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Being anxious about a visit to the dentist isn’t unusual but there are some things that can help. Tell the dentist or hygienist about your anxiety so they can help ease your fears and offer the best options to reduce pain. And keep to a regular schedule of checkups so that problems can be caught before they require major work. Source Link 

When you want to begin your workday right, avoid the urge to multitask. Testing has shown that trying to tackle several things at once right off the bat can set you back for the rest of the day. And don’t start with small talk that can derail your focus on the important tasks at the beginning of your workday. Source Link 

The average American throws out $600 worth of food each year, so how can you stop wasting and lower your grocery bill? Creating a weekly menu will help you match activity plans with food shopping. Leftover fresh produce can be frozen for smoothies, sauces or casseroles. And remember that “sell by” dates are about quality and not safety. Source Link 

One of the nation’s largest health insurers wants its customers to “watch” their health and is willing to pay for it. Aetna says using their new app that’s part of a wellness program can earn credits to pay for an Apple Watch. The watch works with the app to set personal activity goals that you meet to earn the credits. Source Link 

Your mom was right - it’s better to sit up straight, especially if you’re in class. A study found that students who didn’t slouch in their seats scored better on math tests. Researchers say that slumped-over position is a defensive posture, triggering negative memories in the brain and body that can lead to poor performance. Source Link

Need a better strategy to quit smoking? Start with medications before you snuff out that last cigarette. Testing found that starting anti-smoking drugs four weeks in advance can increase the success rate. The extra time also helped people get in the right frame of mind to quit smoking. Source Link 

It’s using the carrot instead of the stick to help you lose weight -- try bribing yourself to shed those pounds. You could put a dollar in a jar that's the money you saved by eating less and then buy yourself a non-food item at the end of every month. Testing showed that adults were willing to eat less for the chance to win a prize like a gift card. Source Link 

If you battle with Jack Frost after every snowstorm here’s the right way to clear off your car. Start by parking as close to the street as possible to minimize what you need to shovel to get out and make sure your tailpipe isn’t blocked by snow. Use a soft brush and gently start from the top of the car while you let the defroster do the work on the windows. Source Link 

When you’ve got a gripe with a utility, a retailer or a brand, social media could be the fast lane to better customer service. Many companies monitor Twitter and Facebook, so hashtag their name and state your complaint in detail but without personal information and include photos if possible. Experts say after regular business hours might be the best time to get some attention online. Source Link 

You might see your child boost those grades if they join the band. Studying music helps improve the brain’s sensitivity and help a child learn how to learn. Ideally, music instruction should begin by middle school but even those who didn't take up an instrument until their teen years saw improvements in their ability to handle advanced studies like high-level math. Source Link 

If your phone’s photo gallery is overflowing there’s a technique popular with home cleanup experts that also works on a cramped camera roll. Look at each photo and ask yourself if seeing this makes you happy or if you’d want to see again. If you answer “no” to either question, the photo can probably go in the trash bin. Source Link 

Cabin fever. The winter blues. Whatever you call it, there are some simple ways to stop it. Help your body compensate for shorter days by turning on lights and opening blinds in your home. Fight the temptation to stay indoors and take a walk outside even if it’s a cloudy day and avoid caffeine later in the day and keep to a regular sleep schedule. Source Link 

Being bored can boost your creativity and brain power but only if you do it the right way. Don’t confuse relaxation with boredom, which can happen when you’re doing a familiar activity that requires no thinking or you’re just sitting quietly. The key to reaching boredom is letting your mind wander without stimulation from anything like music or a screen. Source Link 

Even in this online age, that resume is still an important tool for a job search, so make sure yours is working for you. Customize your resume for your industry - a designer’s should be creative but someone looking for a finance job needs more numbers. Either way, keep it simple because employers are more likely to read a clean and concise resume. Source Link 

Man’s best friend is facing an uphill battle toward a long life because his human is often too generous with the food bowl. A study found that overweight dogs lived an average of two and a half years less than normal-weight canines. It’s estimated that one out of three dogs and cats in America is overweight. Source Link 

You can make this a better day on a count of three. Start by taking three deep breaths every time you sit down at your desk or step to your work spot. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and is the first step to learning meditation that can reduce stress and help you deal with emotional issues. Source Link 

When it comes to your teeth, the most effective brushing is not so fast, not so hard and not just on top. Plaque builds up at the gum line so focus your brushing there with smaller, gentle strokes. Don’t hold the toothbrush tightly in your fist - a fingertip grip will help you brush correctly - and be sure to brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Source Link 

We all know to keep tabs on our credit report, but other records could affect your chances of getting a new job. Doing a background check on yourself could uncover mistaken arrest warrants or ID theft that led to a suspended license. Experts say you need a professional background check and not the kind offered to consumers online. Source Link