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Are you fibbing to your physician about those bad habits? You’re not alone. Studies have found that many people often lie to their doctors about certain behaviors like not eating right or not exercising or forgetting to take medication as directed. Experts say it’s hard for your doctor to provide the right care if you’re not being honest with them. Source Link 

How can you communicate better while wearing a face mask? Make sure the other person can see your eyes clearly and find a quiet place to talk. Use your body language and the tone and volume of your voice to convey the emotions. And if someone doesn’t understand you, repeat yourself while speaking more slowly and enunciate your words more clearly. Source Link 

Avoid buying these things during the holiday shopping season and your wallet will thank you. The best prices on jewelry come after Valentine's Day and bedding and furniture are at deep discounts in January, along with exercise equipment. Mattresses and appliances have the best prices in national holiday sales like President’s Day and wait until mid-January for a bargain price on calendars. Source Link

Here’s how to craft a perfect response to that caustic office email without risking your job. Open your word processor and take a few minutes to let loose with all your feelings and then save that document to a special folder. Return to the folder later to read the reply and others that you’ve saved to remind you of mistakes that were avoided by not hitting “Send.” Source Link 

Self-care is something you can do for your finances. Track your income and expenses and monitor bank accounts regularly to understand where your money goes. Look for self-help books or podcasts on personal money management and create realistic short and long-term financial goals for paying off debt and building your savings. Source Link 

It’s an important question when you’re feeling sick -- is it a cold, the flu or COVID? A common cold usually hits your head with a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing and sinus congestion while the flu and COVID can also include fever, shortness of breath, weakness or nausea. One thing that’s often seen with COVID is a loss of taste or smell. Source Link 

They say it’s the small things that count and that’s true when it comes to budgeting. Most of us worry about the “pop” of big expenses like when an appliance breaks down unexpectedly but those “streams” of smaller spending can have an effect on your budget too. For example, a $5 latte every workday equals $1,000 a year that you could save to afford a new refrigerator. Source Link 

You want them to stay tasty but is there a right way to store tomatoes? Probably not. Researchers used a group of expert taste testers to try tomatoes that were stored in the refrigerator or on a kitchen counter. There wasn’t a real difference in flavor but tomatoes will taste better when stored for a shorter amount of time. Source Link 

Are you guilty of any of these common mistakes when handling your money? You build up a rainy day fund but neglect to budget for retirement savings or you buy food in bulk only to throw half of it away. Or maybe you use a store credit card for a discount on purchases but then make a minimum payment and get hit with high finance charges. Source Link 

When your entire life is on your phone, do this before you hand it over to someone to fix a cracked screen or replace the battery. Log out of all online accounts and delete your browser history and consider doing a complete encrypted backup and a factory reset to protect all your personal information. And look for a reputable repair shop with good online reviews. Source Link 

Getting a clean shave may be a choice for a man’s face or a woman’s legs, but there’s one kind of body hair that should never be razored off. Shaving your eyebrows gets rid of something that traps dirt and dust and keeps sweat and moisture from dripping into your eyes. And eyebrows help others read your non-verbal expressions of thoughts and emotions. Source Link

Time to debunk some home maintenance myths. The right way to test a smoke alarm is not with the test button but with the smoke for a new burned out match and your furnace filters should be replaced about once a month. And here’s a tip -- if you can’t see a light shining through the filter, it’s time to replace it. Source Link

If yo-yo dieting has your weight going up and down the scale, try these tips to stabilize that number. Eat in moderation and practice mindful eating to be aware of what you’re eating and why. Weigh yourself every day and aim for small changes over time and find ways to reward yourself that don’t involve food. Source Link 

Who knew that these household staples led a dual existence? A crumpled handful of aluminum foil can scour and polish stainless steel pots and pans and a mix of one part vinegar to four parts water is a great treatment to remove sweat stains from clothes in the laundry. And packet of Kool-Aid powder poured into the detergent dish can clean soap scum from your dishwasher. Source Link 

Older adults who take an “I don’t care” attitude about life could be at higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers say it could be a warning sign of dementia when the elderly become disinterested in activities that they usually engage in. Severe apathy in older age was associated with an 80 percent increased risk of developing dementia. Source Link 

How can you build more exercise into your workday? Start simple by moving your wastebasket and other essentials away from your desk. Walk over to talk with a colleague instead of emailing or phoning and take the stairs to a restroom on another floor. You can also use resistance bands to do foot curls and arm stretches at your desk. Source Link 

When the health care you need isn’t an emergency, take time to explore all the options. Look for information from trusted sources like websites of medical organizations and have a thorough discussion with your doctor about what’s best for you. And remember there’s nothing wrong with getting a second or third opinion about how to proceed with treatment. Source Link 

A common frustration in the kitchen has a quick DIY fix using a power drill. A trash bag that fits tightly around the rim of the trash can forms a seal that leaves a new bag bubbled up and hard to fill, and makes a full bag hard to remove. But a few quarter-inch holes drilled into the sides of a plastic trash can solves both problems by eliminating the vacuum seal from the bag. Source Link