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Don’t be in a rush to kill viruses on surfaces in your home. Spray or wipe the cleaner on and let it dry instead of wiping it off immediately. A solution of one-quarter cup bleach in a gallon of cold water can be an effective and affordable cleaner but be sure to use it when you mix it because it’s disinfecting power fades with time. Source Link 

You can give kids of all ages a financial head start. Opening a Roth IRA for them lets you grow savings that’ll be tax-free to use in retirement. And responsible teens can be added to your credit card to begin building their own credit score. Source Link 

How can 300 be a magic number for your heart? Researchers found that people who cut 300 calories per day from their diet had better heart health with lower blood pressure and lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. You might cut those calories by saying “no” to second helpings, swapping fresh fruit for a sweet dessert or through intermittent fasting. Source Link 

If you’re budgeting for your next flyaway vacation you can make your money go farther. Set fare alerts to be notified when prices drop and use points and miles to cut the ticket cost. If you need to pay to check a bag it can be cheaper to do it online rather than at the airport. At your destination you can save on admission costs with free museums and walking tours or hiking. Source Link 

Here’s a to-do list for a safer digital life. Do use strong passwords and don’t use the same or similar passwords for multiple sites. Do look for sites that require multi-factor authentication for logins and use it. And don’t share your address book with an app because that puts all your friend's information in someone else’s hands without their permission. Source Link 

When it comes to nutrition there’s often no good substitute for the real thing. For example, taking calcium and fiber supplements doesn’t work as well as eating foods that are naturally high in fiber or rich in calcium. And research has shown that many low fat and diet items contain much more added sugar and salt than their regular-fat counterparts. Source Link 

Cold season is coming soon but don’t be quick to give a young child store-bought medicine for coughing and a runny nose. There's no evidence that over-the-counter cough and cold remedies are effective for children younger than 6. In fact, some of these remedies can have potentially dangerous side-effects for kids. Source Link 

If your home internet connection is hardly the high speed you've been promised there are some simple ways to get back into the fast lane. Make sure your router is out in the open and not in a cabinet and unplug it for a moment to reset. And if the router is more than a few years old you might want to replace it with a new one that has more processing power. Source Link 

When you’re planning to apply for an auto loan or mortgage, think twice before you jump at that offer for a new credit card. Applying will trigger a “hard inquiry” on your credit report that can cause up to a five-point deduction in your credit score. And always space out new card applications for four to six months to avoid facing a higher rate or being denied. Source Link

You might get a handle on that home clutter by answering two questions. Start by categorizing items as useful or decorative. For useful items, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past year. For decorative pieces, ask yourself if you “love” it. If the answer to the question is “no” it’s time to sell, recycle, give away or donate the item. Source Link 

Is the best way to deliver a “Thank You” by text, video call or face-to-face? A study showed that most people thought sending a thank-you by text was almost as good as delivering the message in person. And texting may be the best choice when you feel awkward or embarrassed about expressing appreciation. Source Link

When you eat may make a difference for your risk of chronic disease. Researchers found that having all your meals within a window of 8 to 10 hours each day could help prevent and manage conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. And when eating was restricted to fewer than 12 hours a day, sleep and quality of life improved. Source Link 

Using letter grades in your to-do list might help you complete more assignments. An “A” item is significantly important with serious consequences if it’s not done. “B” is something you should do but has a minor downside. A “C” would be nice to accomplish but not vital. A “D” is something to delegate to others and an “E” task is one you can eliminate. Source Link 

Do you really need to pre-rinse before loading the dishwasher? Many models sold in the past 10 years can measure the amount of food that comes off in a first wash cycle and may cut back if plates and bowls already seem clean. To get the best results, scrape off the big chunks but leave something for the dishwasher to handle. Source Link 

“Taking five” during the workday could be the ticket to improved productivity. Researchers found that people who took five-minute microbreaks bounced back from morning fatigue and sharpened their skills for the rest of the day. A microbreak could be having a snack, chatting with a coworker, stopping for a stretch or doing a quick crossword puzzle. Source Link 

Your child doesn’t have to be in school to begin to learn the value of money. Little ones can use a piggy bank to show how to build up and divide their money into spending, long-term savings and giving. And older kids can help create a grocery list using real prices with a fixed dollar amount to spend. Source Link 

If your dog doesn’t seem to listen to you it might not be stubbornness at work. Hearing loss in dogs can be common and warning signs include sleeping through loud noises and different barking habits as well as not responding to verbal cues. The good news is that dogs often adapt to the change and you can help by using more visual cues. Source Link 

What are the signs to look for in a good car salesman and how do you spot a bad one? A bad salesman tries to size you up with questions about what kind of vehicle or payment you had in mind, ignores your concerns about price and may not even offer a test drive. A good salesman listens to you, knows their product inside and out and never lies. Source Link