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Nearly half of all women over 50 have a medical condition that most will never mention to their doctor. A study found that 43 percent of women suffer from incontinence and two-thirds haven’t asked for help. That’s unfortunate because experts say there any many treatments that can control or even cure the problem. Source Link 

You can get more whole grains in your diet by going beyond rice and bread. Cooked barley can be a hearty addition to your favorite vegetable soup or substitute buckwheat, millet, couscous or polenta in a risotto or pilaf side dish. You can cook whole grains in a big batch that will keep in the fridge for up to four days. Source Link 

Smart dolls, fast rides and a handheld favorite are among the items on this year’s naughty toy list. There are data security fears with some dolls that talk to children and record their responses. Hoverboards continue to be a fire risk from faulty battery packs and some fidget spinners may have high levels of dangerous lead. Source Link 

It’s called “FOMO” but is the fear of missing out on social media driving depression? A study found that rates of depression and loneliness went down significantly for people who limited their social media use. Researchers say limiting social media to about 30 minutes per day may lead to significant improvement in well-being. Source Link

If that Thanksgiving feast put you over the edge on the bathroom scale you could use an action plan to lose that extra weight. Start by checking your portions to make sure they aren’t too big and see how often you’re eating and the quality of those calories. Exercise is the best way to lose weight and can be most effective about two hours after a meal. Source Link 

When you want to begin your workday right, avoid the urge to multitask. Testing has shown that trying to tackle several things at once right off the bat can set you back for the rest of the day. And don’t start with small talk that can derail your focus on the important tasks at the beginning of your workday. Source Link

When you want a healthy snack, popcorn, pistachio nuts and hard-boiled eggs can beat those hunger pangs without all the fat and calories. And you don’t have to eat to beat mid-morning hunger because drinking coffee has been shown to lower the levels of appetite-fueling hormones. Source Link 

Teaching kids the value of money can be fun. Try filling a two-liter bottle with dimes to show children how small amounts can add up over time. Pay them interest when they save their allowance or have a “no money” day when you enjoy free activities and don’t spend any money. Source Link 

What happens 52 times a day? That’s how often most Americans check their phone. A survey found that one-third use their personal smartphones for work and two-thirds use their phone for personal business while on the job. Surprisingly, only one age group thought they spend too much time on their phones - those who are between 18 and 34 years old. Source Link 

More people are raising their grandchildren and most are handling the job well. Figures show that 3 million Americans are the primary parent for a grandchild and a growing number of cases are linked to substance abuse and the opioid epidemic. The good news is that grandparents are often better guardians because they’re motivated to keep the family together. Source Link 

What do you get when you combine the office desk with a stationary bike? Maybe an answer to problems like type-2 diabetes. Researchers who are testing a prototype of the “pedal desk” say it helped to reduce insulin levels for sedentary people who were overweight or obese. The pedal desk could be an alternative for workers who want to sit less but can’t use a stand-up desk. Source Link

There’s a fast way to find holiday movies on Netflix by using special code numbers. To search, add the code number to the web address For example, you can find romantic Christmas movies with code number 1394527 and family-friendly Christmas films with code number 1394522. Source Link 

If you’re tasting chocolate in your head and it’s making you hungry, try putting the other senses to work to combat food cravings. Picture an image of some place or something you enjoy that’s not food or look at actual photos that you load to your phone. You can also counter the real aromas of food with a whiff of perfume or scented oil carried in a purse-sized vial. Source Link 

Here are some suggestions on how to be a four-star hotel guest. It’s customary to tip your housekeepers based on the cost of your room, starting at a dollar a day. And keep your cool when there’s a problem because yelling won’t help. Ask for assistance before you fire off a scathing online review because most issues can be resolved quickly. Source Link

A special kind of 10-minute break can help you clear your head and work better. People who used a 10-minute meditation recording were able to complete cognitive tasks faster than others who had the same break without meditation. The benefits were seen with everyone who used the recording, including people who had no prior training in meditation. Source Link 

If there are tablets, TVs and laptops on your holiday shopping list, beware of the bargain basement models. For example, TVs with the lowest prices might not have enough connections for all your game boxes and streaming players. And remember that real laptop bargains come at back-to-school time and not during the holiday season. Source Link 

Do you know when to rush your toddler to the emergency room? Parents who were surveyed said they would go to the ER if their child was choking, had swallowed pills or got a burn from a hot pan. Experts say choking requires an immediate call to 9-1-1 and contacting Poison Control is a first step when pills are swallowed. A minor burn is usually something you can treat at home. Source Link 

You can build more exercise into your workday. Start simple by moving your wastebasket and other essentials away from your desk. Walk over to talk with a colleague instead of emailing or phoning and take the stairs to a restroom on another floor. You can also use resistance bands to do foot curls and arm stretches at your desk. Source Link