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How many steps does it take to lengthen your life? The more the better. Researchers found that people who walked 8,000 steps a day were two-thirds less likely to die compared to less-active people. That’s doable for many who might take the stairs instead of the elevator or look for every opportunity throughout the day to walk more. Source Link 

When you’re in panic mode about your finances taking a good look at three things might help. Calculate your net worth including all cash, savings, investments, retirement and health savings accounts minus your debts. Create a disaster budget with the bare minimum and add back in any spending you can afford and stop outsourcing work by doing your own cooking, cleaning and other household services. Source Link 

Most people know that scratching an itch only makes it worse, but why is that? Scientists say the act of scratching creates pain that cancels out the itching sensation, but the brain overrides that pain and the itching returns. Experts say the best way to deal with an itch is to give the spot a slap or a rub. Source Link 

What’s the best way to spend a 15-minute break to make your day go smoother? A study found that workers who spent a quarter-hour on a leisurely walk through a nearby park and focused on the natural surroundings were able to concentrate better when they got back to work. If you can’t find any green space for a break, you could try meditation in a quiet place for 15 minutes. Source Link 

Many people are being forced to cancel upcoming special events like a wedding and there are some ways to make it easier. Contact vendors immediately and learn about options like committing to fewer guests, carrying over a deposit to a future date or getting a refund if no future dates are available. And be open to virtual versions of your event and share it with more people and still stay safe. Source Link 

You know your computer can benefit from an occasional shutdown but try this before simply hitting the “power” button. For most newer computers a “restart” is the same as “shut down” with one advantage. A restart ends all programs and clears the memory and processor immediately without needing to create a large file that the computer must reference on the next start-up. Source Link 

You can’t always control what you touch but you can keep those hands as clean as possible by washing with soap and water. Hot or cold will do fine but be sure to work up a good lather by scrubbing well including between fingers and rubbing your fingernails on the palm of your hand. Count to 20 before you stop washing and dry with a clean towel. Source Link 

If you’re not getting a refund this year, you’re doing your taxes the right way. You should adjust withholding so tax refund money goes to your paycheck instead of Uncle Sam. Using that extra money to pay more on a credit card bill or to invest in a 401-k can earn more for you instead of being a zero-interest loan to the IRS. Source Link 

Soaking in the bathtub may be relaxing and do your heart good. A long-term study showed that frequent tub baths were associated with a lower risk of hypertension which is a major factor in heart disease. People who took a daily warm or hot bath ended up with a 25 percent lower risk of heart attack and stroke. Source Link 

Does your “healthy” snack list include any of these nutritional no-no’s? Dietitians say baked chips are so low in fat you can eat plenty of them before you feel full. Pretzels have no nutritional value and store-bought smoothies are often loaded with sugar. And read labels for granola or cereal bars to choose one that’s high in fiber and lower in sugar. Source Link 

Want an effective exercise that won’t make you break a sweat? Studies have shown that Tai Chi may improve the fitness of the heart and lungs and could be as effective as jogging to help lower the risk of death. Experts say the slow, mindful movements of Tai Chi work on the sympathetic nervous system to reduce stress hormones that can take a physical toll on our bodies. Source Link 

More than half of dogs and cats are overweight or obese, so how can you tell if your pet is tipping the scales too much? If their belly is dragging near the ground or you can’t feel the ribs it’s time to put less in the food dish. You can also substitute fresh snacks like baby carrots or green beans instead of store-bought treats that can be high in calories. Source Link 

Quitting smoking can make room fast in a tight budget and the health benefits also start quickly. Within 20 minutes of that last cigarette, your blood pressure returns to normal levels and after 8 hours the deadly carbon monoxide gas in your bloodstream is cut in half. After 2 days the risk of heart attack is substantially reduced and you should notice that breathing is easier after 3 days. Source Link 

Doing more cooking at home can mean more leftovers but be sure to store those extra meals safely. Divide large amounts of food into shallow containers that are tightly sealed or wrapped and stored in the refrigerator or freezer within two hours of cooking. Label and package foods in amounts that you’re likely to use at one time. Source Link 

We often need more support during uncertain times and the way you offer it can be important. Researchers found that messages which validated a person’s feelings were more helpful than being critical or diminishing the concerns. The key is to avoid telling someone how they should feel and encourage the sharing of emotions. Source Link 

How can 300 be a magic number for your heart? Researchers found that people who cut 300 calories per day from their diet had better heart health with lower blood pressure and lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. You might cut those calories by saying “no” to second helpings, swapping fresh fruit for a sweet dessert or through intermittent fasting. Source Link 

Working from home times two requires some special steps so both of you can get the job done. If you’re in the same room, keep physical workspaces separate and don’t interrupt each other to chat while working. Give a heads-up as soon as possible if you need to be on a call and look for some things to share each day like taking a walk or having lunch together. Source Link 

If you need a “stay at home” playlist the Library of Congress has some selections to recommend among the latest additions to its National Recording Registry. Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” Tina Turner’s “Tiny Dancer” and “Cheap Trick at Budokan” from 1978 made the list along with the Village People’s “YMCA” and the theme song from “Mister Rogers Neighborhood.” Source Link