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You can tackle spring cleaning the smart way by starting with a plan. Work from upstairs to down or one side of the house to the other and clean room by room. Environmentally-friendly cleaners may not work on tough grim and cotton or microfiber cloths can clean without scratching surfaces. And open windows to let fresh air in after using cleaning products. Source Link 

Should you turn off the tunes when you’re trying to create? Testing showed that listening to music significantly impaired verbal creativity. The sound of a library was no problem but songs with words and instrumental music were bad and the worst was listening to a song with familiar lyrics. Researchers say music can interfere with the brain’s verbal memory. Source Link 

Cyberbullying of kids can be hard to spot for parents but there are ways to protect your child. Regularly check their social network pages and teach kids not to share anything that could hurt or embarrass them or others. Tell them to talk to you if an online message or image makes them feel threatened or hurt. And encourage your kids to speak up if they see cyberbullying happening to someone else. Source Link 

The tools of the trade in car detailing will also work when the job gets done in your driveway. Ditch the old t-shirts and cotton towels and use a microfiber cloth to dry your car and avoid scratches. Use a car wash cleaner and not dish soap and have two buckets -- one for soapy water and one with plain water to rinse dirt out of your sponge. Source Link 

Exercise doesn’t have to be hot and sweaty to keep an older woman’s heart healthy. New research found that even routine housework and gardening could help because all movement counts towards better cardiovascular health. Heart disease is the leading killer of American women and about 70 percent of them aged 60 to 79 have heart disease. Source Link 

Achieving personal goals may be easier if you approach the challenge in a new way. Consistently working toward a goal in a specific way every day helps your brain turn it into a habit. And setting and achieving small goals triggers your brain to release “feel good” chemicals that will encourage you to stay the course. Source Link 

A parking lot, a flight of stairs, a street corner and even your bathroom can be places for exercise. Try a combination of fast running and then walking 50 yards in a parking lot or take a flight of stairs two steps at a time. When waiting to cross the street, alternate standing on each leg for 10 seconds or add 10 reps of standing up from sitting on the toilet. Source Link 

Why is chicken noodle soup a superfood for when you’re sick? The clear warm broth hydrates and can soothe a sore throat and those noodles provide carbs to fuel your body. Chicken is high in protein and vegetables like carrots, celery and onions are rich in vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and help with digestion. Source Link 

Some simple hacks can help your health without a lot of effort. Improve your balance by standing on one foot when brushing your teeth and wash bed linens once a week to get rid of bacteria and fungus that makes us sick. Use colored plates if you want to eat less white bread or rice and satisfy that sweet tooth with natural sugars in fruit instead of candy. Source Link 

If there’s a DIY painting project on your to-do list, remember these tips to get the job done right. Start with a pint of paint to see if you like the color on your walls and then buy the best paint to get quality coverage that will last longer. And have the primer tinted to match your color and you’ll need only one coat of paint. Source Link 

What’s a sure way to derail that diet? Eat more meals away from home. A study found that eating at a restaurant with friends or family may up your odds of cheating by about 60 percent. And you’re even more likely to ditch the diet plan when dining at someone else’s home. Researchers say social settings may distract you and lead to mindless eating. Source Link 

Getting kids to brush their teeth doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of setting a two-minute timer, try playing a fun song or reading a silly story to them as they brush. Don’t ever let kids skip brushing and encourage them by brushing your teeth together and offering rewards for good habits. Source Link 

Some simple things when done in bed can make it harder for you to sleep. Reading, writing or doing puzzles teaches your mind to associate the bed with activity and lying in bed trying to force yourself to sleep makes your brain think that’s normal. And plan afternoon activities to avoid taking a nap that could leave you awake at night. Source Link 

When you might fall victim to a telephone scam could depend on the day and time. Testing found that people were least likely to take the bait on a Monday but by Friday two out of three gave away secure data over the phone to someone posing as an HR rep. After 5 pm was when scammers were the most successful. Source Link 

Finding the perfect roommate takes some extra steps to ensure it’s someone you can really live with. Compare your styles - do you like quiet time at home or having lots of friends visiting? Get details in writing about sharing household costs and chores and consider a test run by sharing a vacation rental home or apartment. Source Link 

If you give an allowance to your kids it’s important to be consistent about the rules you set for how they spend that money and the amounts you give. But avoid the urge to link an allowance to chores unless you plan to negotiate each time you want your child to clean their room or empty the dishwasher. Source Link 

How can you speed up your metabolism to burn more calories? Evenly-spaced meals let your body avoid the starvation mode that stockpiles calories and staying hydrated helps you burn more calories. Watch alcohol intake because it diverts the liver from burning fat and get enough sleep to regulate the hormones that affect hunger. Source Link 

Serving your dog raw food can be risky for them and for you. High levels of harmful bacteria in raw food can be a health risk for dogs and people, especially the elderly, the young and those with weakened immune systems. Unlike commercial dog foods, raw meat products are not heat-treated or freeze-dried to kill bacteria like e Coli or salmonella. Source Link