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Want to enjoy a few adult beverages with less chance of a hangover? Go clear and don’t go cheap. Dark-colored alcoholic beverages like red wine, brandy and whiskey are higher in compounds called congeners that are harder for the body to process. And low-cost liquors have more congeners because they are distilled less than the pricier labels. Source Link 

It’s a classic question -- should I leave my computer on 24-7? A daily shutdown could do more harm than good for an older computer because of the physical stress on components during a restart and hibernating causes more stress than sleeping. If you do a restart, be sure to follow the proper steps and don’t just switch the power off and on again. Source Link 

If a home move is in your plans soon, try these tips to save time and money. Begin culling household items you rarely use and pack room by room ending with the kitchen. Look into more affordable alternatives like using a container to ship your goods and schedule your move for mid-month to avoid the end-of-month rush and higher prices. Source Link 

Don’t let the question, “what’s in your wallet?” include these items. A Social Security card should never go with you and don’t carry old receipts with shopping and financial information that can help hackers. Don’t carry every credit card with you and avoid using a phone case that doubles as a wallet, in case your phone is lost or stolen. Source Link 

A fuel-saving feature on some new cars could leave you steaming mad when commuting in hot weather. An auto start/stop system can keep the car air conditioning compressor from running when it shuts the engine off. You’ll notice the lack of cool air very quickly when sitting at a lengthy stoplight or in stop-and-go traffic that's barely moving. Source Link 

Studies show that people who take vacations regularly can have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease but fully unplugging is the key. Spending time elsewhere but still checking work calls and emails reduces the value of the vacation. And avoid the urge to binge on food and drink just because you’re not home because that’s not healthy. Source Link 

Bug bites are no fun and can even spread illness, but what’s the right way to protect yourself when you visit places with insect-borne diseases? The best advice is to cover up and wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. And remember to use bug spray after sunscreen has dried on your skin. Source Link 

It’s a twist on the old idea to beat sleeplessness by counting sheep. If you suffer from insomnia caused by stress, try counting every breath you take and count up as far as you can. Another technique to get back to sleep is to stare at a point on the wall until your eyelids get so heavy you have to close them. Source Link 

If a vacation is in your plans try these easy travel hacks. An airline app can be a faster way to get notifications about flight changes and Google Translate will bridge a language gap in a foreign country. And tweeting to an airline may be a faster way to get direct customer support. Source Link 

How do you raise kids who are smart about money? Build their financial awareness by pointing out prices on a menu, comparing labels at the supermarket and explaining the costs of living like paying for a house, car, and utilities. And use that magic word “no” to teach budgeting and demonstrate the difference between wants and needs. Source Lin

Dealing with a lost phone could be a disaster when traveling but you can prepare for the worse. Before you leave, print out travel documents and write down important phone numbers and passwords. And make sure the GPS-enabled “find my phone” feature is turned on before you depart. Source Link 

If you enjoyed that all-you-can-eat buffet a bit too much, your body has your back. Researchers found that the human body can recover quickly from the occasional pig-out. But that’s only the case if you eat right and get enough exercise the rest of the time. Source Link 

If you’re feeling ill and wondering should you go to work today, let the calendar answer the question. You’re most contagious during the first 48 hours of a cold or the flu, so stay home at the first sign of symptoms. A wet cough, a runny nose, fever or aches are things that should encourage you to call in sick. Source Link 

Frozen vegetables can be as tasty as fresh and easy to use when you remember these tips. Be careful not to overcook and try defrosting frozen vegetables in a colander under cold running water instead of using a microwave. You can add vegetables directly from the freezer in soups, stews and chili and in that breakfast smoothie. Source Link 

Learning skills to manage money can be fun and games for kids. Playing games like Monopoly or chess can teach your child to plan ahead and play to win. And if there’s a Fortnite fan in your family give them an allowance for in-game purchases to help them learn how to budget their spending. Source Link 

If you’re ready to make the switch to whole grains be sure you’re getting all you want. Many foods that are labeled “made with whole grains” or “multigrain” could be using a tiny percentage of whole grains while the rest is refined flour. Only foods labeled “100% whole grains” use just that. Source Link 

Here are a few simple steps to keep your home router safe from hackers and hijackers. Pick a unique username and password so no one else can piggyback on your service and turn off the setting that broadcasts your network’s name or SSID. And change that SSID to something that doesn’t include the router’s brand name or your name or address. Source Link 

You can do strength training at home without any weights or other equipment. Jumping jacks can be a strength and cardio workout and squats use your body’s weight. Or press your back into a wall and slide it down the wall as you walk your feet out in front of you, bending at the knees. Source Link