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Making the perfect holiday meal doesn't mean you have to give up healthy eating. Try replacing salt with herbs and spices or add lemon juice or citrus zest for flavor. Use nonfat, plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and bake with a half and half mixture of white and whole wheat flour. And substitute unsweetened applesauce for butter in recipes. Source Link 

Here are four cornerstones to raising kids who will have a good relationship with money. Help them understand that you earn money for the work you do and that saving now helps you afford a major purchase later. Explain that it’s important to be patient and satisified with what they own now and to think of others and be charitable. Source Link

When you want to pick a charity to make a new donation one way to choose is to look back at your life. For example, if you enjoy a hiking vacation you could donate to an organization that helps urban youth experience the outdoors. Or if you lost someone to illness like cancer or heart disease, you could give to a charity that funds research or raises awareness. Source Link 

If you want to make the most of your workday be sure your phone is out of sight. Research has shown that simply being able to see your phone - even if it’s silenced or shut off - can reduce your cognitive ability. It happens because you’re using brain power to actively fight the urge to check that phone. Source Link 

It’s harder to eat healthy this time of year with all the big holiday meals but a few strategies could help. Look for small changes like choosing vegetables instead of crackers or chips; swap herbs for salt when seasoning food and choose nutritious snacks like popcorn. And try meditation or other ways to manage stress that can lead to mindless eating. Source Link 

A list of the worst passwords of the year shows some old favorites like “123456” “password” and “qwerty.” A strong password is a combination of numbers and letters without your name, birthday or a common phrase others could guess. One option is to use the first letter from each word in a short sentence that you’ll remember and mix lowercase and capital letters. Source Link 

Here’s a strategy to beat the holiday meal food coma. Avoid snacking before you eat and take a walk after you finish cooking or after dinner. Go ahead and enjoy those special meals but use the USDA’s “My Plate” method to have the right mix of all five food groups on your dinner plate. Source Link 

If you’d like to do it yourself with home improvements you may want to avoid some of these projects. A survey found that installing flooring, hanging a television and waterproofing a deck were some of the DIY projects homeowners most regretted. About half of those surveyed said they had to hire a professional to fix their mistakes. Source Link 

You’ve seen face masks with a built-in valve but it’s not a style most people should be using. That’s because the valve allows your breath to escape and that could infect others around you. Masks like the N95 with a valve should be reserved for use in hospitals by those who are treating patients. Source Link 

Good posture can make working from home more comfortable. When sitting at a desk, rest your feet flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the ground and your head level and in line with your torso. The top of your computer screen should be at or slightly below eye level and at arm’s length from you. And a small pillow or towel roll can give you lower back support. Source Link 

Where there’s a will, there’s a better way to protect your family and make sure your wishes are carried out when it comes to guardianship for children or how to give away your possessions. Review your will annually and after life events like a divorce or when children become adults. And consider a living will that lists the care you do or don’t want if you become seriously ill. Source Link 

If every meal seems like a race to clean your plate, try these tips to slow down. Eating with your non-dominant hand can help and set down your fork for 10 seconds between each bite. And use smaller plates and bowls that empty faster to make it look like you’re full even when you’ve eaten less. Source Link 

Which is the greener choice - buying an artificial Christmas tree or the real thing? The makers of artificial trees say one that’s used for at least five years has less environmental impact than the energy it takes to harvest and transport real trees. Growers say live trees are a renewable resource and buying one every year supports farming and keeps plastic out of landfills. Source Link 

It treats your kid’s boo-boos and might also keep your glasses from fogging-up while wearing a face mask. A Band-Aid placed across the bridge of your nose to hold down the edge of the mask can prevent warm breath from fogging eyeglasses. A good choice for comfort and effectiveness is a fabric Band-Aid. Source Link 

Building your savings is easier when you automate the process. Start by opening separate accounts with local or online banks and have one for each of your short-or-long-term goals. Then schedule monthly transfers into each account and set the dollar amount at a level you think you can reasonably maintain. Source Link 

Don’t let a popular holiday shopping offer lock you into high-interest debt. Many store credit cards offer no interest on balances that are paid within a certain time, but those charges will be added in full if you miss the payoff deadline by one day or just a few dollars. Store cards can charge interest rates that are double those of regular credit cards. Source Link 

Eating most of your calories early in the day as part of a healthy diet probably won’t improve weight loss. Researchers found that people who ate mostly before 1 pm and others who had half of their calories after 5 pm lost about the same amount of weight and both groups had decreased blood pressure. Source Link

For some it seems like a problem but there’s evidence to show that wearing a face mask doesn’t deprive you of oxygen. Test subjects wore pulse oximeters that measure oxygen levels in your blood. They found the same oxygen levels for people when they were wearing a face mask and when they were without one. Source Link