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Food safety isn’t just important for your meals - it also matters when you feed your dog or cat. Pet food can harbor bacteria and you should always wash your hands after handling it. Keep pet food in the original bag and sealed in a plastic container and gather it with a clean scoop and not the bowl. And throw away food that’s been left out if your pet doesn’t eat it. Source Link 

The savvy traveler will try some of these tips to make that next flight easier. If you have small children, one parent can board first with carry-ons while the other lets the kids play longer at the gate. Using a fanny pack can give you more room to carry those essentials on board and wear your puffy winter coat that can double as a body pillow. Source Link 

Are you fibbing to your physician about those bad habits? You’re not alone. Studies have found that many people often lie to their doctors about certain behaviors like not eating right or not exercising or forgetting to take medication as directed. Experts say it’s hard for your doctor to provide the right care if you’re not being honest with them. Source Link 

How can you make that long weekend feel like a real vacation? Plan ahead for what you want to see and do so you don’t waste time making choices and try something new rather than that same short trip. Don’t check email or do any job work and unplug from social media to focus on what’s happening now. Source Link 

Meal prep using some key ingredients is a great way to save time getting dinner on the table. Look for recipes that use roasted potatoes, hard-boiled eggs or cooked spaghetti. You can make smoothie freezer bags with your favorite ingredients to save time for breakfast and consider adding a meatless day with vegetable and pasta dishes that need less cooking time. Source Link 

Sitting for long periods has been labeled a major health risk, but how can you get on your feet more if you have a desk job? Use every coffee break to take a brisk walk through the office or to the building lobby. Twice a day, stand up and do a series of stretches targeting the neck, shoulders, back and legs and wear a fitness tracker that encourages you to take more steps. Source Link 

It’s round and holds your food, and it could be key to keeping you from overeating. Nutritionists say using a plate for everything you eat including snacks can help prevent mindless eating and those extra calories. Using smaller plates can also help you eat less because it takes less food to make the plate look full. Source Link 

You may want to hold off on the latest system update for your iPhone. Users have reported that iOS 12.1.1 is shutting down cellular data and forcing them to use WiFi to get online. Some say the problem can vary depending on the web site being accessed or the app you’re using. There’s no word on when Apple may have a fix for the problem. Source Link 

Now’s the time to avoid year-end money mistakes like forgetting to maximize your tax-free contributions to an IRA or 401-k account, or over-spending on the holidays and assuming you can cover that come January. And if you get a year-end bonus, put it toward paying down debt or building a “rainy day” emergency savings fund. Source Link 

A typical brown-bag lunch isn’t much more nutritious than a school lunch, but there are easy ways to improve what you pack. Switch to whole grain bread for sandwiches or try a wrap that makes it easy to sneak in some veggies. Ditch deli meats and use slices of fresh chicken breast or turkey and swap out mayonnaise for mashed avocado. Source Link 

It’s health insurance sign-up season and here are some warning signs to help you avoid those shoddy policies. A zero deductible can mean the plan pays a set price per procedure and you cover the rest. Promises that the plan is good anywhere and offers the best coverage are often red flags and be wary of a free quote that triggers a deluge of phone calls and email pitches. Source Link 

Don’t blame yourself if you can remember someone’s face but not their name. It’s only human nature. Knowing a face requires recognizing them but remembering a name takes recall and the brain is better at recognition than recall. Studies show the average person can remember about 90 percent of faces but only 70 percent of names. Source Link 

Answer these questions first when you want to welcome a new four-legged member to the family. Are you looking for personal companionship or a playmate in a pet? How long will you be away from your pet during the day and who will care for it when you’re gone? And what life changes might affect your ability to keep your pet in years to come? Source Link 

Where you buy your groceries could determine if you’ll have a healthy diet. Research shows that shoppers at specialty markets have better diets than traditional supermarket shoppers while people who shop for convenience fared worse. Even if you can’t afford specialty prices you can shop the sales and buy fresh foods for several meals and freeze some to eat later. Source Link 

Before you unbox that new smartphone there are some things you should do with the old one. Back up photos and videos to a cloud service or to a PC, Mac or a thumb drive designed to work with your model. Then make sure your current phone is set for encryption so you can do a full factory reset and wipe it clean after you get the new one. Source Link 

America’s pediatricians say you might be better off having your pre-schooler play with the package instead of that latest high-tech toy. The group is endorsing old-fashioned hands-on playthings that young children can enjoy with parents. The doctors say blocks, puzzles and even throwaway cardboard boxes spark imagination and creativity. Source Link 

If there’s one last bite of cake left on your plate, can you resist it? Probably not. Research has shown that the “clean plate syndrome” is quite common but usually applies when there’s just a little food left. The habit fuels overeating and you can beat it by starting with smaller portions and then eating slowly. Source Link 

Don’t let a popular holiday shopping deal lock you into high-interest debt. Many store credit cards offer no interest on balances that are paid within a certain time, but those charges will be added in full if you miss the payoff deadline by one day or just a few dollars. Store cards can charge interest rates that are double those of regular credit cards. Source Link