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If you like to catch some sleep on an airline flight, don’t close your eyes until you’re up in the air. Sleeping through takeoff or landing doesn’t allow you to adjust to rapid air pressure changes. That could clog your ears and cause dizziness, eardrum damage, nosebleeds and even hearing loss. Source Link 

Cleaning by the numbers is one way to tackle the clutter in your home. Pick a number of things you’ll put away in one session and focus on one thing at a time, like stray shoes or getting rid of unneeded extras of some item. And always keep one box or bag ready to hold items that can be donated. Source Link 

Before the “For Sale” sign goes up, take some steps to make your home more appealing to buyers. Depersonalize the space by putting away family photos and collectibles and aim for less of everything in a room to make it look bigger. And brighten your home by adding higher-wattage bulbs and removing heavy window treatments to let the sun shine in. Source Link

Quitting smoking can make room fast in a tight budget and the health benefits also start quickly. Within 20 minutes of that last cigarette, your blood pressure returns to normal levels and after 8 hours the deadly carbon monoxide gas in your bloodstream is cut in half. After 2 days the risk of heart attack is substantially reduced and you should notice that breathing is easier after 3 days. Source Link 

You know your computer can benefit from an occasional shutdown but try this before simply hitting the “power” button. For most newer computers a “restart” is the same as “shut down” with one advantage. A restart ends all programs and clears the memory and processor immediately without needing to create a large file that the computer must reference on the next start-up. Source Link 

Most people know that scratching an itch only makes it worse, but why is that? Scientists say the act of scratching creates pain that cancels out the itching sensation, but the brain overrides that pain and the itching returns. Experts say the best way to deal with an itch is to give the spot a slap or a rub. Source Link 

You should think twice before trying to save money by buying the cheapest charger for your iPhone. Just because the labeling on the box says it’s safe doesn’t mean it is. If you don’t buy the Apple brand you look for the MFi certification for charging adapters and cables. This ensures that Apple approves the products from other manufacturers. Source Link 

A coin could be key to finding out if a power outage has ruined the food in your freezer. Place a frozen cup of water in the freezer and put a quarter on top of it. If the power goes out long enough for the ice to melt and the quarter drops down into the water -- even if it’s refrozen -- you should throw out the food. Source Link

Nearly all seniors take medication that can increase their risk for a fall. Drugs that can increase the risk of falls include antidepressants, some high blood pressure and anti seizure medicines and tranquilizers. That’s why you should ask your doctor about the risks and benefits from any prescription medication. Source Link

There’s a right way to make your morning routine work for mind and body. Instead of jumping out of bed, first bring your knees to your chest to warm up muscles and then drink a glass of water to rehydrate your body. And don’t check your cell phone immediately because that list of notifications can mean a stressful start to the day. Source Link 

If you struggle with a young picky eater, where they eat and who they eat with could be the solution. Eating together as a family and having a single meal at a regular time -- and not in front of a TV -- can help. Get fussy kids involved with menu planning and meal preparation and dial down your own anxiety because your child might mirror that behavior. Source Link

Many middle-aged adults with apparently healthy hearts may have a "silent" form of heart disease. Researchers say nearly half of those in a study had no symptoms but did have plaque in their arteries that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Managing cholesterol and blood pressure along with regular cardiac screening can help reduce the risk. Source Link

Here’s an open and shut case for the right way to cook with some kitchen appliances. Always keep an oven door open when broiling because venting the steam lets food develop that crustiness you want. And always keep the lid closed on your slow cooker because opening it will let heat out and change the cooking time. Source Link 

We know to keep tabs on a credit report, but other errors could affect your chances of getting a new job. Doing a background check on yourself could uncover mistaken arrest warrants or ID theft. You’ll need a professional background check and not the kind offered to consumers online. Source Link 

These are some fall cleaning chores you may not have thought of. Check your pantry for expired items and stock up on common staples for the season. Vacuum and flip mattresses and wash mattress covers, and dust ceiling fans and change their spin direction to pull air up. Source Link 

Planning ahead can help your child enjoy an allergy-safe Halloween. bring safe treats for your child at school and don't let children eat candy that isn't clearly labeled for indications of possible allergens. And if your child has asthma bring an inhaler for trick-or-treating in case of exposure to smoke machines while going door-to-door. Source Link 

Can you lift your way out of that extra weight? Contrary to popular belief, activities like lifting weights can be a great way to burn fat. Resistance training also beats aerobic exercise when it comes to improving bone mineral density, lean mass, and muscle quality. Source Link

Odds are you’re on your smartphone more than you think. Researchers asked people to estimate their daily phone use and then compared that to the numbers from the phone’s screen time feature. The typical guess was four hours a day but the average daily use was nearly six hours. Source Link