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When you need to lose weight, you might help everyone by making it a family affair. Studies show that when overweight parents shed pounds, so do their overweight kids. Even if others don’t need to lose weight, healthy eating as a family can make it a lifelong habit instead of a temporary dieting choice. Source Link

The plumbing aisle at the home store has a product that does some DIY magic. A split piece of foam pipe insulation can corral a tangle of power cords under a desk or baby-proof the edge of a coffee table. And a short piece of pipe insulation can plug that gap between the seat and the center console in your car to keep keys and other things from dropping through. Source Link 

You might stop an outdoor cat from killing birds and small animals with a change at meal time and more play time. A study found that cats who ate meals with more meat were less likely to hunt as were cats whose owners played with them to mimic hunting behaviors. Puzzle feeders were also helpful in curbing hunting by cats. Source Link 

When your home WiFi won’t fly, look to your router for relief. Your home router’s power plug could be the culprit so make sure it’s tightly connected to an outlet. Keep the router cool by not placing it in a cabinet or anywhere with little ventilation. If all else fails, reboot your router by unplugging it for 10 seconds. Source Link 

A good start to your day may mean breaking some of these bad habits. Hitting the snooze button can make you groggy and less productive by repeatedly waking you from a deep sleep and checking your email or texts right away can increase anxiety. And a doughnut breakfast can create a sugar high that comes crashing down right as you begin your workday. Source Link

You hate getting them but resist the urge to type “Stop” or hit the “unsubscribe” link on those junk texts and emails. Doing this tells spammers that your phone number or email address is active and ready for more bogus offers. The best move is to report a text or email as spam and then delete it without responding. Source Link

Could a weight-loss technique improve your budget’s bottom line? In a financial fast, you spend three weeks making no unnecessary purchases and make no purchases at all one day a week. Experts say it can help reset your spending priorities and uncover how much you could be saving. Source Link 

What are the do’s and dont’s of using public WiFi? Don’t work with personal financial information because anyone on that public network might be able to see it. Do protect all your data by using a VPN or virtual private network and don’t skip app updates because those might patch any gaps that make it easier for hackers to target you online. Source Link 

We’re always hearing that it’s important to get enough sleep, and here’s an easy way to see if your slumber is sufficient. On the weekend, don’t set an alarm and sleep until you wake up on your own. If that’s longer than your typical shuteye, adjust your weekday routine to get that much sleep every night. Source Link 

Shopping online is easy - and maybe too easy to avoid overspending - so here are some simple savings tips. Follow your favorite retailers on social media for discount offers and take advantage of deals through your credit card provider. You can also limit spending by purchasing a gift card for the amount you can afford and use only that for shopping. Source Link 

What’s the best way to wash fruits and vegetables? Smooth-skinned fruits like apples or pears can be rinsed with water and dried with a clean towel when you bring them home but other items should be washed just before eating to prevent bacteria growth. And submerging leafy vegetables in water might increase the risk of contamination. Source Link 

A morning routine can help you have a better day. Doing something routinely after you wake up calms the decision-making part of your brain that also controls anxiety. Your routine could be eating the same thing for breakfast or waking up, exercising or walking the dog at the same time every day. Source Link 

They’re 32 of the strongest parts of you. Your tooth enamel is 96 percent mineral and the hardest part of your body. A bite can exert 200 pounds of pressure and teeth can last for hundreds of years after you die, but all that strength can be lost if you don’t brush and floss every day. Source Link 

Many people’s pandemic precautions will continue after COVID-19 has been tamed. A national survey found that 9 of 10 Americans say they’ll keep up with frequent hand-washing and sanitizer use and 4 out of 5 will still avoid crowds. And nearly three-quarters said they planned to continue wearing masks in public. Source Link

Using a debit card can help you spend more responsibly but isn’t doing your credit score any favors. Most debit card activity isn’t measured by credit reporting agencies but you can use a credit card that’s gathering dust without going into debt. Set up automatic payments of a monthly bill using the credit card and automatic monthly payments to the credit card to clear that balance. Source Link

If you’re prone to dialing calls with your derriere, you might blame it on the voice that runs your smartphone. Using Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant can make a butt dial more likely, so check the sensitivity settings. And be sure to trigger your lock screen by hitting the power/sleep/wake button before you slip that phone into your hip pocket. Source Link 

Are you sometimes confused about whether that new baby’s name is a boy or a girl? It won’t be getting easier. Beyond the Dakota’s and Tatum’s of the world there’s growing popularity for giving girls a name that’s traditionally more associated with boys. The list includes new favorites for girls like Noah, Ezra, Kai and Grayson. Source Link

A new scam has authorities warning you to keep track of your credit report. It’s called “credit parking” when bad collection agencies put a fake past-due bill in your name hoping you’ll pay it to restore good credit. Check your credit reports regularly and always before you apply for a job or look for a loan to clear inaccurate information before it causes problems. Source Link