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It’s rich in vitamins and a natural choice but there’s something not so healthy in that daily glass of fruit juice. The drink could be adding to your weight because fruit juice has as much sugar as sweetened soda. You can get the same nutritional benefits by eating one serving of whole fruit instead of drinking a glass of juice. Source Link 

If all the bad news of the world today has you stressed there’s a good solution -- try to help others. Experts say making a donation or volunteering your time can ease feelings of helplessness from the weight of the world’s problems. You can also seek social support by joining a club or group to do something you enjoy. Source Link 

Taking a midday nap can be a smart choice and not just because you get more rest. A study found that napping in the afternoon may actually boost mental agility. But it needs to be a conscious effort to sleep because people who dozed off in the afternoon from being tired didn’t see the same benefits as those intentional nappers. Source Link 

When should a senior citizen hang up the car keys for good is a question that can be answered with the help of a primary care physician who understands their health conditions, capacities, and challenges. Vision, thinking skills and physical function all play a part and families should start the discussion early before a driving mishap forces the issue. Source Link 

Diet sodas may not be a healthy alternative because they’ve been associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attack. If you like the sparkle of soda, try plain seltzer with a squeeze of citrus fruit, grated ginger, chopped mint or a teaspoon of vanilla. Or replace soda with milk for more protein and calcium. Source Link 

Brown-bagging your mid-day meal doesn’t have to be boring if you can think outside the lunchbox. Try adding one new vegetable or fruit each week and pack more than lunch with healthy snacks to make it through the day. And watch out for too much sugar at lunchtime because it can fuel a mid-afternoon energy crash. Source Link 

Grocery shopping by color can be your first step toward a healthier heart. Choose foods with lots of color by starting in the produce section to stock up on a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables. And avoid white in bread, potatoes and rice and check labels for added salt and sugar that can be found in many processed foods. Source Link 

If you suffer from allergies you might find relief by doubling up on laundry days. Sheets and pillowcases can hold allergens as well as dirt, sweat and skin oils. The best advice is to wash your pillowcase every week and always change your sheets after you’ve had a cold. Source Link 

Email is a prime target for hackers who want to get to sensitive information and you can protect yourself by using different email accounts. Use one for banking and credit cards, another for shopping and another for social media. This way, a breach involving one account doesn’t endanger all of your digital life. Source Link 

Want to reduce the stress that comes from having too many things to choose from in your closet? Try working with just a handful. Whatever it is, having lots of choices can make you less happy because the decision-making is stressful. Instead, pare down your choices to three or four and give away the rest. Source Link 

An astronomical neighbor may be affecting your sleep. Researchers found that the time just before and during a full moon was when people got less sleep. You might not bask in the glow of the moon but our distant ancestors adjusted their sleep schedules to make use of moonlight and that’s been hard-wired into today’s humans. Source Link 

The increased use of hand sanitizer is being blamed for a sharp rise in eye injuries among children. Hand sanitizers consist mainly of alcohol which is toxic to delicate structures like eyes. Parents should make sure that children don’t rub their eyes right after using sanitizer to give the alcohol some time to evaporate from hands. Source Link 

If you have a bucket list for your life you may want to share it with your doctor. Whether it’s travel, a personal goal such as running a marathon or achieving a milestone like 50 years of marriage, sharing your bucket list helps your doctor provide personalized care and suggest lifestyle changes that may help you achieve more. Source Link 

Trying to beat the pandemic blues with a new puppy you buy off the Internet could come back to bite you. Authorities are seeing more cases of people who paid up to $1,500 upfront for a dog they see online only to find the breeder and the dog don’t exist. The best advice is to not pay anything until you see the dog in-person or on a video call. Source Link 

That puffy coat may protect your young child from the cold but could be dangerous when they’re in a car seat. A puffy coat or snowsuit can prevent car seat straps from tightening properly and in a crash the child may slide out of the seat. Dressing your child in multiple layers of clothing with a thinner coat on top can provide warmth and safety. Source Link 

COVID might fill up some hotels before the pandemic is over as the lodging industry is pitching its facilities to be used as vaccination sites. Hotels have stricter cleaning regimens and meeting rooms, banquet halls and even parking lots that could be used 24-7 by public health departments. And available rooms could host families who may need to travel to get their shots. Source Link

It could be the $100,000 answer -- how can good grades in high school pay off for your child? Many colleges offer merit scholarships based on grade point average and in some cases that can be a $25,000 a year discount on tuition. The best time to talk to your child about maintaining a high GPA is the summer after 8th grade and before they start high school. Source Link

A cardboard box could be key to reducing the clutter in your life. Fill the box with things you save because you think you might need them. Tape the box closed, store it and set a reminder on your calendar for 12 months from now. If the box remains unopened for one year, you can donate it knowing you won’t miss what you’re giving away. Source Link