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Deleting online accounts you no longer use can safeguard you from the next website hack. Look in your password manager, search email for old “welcome” messages or check Facebook or Google to find connected accounts. You can search the name of the service and the words “delete account” or visit its support page to find out how to close an unused account. Source Link 

The lowly binder clip is an office staple with uses around the house. It can hold coiled power cords for easy storage, label a ring of keys, secure garbage bags on the edge of a can and prop-up a stack of water bottles in the fridge. You can stand up a binder clip to display photos or notes or use one as a makeshift cufflink in a fashion emergency. Source Link 

It’s an old debate in the world of recycling - do you really need to rinse out items? A quick water rinse or just a shake and a wipe with a paper towel works fine. If you recycle paper, cans and jars together make sure there isn't any leftover food dripping on the paper. Source Link 

What does it take to join the millionaires club? An author who interviewed hundreds of wealthy Americans found that most were early to bed and early to rise, read lots of nonfiction, made time for meditation and exercise, and worked on improving their communication skills. Many also talked to themselves in their head to create an inner dialogue for motivation. Source Link 

You’re making a healthy choice by eating at the salad bar but don’t ruin it with unhealthy options. Skip the taco shell or bread bowl and those mounds of shredded cheese, croutons or crispy noodles that can add lots of calories. Grated cheese, fresh avocado or a spoonful of nuts or seeds can soup-up that salad without ditching your diet. Source Link 

Some small steps can stop the build-up of big clutter in your home. Wash dishes as soon as you use them Sort mail as soon as you receive it and stand over the trash can to throw away the junk. Clean off countertops every night and pick one day a week when you’ll declutter a single drawer, kitchen cabinet, or closet shelf. Source Link 

Being anxious about a visit to the dentist isn’t unusual and there are some things that can help. Tell the dentist or hygienist about your anxiety so they can help ease your fears and offer the best options to reduce pain. And keep to a regular schedule of check ups so that problems can be caught before they require major work. Source Link 

When your mind races after you wake up in the middle of the night you can try these tips to get back to sleep. Get out of bed and read a book - but nothing too exciting - or listen to an audiobook or a podcast that’s not a shoutfest. You can also head to the kitchen for a light snack like whole-grain crackers or popcorn that has carbs to help switch-on the body’s sleep hormones. Source Link 

Your garbage disposal isn’t made for all kinds of food scraps. Egg shells, onion skins, coffee grounds, potato peels, nuts and corn husks are some of the things that can make it past those blades and block a drain pipe. And run cold water while you grind because hot water can melt foods that might harden into a clog while in the disposal. Source Link 

If it seems like you’re always hungry before bed, take a look back at what you ate earlier in the day. Skipping any meal may have your body coming up short by bedtime and meals without a mix of carbs, protein and fat won’t fuel you enough. If it’s just a craving, you can indulge yourself as long as you don’t eat too much and if it’s more than an hour before bedtime. Source Link

You can perfect the art of small talk by following these tips. Don’t interrupt an existing conversation or start talking without asking permission and having a fully formed question or thought in mind. And don’t talk too much about yourself or interrogate the other person. Instead, tell a story or offer an opinion, but always avoid controversial topics. Source Link 

What do smart travelers do before a flight? They start by charging all electronic devices and bringing their own food to avoid overpriced and less-healthy options at the airport. Dry air is common on aircraft so drink plenty of water the day before and bring an empty water bottle to fill after you go through security. And make sure any medication is in your carry-on bag and not in checked luggage. Source Link

Think about all the things in your wallet that you’d have to replace should you lose it and pare down what you carry with you. Never carry a Social Security card, keep store membership cards in the glove box of your car and only carry one credit card. And throw away any old receipts because those could have useful information for an identity thief. Source Link 

The tech that powers our everyday lives needs to take an occasional break, but how often should you reboot? Restarting your phone or tablet at least once a week can free up memory for smoother operation and your smartwatch can benefit from a restart every few weeks. Your smart TV or home router should be powered down about once a month. Source Link 

The food that you stock up on shouldn’t just be a stash for future use. Follow the practice of “use and replenish” and once a week create a meal from your stockpile. Start with the food that’s closest to expiration and replace what you’ve used and you’ll rotate that two-week meal supply in just under a year. Source Link 

Before you throw away that almost-empty container of peanut butter, honey or mayonnaise, think about ways to put it to good use. You can eat ice cream out of a peanut butter jar or make a vinaigrette salad dressing from the last of the mayo. And a nearly-empty honey bear can be the basis of a sweet dressing. Source Link 

A key reason some people remain sharp into their 80s and 90s may be that their brains resist the buildup of certain proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease. The so-called “super agers” may have genetics to thank but everyone can support brain health by avoiding high blood pressure and diabetes, getting regular exercise, eating healthfully and staying mentally and socially engaged. Source Link 

Are you a microwave oven power user? You are if you cook vegetables in it to retain the most nutrients or hit the “Pause” button to stir foods halfway through cooking to ensure proper heating. And you’re on top of your game if you know your microwave oven’s wattage because smaller, less-powerful units require more time to get the cooking done. Source Link