stops abruptly could be a sign of apnea that happens when throat passages close and you stop breathing. Source Link 

What’s in your ears can help you get better sleep. Meditation using a mobile app can help ease you into slumber and get you back to sleep if you wake up overnight. And research has shown that listening to nature sounds can trigger a relaxation response in the brain to help you get to sleep. Source Link 

The antidote to being cooped up in an office may be to bring the outdoors inside. Surrounding yourself with natural things like plants and getting more sunlight can boost your mood and job satisfaction and could be a buffer to stress. Even a screensaver with nature photos might give you some of the benefits of the outdoor experience. Source Link 

Where there’s a will, there’s a better way to protect your family and make sure your wishes are carried out when it comes to guardianship for children or how to give away your possessions. Review your will annually and after big life events like a divorce or when children become adults. And consider a living will that lists the care you do or don’t want if you become seriously ill. Source Link 

If you suffer from allergies you might find relief by doubling up on laundry days. Sheets and pillowcases can hold allergens as well as dirt, sweat and skin oils. The best advice is to wash your pillowcase every week and always change your sheets after you’ve had a cold. Source Link 

Email is a prime target for hackers who want to get to sensitive information and you can protect yourself by using different email accounts. Use one for banking and credit cards, another for shopping and another for social media. This way, a breach involving one account doesn’t endanger all of your digital life. Source Link 

Smiling at someone can make them happy and science says it goes both ways. A review of over 100 studies concluded that smiling makes people feel happier, scowling makes them feel angrier and frowning makes them feel sadder. You can’t smile your way to happiness but it’s proof that the mind and body can work together to shape our emotions. Source Link