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Pregnant women can do their babies a favor by exercising. A study found that babies born to women who exercised in late pregnancy had less body fat. Experts think that body fat composition at birth may set the stage for weight issues in childhood and beyond. Source Link


Going hungry before your cholesterol test may not provide a better result. A long-term study found no difference in outcomes if people did or didn’t fast before they had their blood tested. Experts say fasting is inconvenient and might mean a less-accurate reading because people aren’t eating as they normally would. Source Link 


Having a green thumb might help to ease the effects of dementia. A study conducted in care homes found that gardening can promote relaxation, encourage activity and reduce agitation. Gardens could also offer a place for interactions with visitors, helping to stimulate memories for dementia patients. Source Link

What will the family photo albums of tomorrow look like, and will we be able to keep track of all those pictures we’re taking with our smartphones and tablets? A survey of parents found that half of them haven’t done anything to organize and preserve their photos for the future. It’s estimated that Americans will take 880 billion photos this year. Source Link 


There’s more of the good stuff and less of the bad in organic foods. A review of multiple studies found that organically-grown fruits, vegetables and grains have substantially higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants and lower levels of pesticides. But researchers say the findings don’t prove that eating organic food leads to better health.  Source Link 


Could your iPad make you itchy? A medical report says the nickel used in making an iPad case can trigger an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the metal that’s also found in jewelry. Apple says an allergic reaction to an iPad is extremely rare. Nickel is also used in some laptop and smartphone cases. Source Link

What can make up for a day of sitting? How about an hour of exercise? Research shows that exercise has a more powerful effect in helping the heart than sitting does in harming it, so one hour of physical exercise could counteract the effects of sitting for six to seven hours a day. Too much sitting has been linked to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Source Link

Delaying motherhood until your 30s might help your odds of becoming a grandmother or even a great grandma. That’s because women who are able to have children after the age of 33 have a greater chance of living longer. Experts say genetic variations that go into making a woman fertile longer may also increase her chances of having an unusually long life. Source Link

The world’s biggest Internet store appears to be serious about launching an airborne delivery service. Amazon has asked the FAA for permission to operate an experimental program with small drone aircraft that would carry packages. The testing would take place in the Seattle area near Amazon headquarters. Source Link

Could it be the kind of aromatherapy that really heals? A study showed that skin cells have the ability to breathe and exposure to the scent of sandalwood triggers changes in cell activity that could facilitate wound healing. Researchers think the discovery could have applications for cancer, because some cancer T-cells have these olfactory receptors. Source Link 


Older adults may not have to choose between saving another life and staying healthy. A study found that people over 55 can donate a kidney without increased risk for heart problems and premature death. Older donors and non-donors had similar rates of heart disease, diabetes and death. Source Link


Would you like to enjoy a quiet “tech free” meal at a restaurant today? The Applebee’s chain wants to trademark the phrase “No Tech Tuesdays” that’s been used to promote days when restaurants ask patrons to shut off their smartphones. No word on how that would square with Applebee’s plan to equip all of its locations with tablets for customers to place orders. Source Link


If you’re looking for an exercise that will make you happy right now, you’ll find it right under your nose. A worldwide survey found that cracking a smile was the most effective exercise to quickly increase happiness. Other popular ways to feel good fast were socializing, regular exercise, and taking a nap. Source Link 


The idea that the pain in your back is triggered by the weather may just be in your head. A study found no connection between recorded weather conditions and episodes of lower back pain. Researchers may take a look at how changing weather might affect those who suffer from fibromyalgia or arthritis. Source Link


Introducing your parents or grandparents to a tablet computer could help keep their minds sharp. A study found that older adults who used tablets for 15 hours a week scored better on mental tests that those who watched movies, completed puzzles, or socialized. Researchers say almost any learning effort that demands more brain work can help. Source Link

Obesity is known to run in a family, but don’t just look to your mother or father for clues about your risk. Having an obese older sibling may raise the risk more than fivefold for a younger child, whether or not the parents are obese. Researchers say that’s because children often model their behavior on that of their older siblings. Source Link 


The home phone is becoming an endangered species. The Centers For Disease Control says their recent telephone survey found that 41-percent of American households used only wireless telephone service. The highest concentration of wireless-only households were found in the Midwest and the lowest in the Northeast. Source Link 


July is National Ice Cream Month -- are you doing your part to keep this $10 billion a year industry from melting away? Those annual sales amount to 10 quarts of ice cream for every man, woman and child in the U.S. Ice cream is an old school product; many sellers are family-owned businesses that have been in operation for more than 50 years. Source Link