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Deleting online accounts you no longer use can safeguard you from the next website hack. Look in your password manager, search email for old “welcome” messages or check Facebook or Google to find connected accounts. You can search the name of the service and the words “delete account” or visit the support page to find out how to close an unused account. Source Link

Counting to 10 can do more than soothe anger -- it might help you talk out those serious issues. In a conversation where the temperature is rising, wait 10 seconds before you respond. Taking time to collect your thoughts can disarm a heated back-and-forth cycle and give both of you a chance to switch from combat back to conversation. Source Link

The end of the year isn’t the only time to take a look at your finances and budget. Doing this twice a year can help you spot troublesome habits earlier or uncover new opportunities for saving or investing. An easy formula is to schedule a semi-annual budget check-up on your birthday or around July Fourth. Source Link

We all know it’s an unhealthy habit, but how do you keep from touching your face? When you feel the urge to scratch an itch, rub your nose or adjust your glasses, grab a tissue and use that instead of your fingers. And break those compulsive unconscious habits like using your hand as a chin rest or to adjust your hair. Source Link 

Take some steps before you dive into that new phone or tablet to avoid becoming the victim of a hacker. Backup and transfer old data and consider using a cloud service to safeguard it from loss or theft. Create strong, secure logins and use new passwords for those vital services. And register your device with the manufacturer to help with recovery if you are hacked. Source Link 

That first cup of coffee in the morning might help you focus on success in the day ahead but don’t expect it to jump-start your creativity. Researchers found that caffeine could boost so-called convergent thinking such as problem-solving but divergent thinking that’s linked to creativity wasn’t improved for coffee drinkers. Source Link 

When packing for that next trip, think about what to carry-on with your phone. For example, you can download content from services to enjoy music, TV shows or movies when you don’t have a data connection. And remember that GPS won’t work without the internet but you can download directions and maps from Google Maps for offline use. Source Link 

Setting a 30-minute timer may help you combat the effects of too much sitting on the job. A study found that people who stood up and moved every half-hour had a small improvement in their blood sugar levels. That’s important because every hour spent sitting or lying down increases the risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Source Link

Keeping years worth of emails with attachments that could have your personal information is a security risk. To trash all of these from your Gmail account, enter, “has:attachment” in the search bar and then click on “Select all conversations that match this search.” With just one more click you’ll send all of these old emails to Gmail Trash. Source Link 

A big breakfast might pave the way to weight loss if you ease off on eating for the rest of the day, according to a new study. More calories are burned in the morning, so you should eat more when calorie-burning is at its peak. Front-loading your food intake may also keep your blood sugar levels from going too high and protect against diseases like diabetes. Source Link 

When you have a financial goal in mind, think about it more often and you may be closer to reaching it. A survey found that people were able to increase their savings by up to 73 percent when they envisioned themselves succeeding. Using something like a vision board could help you get closer to that dream vacation or retirement savings goal. Source Link 

If you want to break a cycle of spending on items you don’t really need, try waiting to buy it. That could mean running out of something to see if you really need it before you re-stock or leaving that online purchase in the virtual shopping cart to see if you still want it a few days or a few weeks later. Source Link 

Powering down a computer and restarting it can fix many performance problems but be sure to do it the right way. Don’t hold down the Power button; select the restart option on the Power icon from the Start menu on a PC. If you’re a Mac user, select the Apple icon in the top left corner and press restart. Source Link 

Older Americans may need a refresher on using antibiotics safely. A survey found one-third of respondents mistakenly thought that antibiotics could effectively treat colds or the flu. Of those who had leftover antibiotics about two-thirds saved them for use later. You should always see a doctor and get a new antibiotic prescription if it’s needed. Source Link 

Keeping your kitchen healthy takes more than tossing out the mystery leftovers in the back of the fridge. You should change your cleaning sponge often because even microwaving it won’t kill all of the germs. And throw away a cutting board that has lots of cracks where bacteria can survive a good cleaning. Source Link 

Here’s how to craft a perfect response to that caustic office email without risking your job. Open your word processor and take a few minutes to let loose with all your feelings and then save that document to a special folder. Return to the folder later to read the reply and others that you’ve saved to remind you of mistakes that were avoided by not hitting “Send.” Source Link 

You can stock your kitchen with helpful gadgets at the office supply store. Those classic orange-handled scissors are great for opening packages and binder clips can seal up food bags. A black sharpie marker can label freezer bags and write on masking tape for plastic containers and a dry erase board can be used to keep a shopping list. Source Link 

A light snooze may not make up for short sleep. Researchers found that people didn’t see much benefit when they tried to use a 30 to 60-minute nap to compensate for lost sleep the night before. That’s because a nap isn’t enough time for the body to reach the stage of sleep that’s most refreshing for you. Source Link