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It might seem to be at odds but drinking coffee can help you take a better nap. Pinpoint the afternoon time when you start to drag, find a quiet spot behind a closed door or on the couch, drink a cup of coffee and set a timer for 25 minutes before you start to nap. The caffeine will begin to wake you up in about 20 minutes and you won’t feel groggy after your mid-day shuteye. Source Link 

More people are swapping the shot for a pill in their battle against allergies. Under-the-tongue allergy pills have caught on as a way to treat hay fever and dust mite allergies and three out of four doctors have patients who use them. Convenience is the key because pills can be taken at home but shots must be administered at the doctor's office. Source Link 

If you worry about your kids getting too much screen time, here are some ways to make it more productive. Encourage them to create by composing a song or making an ebook or producing a podcast. Let kids plan and prepare a family meal using recipes they find online or have them research the itinerary for a family vacation. Source Link 

Eating a hearty breakfast and keeping the TV off could be a great combination for your heart. People who made breakfast a full meal and didn’t watch so much TV had less hardening of the arteries. If you want more TV time, try adding some exercise by using resistance bands or step onto a treadmill while you’re enjoying your programs. Source Link 

Skimping on sleep can mean more than heavy eyelids. Testing showed that some people who got only five hours a sleep a night gained up to five pounds in a week. The good news is that the body can handle the occasional short night of sleep and you can erase that deficit by sleeping a bit longer on the weekends. Source Link 

The newest phone scam takes aim at your most-important nine-digit number. Authorities are warning about callers who claim to be a government official and say that your social security number has been suspended because it was found to be stolen. Never give personal information like a social security number, bank account number or credit card information to someone who calls you. Source Link 

The family that plays games together may have closer ties no matter where they are. Testing found that playing video games can unite generations of the same family. Word games or action games helped and you don’t have to be in the same room to benefit because online gaming improved family ties with faraway relatives. Source Link

Looking for an alternative to help you kick the soda habit? If you like the fizz, try sparkling water with a lemon twist, lime twist, crushed raspberries or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cola fans can switch to iced redbush tea to get the same taste and if you like ginger ale you can make your own with seltzer water, freshly grated ginger and a half-teaspoon of the natural sweetener stevia. Source Link 

Some of the worst email scams don’t come from a Nigerian prince. A study found emails that are fishing for your personal data often have simple subject lines like “request,” “follow up” and “urgent/important.” Many bogus subject lines also refer to finance and payments and play on people’s fear of losing money or not paying a bill. Source Link 

Here’s a strategy if you have an average student who’s heading to college and looking for scholarships. Check for any that may be connected to your profession or where you live and apply for the many scholarships that don’t require a high GPA. You can also use social media to search for scholarship opportunities via hashtags. Source Link 

You don’t need an evening class or an online course to become a more valuable employee. Focus on improving communications with the careful crafting of emails and overall attention to detail. Get more organized by using to-do apps or keeping your work area cleaner. And be a team player by reaching out to co-workers to help them when you can. Source Link 

Sneezing is good for you because it gets rid of allergens or viruses in your nose, but an open sneeze can travel more than 10 feet and leave germs that can linger for weeks. Sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm and if you sneeze into your hands, wash with soap and water because hand sanitizer won’t kill all the germs. Source Link 

For older people, weight training may build more than muscles. A study found that many of those who lifted weights also had more confidence and motivation to continue exercising. About half of the elderly participants had joined a gym or continued exercising six months after the study was completed. Source Link 

A preschooler's bedroom may be no place for a TV. Four-year-olds who watched TV in their bedroom were at increased risk for poor eating habits, overweight or obesity and social and emotional struggles in their teens. Researchers say having private access to screen time in the bedroom had an effect on growth and development. Source Link 

Is fasting a healthy way to trim those extra pounds? Experts say it can be, whether you restrict the amount of time each day when you eat or use alternate-day fasting. In time-restricted eating, the body’s circadian rhythms that control hormones can help boost metabolism and reduce weight even if someone eats the same number of calories. Source Link 

What can you do in 10 minutes once a week that will help you live a longer life? Research has shown that people who did just 10 minutes of light to moderate exercise each week had an 18 percent lower risk of early death. It didn’t stop there because the longer they exercised the lower their risk of early death. Source Link 

It may be the best way to use a 15-minute break to make your day go smoother. Workers who spent a quarter-hour on a leisurely walk through a nearby park and focused on the natural surroundings were able to concentrate better when they got back to work. If you can’t find any green space for a break, you could try meditation in a quiet place for 15 minutes. Source Link 

There are about two dozen more songs that will be permanently etched in America’s memory. The latest additions to the National Recording Registry include Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire and the Schoolhouse Rock collection. Each year the Library of Congress picks 25 recordings to add to its permanent collection. Source Link