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With a few simple hacks, you can use the camera on your phone to get results that might rival a DSLR camera. Add-on lenses offer more wide-angle, telephoto and macro range and using a tripod will allow for steady shots in low light. You can also try other camera apps that give you more manual settings to fine-tune your pictures. Source Link 

Should you pay off student loans sooner or budget that extra money for investing? Experts say it’s okay to invest if the loan interest rate is lower than what your investment might earn and if you have a retirement plan like a 401-k where your employer will match some of your contributions. But first, build a rainy-day savings fund and pay off any high-interest debt. Source Link

You might open the door to better sleep by opening a door or a window. A bedroom with an open door or window has better ventilation that can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the air from human breath. And those lower carbon dioxide levels may help you sleep better. Source Link 


More people working from home means more opportunities for cybercriminals but you can protect yourself. Lockdown your WiFi with a strong password and consider setting up a separate network for work activities.
And take a close look before clicking on any email even if it appears to be from the office. Source Link 

What foods can have a long and healthy life on your shelf? Vinegars, honey, vanilla or other extracts, sugar, salt, corn syrup and molasses will last virtually forever as will white flour and white rice. Unrefined grain products like whole-wheat bread can be frozen to greatly extend their useful life. Source Link

Disinfecting is a must but be sure to do it right. Bleach will do the trick but only if you let it sit on the surface for at least four minutes. Using 60-to-90 percent alcohol can neutralize germs in 30 seconds. Source Link 

If you haven’t been driving much there are some simple steps to get your car ready for the road again. Check all fluids that might go bad and check tire pressure as well. In the future keep the gas tank full and invest in a battery maintainer to keep it charged during long idle periods. Source Link 

It might seem fun to post your old high school graduation photo on social media but think twice about it. A photo like that might include information about when and where you graduated and those details could put a hacker one step closer to stealing your identity. Source Link 

Fending off the side effects of self-isolation can include some of your favorite indulgences. That morning cup of coffee might be a calming routine and getting a little extra sleep won’t hurt. And you can boost your mood with scheduled calls to friends and family. Source Link 

There are many ways to avoid germs while you’re grocery shopping. Besides sanitizing your shopping cart, antibacterial wipes can clean door handles on freezers and coolers. Disposable gloves can safeguard you during checkout when you should avoid germs by paying with a card instead of cash that someone else has handled. Source Link 

With spring allergies you can begin your battle to breathe easier in the bedroom. Keep your sleeping area allergen-free by washing blankets and sheets on a weekly basis and put pillows in the dryer at a very hot setting. You can also use an allergy-proof cover that completely contains your mattress and box spring. Source Link 

If you have a car with keyless entry you may want to keep the fob in your freezer when the vehicle is parked in the driveway. A thief can use a device that boosts the signal from a keyless fob to unlock a car door. Putting the fob in your freezer will block it from transmitting a signal to open the door. Source Link 

Fitness may be key to long-term weight loss. Researchers found that overweight or obese people who were fitter to start with lost more weight in the long run. People with very poor fitness might benefit from additional exercise support to reach higher levels of moderate to vigorous activity that can improve long-term weight loss. Source Link 

Most homes have two built-in bacteria busters. The sanitize cycle on a dishwasher can disinfect pet bowls, scrub pads and some plastic kid’s toys. And using your dryer on a high heat setting for 30 minutes can wipe out microorganisms on clothing as well as germs on stuffed animals and throw blankets. Source Link 

A pet could be more than a companion for a senior. Studies have shown that the responsibility of caring for a pet can give older people a sense of purpose and combat loneliness and even depression. Having a pet has been linked to other health benefits including a lower risk of heart disease. Source Link 

Here’s a “handy” way to stop eating to relieve stress, anxiety or boredom. When you feel like eating, try doing something with your hands like a crossword puzzle or knitting to preoccupy yourself until the urge passes. Finding ways to manage your underlying stress and anxiety will also help. Source Link 

What can you do when the pleasure of eating ice cream brings on the pain of a brain freeze? Try pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to warm the spot where nerves can trigger that icy pain. You can avoid a brain freeze my eating cold foods toward the front of your mouth and by eating more slowly. Source Link 

Is the best late-night snack really a bowl of cottage cheese? Researchers found that cottage cheese before bed had a positive effect on metabolism and overall health, promoted muscle recovery, and didn’t end up as body fat. If you don’t have a taste for cottage cheese, try any helping of 30 grams of protein about a half-hour before bedtime. Source Link