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Clean hands are important now but you should also be practicing another kind of hygiene. “Information hygiene” means cleaning out those tweets and posts that claim to have the answers about coronavirus. Be sure to check the source of online information and stick with credible ones like the CDC or World Health Organization. Source Link 

Need some ideas for how to keep older kids occupied at home that doesn’t involve a screen? Create your own scavenger hunt using pictures of objects that are hidden around the house. Get them cooking with a made-from-scratch meal or perfect their handwriting skills by composing letters to residents in a nearby nursing home or retirement community. Source Link 

Try these simple steps to avoid credit card debt. Remove “one-click” pay options on shopping websites to prevent impulse buys and pay as you go by opening the card app and making a payment to cover your purchases every day. Better yet, pre-pay your credit card for however much you’ve budgeted for expenses for the week. Source Link 

Having trouble distancing yourself from junk food while staying at home? You can avoid stress eating by setting a schedule for meals, work and relaxation and not eating in the room where you’re working or relaxing. And be sure to plan healthy meals so you won’t grab the first thing you see when hunger pangs hit. Source Link 

In hard times, tapping your 401-k might seem like an easy way to get quick cash but there are better choices. Using a credit card or a home equity line of credit is smarter if you plan to pay it off sooner. Money pulled from a 401-k is taxable income and might cost you 20 percent of that withdrawal on this year’s taxes. Source Link

Mindfulness could come easier to older people and help us cope with challenges as we age. Mindfulness is paying attention to the present in a non-judgemental way and researchers think it may develop naturally with time and life experiences. Researchers say certain characteristics of mindfulness appeared to be much more common in older people than in younger people. Source Link 

These could be the five keys to a happier, healthier life. A study found that people who had emotional stability, determination, control, optimism and conscientiousness suffered from fewer chronic diseases, had less depression, less social isolation and were more likely to be financially stable. Source Link 

If you don’t have immediate financial needs, what should you do with a stimulus check? First, it could be seed money for an emergency fund or used to pay off high-interest debt. You can also invest carefully, remembering that those who kept retirement accounts intact during the Great Recession saw them recover and grow substantially over the past decade. Source Link 

You probably don’t need to worry about catching coronavirus from takeout food. Health regulations make restaurants some of the cleanest places you’ll find but there are extra steps you can take. If it’s a cold meal you could put it in the refrigerator for a day or reheat a hot meal in the microwave because heat and time are both things that can kill the virus. Source Link 

Your resume may need reworking to keep up with what employers want to see today. Scrap the objectives statement at the top and replace it with online links to examples of your work. Ditch that Yahoo, AOL or school email address that makes it look like you’re living in the past. And use a clean font type with a pop of color to make your resume stand out. Source Link 

How do you make smart financial choices in the face of furloughs and layoffs? Be proactive and reach out to creditors if you can’t make a payment instead of just ignoring the bill. Continue to monitor your credit report because identity theft can increase. And take advantage of any assistance programs because every dollar counts. Source Link 

It looks baby aspirin won’t help a health scourge of older people. Taking a daily low-dose aspirin wasn’t shown to reduce the risk of cognitive decline or prevent dementia. A low-dose aspirin regimen has not been effective to prevent things like heart disease or stroke in healthy people but can help patients avoid a recurrence. Source Link 

One out of three people say they eat lunch on the job, but there are better ways to use your mid-day break. Leave the office or take a walk for a change of scenery that will help revitalize your mind. Spend some time reading or taking an online course or grab a quick nap so you’ll be rested and ready to complete the workday. Source Link 

You might beat jet lag with help from your smartphone. The trick is to avoid or get more light at certain times and shift your body to the new time zone. There are apps that set a schedule based on where you’re going, your sleep pattern and whether you’re a morning or evening person. What doesn’t work is fasting before a flight or taking a sleeping pill on takeoff. Source Link 

There are many reasons why you should keep your home WiFi network secured with a strong password. Freeloaders could slow down your streaming, send you over a data cap or even use your WiFi for illegal activity that’s blamed on you. If you need help changing the password, consult the owner’s manual for your WiFi router or contact customer service for a cable modem. Source Link 

More baby tears now might mean less crying later. Infants who were left to cry a few times had shorter bouts of crying at 18 months. It’s important for parents to know the different kinds of crying like hunger or needing to be changed and find opportunities to help babies learn to self-regulate during daytime and nighttime. Source Link 

There are lots of ways to help your favorite small business stay afloat in tough economic times. You can continue to pay for services even if you’re unable to use them, buy beauty products from your favorite spa or salon or pick up a gift card for a restaurant. And help with positive reviews on social media or through word-of-mouth. Source Link 

Avoid these pitfalls to have a great online grocery shopping experience. Understand the timing for pickup or delivery and be ready to book ahead for busy times like holidays and look for special codes and discounts that are often available. And carefully check your order before you hit “send” to prevent any surprises when you’re unpacking those groceries. Source Link