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A life that has meaning is a life that could be healthier as we age. Researchers found that when middle-aged and older adults felt their days held meaningful activities, they had better health and well-being four years later. The key may be staying connected with others because people who are socially engaged can find more meaning in life. Source Link 

If those vente vanilla lattes are starting to show up on your hips there’s a simple first step to kicking the flavored coffee habit. Try ordering your coffee drink unsweetened and add your own sugar to see just how much you’re using. Lots of sugar in morning drinks can increase food cravings and lead to poor eating all day long. Source Link 

When it’s time to clean up your act on that laptop make sure you have the right tools to get rid of the grime. Start with short sprays of canned air to blast away crumbs or dirt in the keyboard and dust that’s blocking the cooling vents. Then use a dry microfiber cloth to remove smudges from the screen and add a bit of water to that cloth to wipe down the case. Source Link 

Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive when you look for foods that are good for you and easy on your wallet. Eggs are a great source of protein and a real value at less than 10 cents apiece and plain oatmeal is a fiber-rich food for pennies a serving. Chicken is a better buy than beef and bananas and fresh in-season produce are usually a good buy. Source Link 

That smartphone sitting on the passenger seat could be a curse or a blessing when you’re behind the wheel. We all know about the dangers of texting and driving but one in three people still do it. The good news is that some insurance companies have apps or other car technology to help you stay safe and focused on your driving. Source Link 

If you don’t sing the praises of your job, maybe you should be singing on the job. A study found that being part of a workplace choir was associated with lower levels of work-related stress and a feeling of having more support from co-workers. Researchers say the camaraderie of being in a choir also helped to boost social connections with co-workers. Source Link 

If you’re a strict vacation planner, your time may not fly when you should be having fun. Studies show that over-planning can take the leisure out of that vacation because we associate schedules with work. More people enjoy spontaneous activities or casually planned events that don’t have a specific time. Source Link 

It may be a simple prescription for longer life -- get out of that seat and move for 30 minutes a day. Researchers found that getting up for half an hour of light activity like walking when a person would usually be sitting reduced the risk of early death. Make that 30 minutes of moderate or vigorous exercise and the benefits were doubled. Source Link 

Take a sleep mask and cut out most of it, add biometric sensors and link it to an app. That’s the Dreem -- a fabric-covered headband that tracks heart rate and breathing and gives you audio cues for better sleep that you hear through bone conduction so you don’t disturb your bedmate. The Dreem is priced at $499. Source Link 

What does it cost to build a beginner’s home gym? How about less than $100? Start with a good mat for floor work like yoga, Pilates, ab exercises and push-ups. Get a stability ball for balance work and crunches. And for strength training, pick up a resistance band and a three-piece set of hand weights. Source Link 

Burning that midnight oil doesn’t burn more calories. In fact, studies show that people who got too little sleep often ate the equivalent of another meal a day with more fat and less protein. Researchers think a lack of sleep might affect hormones related to hunger. Source Link 

Call it DIY big-screen TV. Really big. “The Wall” from Samsung has a modular design with a combination of small panels to build up to a 219-inch TV screen with custom wide, ultra-wide or even square dimensions. No pricing has been announced but industry watchers say it could be a six-figure addition to your man cave. Source Link 

How can you “clearly” improve the look of your refrigerator and maybe your waistline too? Put small items like yogurt cups in clear plastic bins so they don’t get lost in the back of a shelf. And keep fresh fruit and raw vegetables up front in a clear container so you can see your way to healthy snacking. Source Link 

It’s an old debate in the world of recycling - do you really need to rinse out items? Experts say a quick water rinse or just a shake and a wipe with a paper towel works fine. If you recycle paper, cans and jars together make sure any leftover food isn’t dripping on the paper. Source Link 

There’s hope if you have a “black thumb” and are always killing houseplants. Start simple and avoid those that flower and know what’s too much or too little water for your plant. Check instructions to see if it needs direct or indirect sun and don’t be quick to toss that sick plant if all it needs is some extra care. Source Link 

If you use flameless battery-powered candles watch out for another safety risk. The tiny button batteries that power those candles can be swallowed by children and cause internal injuries. Some flameless candles are packaged with loose batteries and others have battery compartments that can be easily opened by small hands. Source Link 

When you “Take 10” to get your body busy or to slow down you may improve your memory. Research has shown that just 10 minutes of light exercise can boost your brain’s ability to store memories. And people who sat quietly for 10 minutes after getting new information were more likely to remember it later. Source Link 

It was only a matter of time before the smart home revolution reached the best seat in the house. The Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet offers Amazon Alexa functionality, integrated Bluetooth speakers, ambient lighting and a hands-free open/close lid. The price tag for this royal flush? $7,000. Source Link