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If you avoid candy because it’s not good for your teeth you’ll want to skip these foods that are bad for your smile. Dried fruit has the one-two punch of sugar and stickiness and flavoring on potato chips might be like sandpaper to your teeth. And bottled water that isn’t distilled can be higher in acids that are tough on tooth enamel. Source Link 

A special kind of 10-minute break can help you clear your head and work better. People who used a 10-minute meditation recording were able to complete mental tasks faster than others who had the same break without meditation. The benefits were seen with everyone who used the recording, including people who had no prior training in meditation. Source Link 

You can reduce the risk of an electrical fire in your home with a safety check every six months. Make sure all bulbs in lamps are the proper wattage and that all electrical outlets and switches feel cool to the touch. Flip circuit breakers to see if any are stuck, check for damaged power cords and start unplugging all bathroom and kitchen small appliances when they’re not being used. Source Link 

You can make life at the keyboard easier by avoiding these common computer mistakes. Keeping tabs and windows open that you're not using can slow down computer performance and the same is true if you have a lot of programs that run at startup. And remember that the fastest fix for a problem is often a simple reboot of your computer. Source Link 

Separation anxiety is common for pets and there are ways to ease those meltdowns. If the anxiety starts when you grab the keys do it a few minutes before you leave and they’ll learn to relax. Or you can distract your pet with a treat stashed inside a play toy that will keep them occupied when you head out the door. Source Link 

We think about spices as something that can turn up the heat in food but they might also dial down inflammation in the body. Testing has shown that heavy meals prepared with a combination of spices such as ginger, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, red pepper, cumin, rosemary and basil triggered a lower inflammatory response in the body. Source Link 

If there are TVs and laptops on your holiday shopping list, beware of the bargain basement models. For example, TVs with the lowest prices might not have enough connections for all your game boxes and streaming players. And remember that the real bargains on laptops come at back-to-school time and not during the holiday shopping season. Source Link 

It’s a simple step that might save your child’s life. Millions of car seats are recalled every year for safety issues, so you should mail in the warranty card or register online to be notified if there’s a problem with the car seat you use. You can also see a listing of car seat recalls for the past 10 years at Source Link 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t sabotage it with poor food choices. Be sure to get enough protein and be careful to keep your breakfast at about 400 calories. Don’t fill up on carbs, avoid frozen breakfast meals that can be high in sodium and try fresh fruit instead of fruit juice that’s high in sugar. Source Link 

The “baby blues” are just something for new moms to experience. A study found that one in four women reported severe depression symptoms at some point during a three-year period following their delivery and the rest had low levels of depression. Current standards watch for postpartum depression for six months after giving birth. Source Link 

When you want to begin your workday right, avoid the urge to multitask. Testing has shown that trying to tackle several things at once right off the bat can set you back for the rest of the day. And don’t start with small talk that can derail your focus on the important tasks at the beginning of your workday. Source Link 

Who knew that one of today’s most popular video games could help kids understand the basics of budgeting? There are financial lessons learned when buying and selling real estate and goods in the popular Animal Crossing game. And the non-profit Next Gen Personal Finance has free online games to teach practical money skills to students. Source Link 

A disturbing trend has health experts recommending that colon cancer screening start at age 45 instead of 50. More cases are being seen in the 45- to 49-year old age group and earlier screenings could save more lives. Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies are required to cover the full cost of a screening test like a colonoscopy. Source Link 

Getting rid of car clutter is easy with these simple tips. Keep an envelope in the glove box to quickly stash receipts and check it once a week to see what you need to keep. A silicone muffin tin liner can protect a cup holder from dirt and spills. And use an empty tissue box as a trash container by attaching Velcro strips to stick it to the carpeting near the passenger seat. Source Link 

Your nose knows something’s not right but what’s causing those strange home smells? A slight whiff of smoke when you turn on a light switch could be faulty electrical wiring and a fishy smell can be caused when bad wiring starts to melt plastic or rubber in an appliance. And a musty odor in the kitchen might be caused by an unseen leak in a sink pipe. Source Link 

If you need a fast budget overhaul try compiling a financial report card. Separate your living expenses into two groups -- “need to have” and “nice to have” -- and cut as many of the “nice to have” expenses as possible. Focus on essentials like your mortgage, utilities, groceries, and car payments and look for savings in internet and phone plans, cable service and subscriptions. Source Link 

You can accurately track your blood pressure at home with the right equipment and techniques. Use a device that measures with a cuff on the upper arm and don’t smoke, drink caffeinated beverages or exercise within 30 minutes before taking a reading. Sit quietly for about five minutes beforehand and be sure to have an empty bladder for the most accurate reading. Source Link 

Your car’s key fob may do a lot more than unlocking the doors and trunk. Many have a feature to roll down all of the windows at once or fold in your side mirrors. And if you park your car outside you can have the fob nearby at night and use the panic button to sound the horn to scare off any home intruders. Source Link