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America’s pediatricians have a prescription for healthier kids -- read to them every day. The doctors want parents to read aloud to their children each day beginning as infants to promote literacy and strengthen family ties. About two out of three children in America fall short of reading skills by the third grade. Source Link


Could too much sitting in front of the TV lead to an early death? Researchers studied people who sat for long periods while driving, using a computer, or watching television. They found that those who watched three hours or more of TV  each day had twice the risk of premature death, but there was no difference for driving or working at a computer. Source Link 


If you love your Android phone, you’ll soon be able to get that experience built-in behind the wheel. Android Auto will let drivers access everything from Google Maps to text messages and music without ever having to take their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. The system will use a screen built into the dashboard that interfaces with your smartphone. Source Link


A new smartphone app makes it easy to send a digital S-O-S when you need help right away. The Panic Button app for Android sends a text message with your location to up to three emergency contacts when you press the phone’s power button five times. The app was designed to protect activists around the world who face the ever present threat of arrest or attack. Source Link 


Botox might be able to turn that frown upside down from the inside. Researchers say the injections that are used to smooth wrinkles can also ease the symptoms of depression. Facial muscles send feedback signals to the brain to reinforce emotions, and treatment with Botox interrupted that cycle and led to improvements in nearly half of test subjects with depression. Source Link 


Parents may want to join their teens on the Web before they get behind the wheel for the first time. An online training program for parents and teens with videos showing many driving scenarios helped most participants pass their licensing exam. The program called Teen Driving Plan could be available to the public by the end of the year. Source Link


The youngest sun worshippers who get their fix indoors are at greater risk for skin cancer in mid-life. A study found that people who tanned indoors as teens and young adults were especially vulnerable to the most common form of skin cancer. The FDA has warned that no one under 18 should use indoor tanning, but has not banned it. Source Link 


The best defense against dementia might be a lifetime of learning with a mentally stimulating lifestyle including reading, arts and crafts, or playing music and games. Research showed that people with the lowest educational and occupational scores gained the most protection against dementia by including intellectual activities from middle-age onward. Source Link 


When it comes to your next smartphone, bigger is better for many people. A global survey found that nearly half of all people plan to buy a smartphone with a five to seven-inch screen. The popularity of big-screen phones is one reason why Apple is said to be adding a large-size model to the iPhone line-up this year. Source Link


Cranking up the A-C might help dial down some readings for diabetics. A study found that cooler indoor temperatures stimulate the growth of healthy brown fat that burns energy in the body. People with more brown fat required less insulin after a meal to bring their blood sugar levels down. Source Link


If you like to punctuate your text messages with cute symbols, you’ll have a lot more to choose from soon. The world agency that manages the list of emojis is adding more than 250 symbols that can be used in text. The next step is for Apple, Google and others to create the actual icons to work with keyboards on their devices. Source Link


She’s been a nurse, a pilot, and even the President, and now Barbie is becoming a business pioneer. The new Entrepreneur Barbie will come complete with tools of the trade, including a doll-sized tablet computer and smartphone. And Entrepreneur Barbie will have her own LinkedIn page to help her stay connected with new and existing business associates. Source Link


The FDA may be ready to approve a new device that could be a pacemaker for your appetite. The Maestro System sends electrical signals to block nerves around the stomach to decrease hunger pangs and make a person feel full. The device would be used by severely obese adults for whom weight-loss surgery isn’t an option. Source Link  


When it comes to millennial moms, education seems to be the key to whether they’re married or single. A large study found that most non-college graduates who have children in their 20s are not married. The figures show that most college graduates do not begin to have children until after they are married. Source Link 


From plastic bricks to virtual clicks, a new twist on a classic toy lets kids put their physical creations into video games. Lego Fusion lets kids create buildings and cars using real blocks on a special base. The creations are photographed with a smartphone or tablet and then imported as elements in games that can be played on iPhone or Android devices. Source Link


We already know that spending much of the day sitting can increase your chances of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, and now you can add some cancers to that list. Studies found that being sedentary raised the risk of colon cancer by 24-percent. And that risk doubled in cases where the sitting was done in front of a television, probably because TV viewing can also come with unhealthy eating habits. Source Link 


College students who think they’re smart enough to multi-task online in class should think again. A study found that even the smartest college students suffer academically when they wander onto the Web during lectures. All students had lower exam scores the more they used the Internet to read the news, send emails and post Facebook updates. Source Link 


If it helps to sell cars, why not cell phone service too? T-Mobile is offering a no-obligation one-week test drive of the iPhone 5S on its network. Customers need a credit card to get the loaner iPhone, but are not charged if it’s returned after seven days of use. Source Link