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It’s a two-step plan to feeling younger as you age. Research has shown that when older adults are more in control of their lives and get more exercise they feel younger and that improves their thinking, overall quality of life and longevity. It’s also good to develop skills to help you cope with the things in life that you can’t control. Source Link 

Maybe math has never been your strong suit, but it doesn’t mean your kids have to struggle. You can start them early with counting games like tallying the number of spoons and forks in a drawer, counting items as you unpack groceries, or looking for a certain number on the pages of a book. And resist talking about your dislike of math in front of your child. Source Link 

The basement may be your go-to storage spot, but there are a few things that should never be kept downstairs. Rolled up rugs and carpeting are a perfect home for bugs and can absorb moisture and odor. The same goes for wood furniture and upholstered items. And fur and leather clothing, books and toys need to be in sealed containers to prevent damage. Source Link 

What can and can’t improve your credit score? Carrying a credit card balance won’t help but having more available credit will. Closing an unused credit account may hurt if it’s one that’s been part of your credit history for years. And paying a utility bill on time probably won’t help your credit score because those accounts aren’t reported to credit agencies. Source Link 

When you want to pick a charity to make a new donation one way to choose is to look back at this year in your life. For example, if you enjoyed a hiking vacation you could donate to an organization that helps urban youth experience the outdoors. Or if you lost someone to illness this year, you could give to a charity that funds research or raises awareness. Source Link 

The Advent calendar isn’t only a sweet countdown to Christmas for kids. Instead of chocolate surprises, new versions of the holiday favorite for adults offer daily samples of different cheeses, mini bottles of wine or cans of beer. The adult Advent calendars have been flying off the shelves at retailers like Aldi, Target and Costco. Source Link 

If you want to make the most of your workday make sure your phone is out of sight. Research has shown that simply being able to see your phone - even if it’s silenced or shut off - can reduce your cognitive ability. That happens because you’re using brain power to actively fight the urge to check that phone. Source Link 

It sounds too good to be true - an afternoon of sitting burns more calories - but a study found that the body uses more energy to keep itself functioning in the late afternoon. The results could point to better ways to incorporate eating and exercise in your day. Early morning and late night are times when the body burns the fewest calories. Source Link 

You can avoid a scam by watching how you pay for things that are bought online. Credit and debit cards have strong fraud protection that’s built-in but wiring money, using reloadable cards or gift cards for payment doesn’t have these safeguards. Suspect fraud if you’re asked to pay for something using one of these methods. Source Link 

How do you beat the battle of the bulge as a host or a guest at a holiday party? If you’re hosting, offer healthy fruit and vegetable dishes or bring a vegetable dish if you’re a guest. And remember that a holiday party shouldn’t be an “all you can eat” challenge. Take smaller first portions and go back for seconds only if you’re still hungry. Source Link 

For the best use of antibiotics, ask about what type is being prescribed. Some that attack a broad spectrum of disease-causing bacteria may not be necessary and could lead to drug resistance. And be sure testing has shown that an antibiotic is needed before it’s prescribed. Source Link 

You don’t need a closetful of them, but your feet will thank you if you don’t wear the same shoes every day. That can cause fatigue and pain because you’re always using the same areas of the foot for support and walking. Have a few pairs of comfortable shoes and rotate them throughout the week. Source Link 

Which is the greener choice - buying an artificial Christmas tree or the real thing? The makers of artificial trees say one that’s used for at least five years has less environmental impact than the energy it takes to harvest and transport real trees. Growers say live trees are a renewable resource and buying one every year supports farming and keeps plastic out of landfills. Source Link 

It’s easy to eat smarter with these simple tips. Olive oil has less fat but more calories, so coat that cooking pan using an olive oil spray. Winter squash and sweet potatoes are both orange vegetables but squash has the same fiber and half the calories. And a large banana can help you feel full better than a cup of strawberries. Source Link 

If you use shortcuts while texting you can teach your smartphone to turn those snippets into complete words. On an iPhone, you can add to your list of shortcuts under Settings, General, Keyboards and Text Replacement. On an Android phone, you'll find the same feature under Settings, Languages and Personal Dictionary. Source Link 

Women can improve their heart health by the numbers. Start by maintaining a healthy BMI and each week get two and a half hours of physical activity but only seven hours of TV watching. For your diet, aim for five servings of vegetables, four servings of whole fruit and five servings of whole grains each day and zero sugar-sweetened drinks or fruit juices. Source Link 

People who love getting their Amazon shopping fix might save money with a few simple tricks. Use apps that can track Amazon prices and alert you when they drop and others that compare Amazon prices with major competitors with match prices. And look for free return options like drop-off of the item at an Amazon Locker or campus store or at select retailers. Source Link 

When the health care you need isn’t an emergency, take time to explore all the options. Look for information from trusted sources like websites of medical organizations and have a thorough discussion with your doctor about what’s best for you. And remember there’s nothing wrong with getting a second or third opinion about how to proceed with treatment. Source Link