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Could the lack of a lively step be a sign of dementia to come? Researchers say the combination of slow walking and memory complaints were seen in more people who went on to develop Alzheimer’s disease. A simple early diagnosis is important because the sooner dementia is discovered, the more effective the treatment can be. Source Link

Here’s a tip for better sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. Experts say you should avoid the urge to check the clock to see what time it is. That time check can set the brain in motion thinking about the day to come, and looking at a bright smartphone screen to see the time can trigger hormones that tell your body to wake up. Source Link

It doesn’t take a long-distance jog to outrun your risk of heart attack. A new study suggests that just five minutes of running per day can make a big impact on health and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The conventional wisdom was that it took 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to maintain good health. Source Link

Don’t just dismiss those teenaged growing pains because they can persist long past adolescence. New research found that knee pain which went untreated could become chronic for some young people. That can set the stage for a less-active life and a better chance of needing knee replacement. Source Link

Young people are opening their wallets to pay for some of that back-to-school gear. A national report says retailers expect Millennials to spend almost one billion dollars of their own money this year on items that include clothing for school. On average, that’s $34 per teen and $22 from each pre-teen. Source Link

This year’s winner in an annual Extreme Eating survey is a burger, fries and milkshake meal with enough calories to equal nearly two days worth of food. The Monster Burger combo from Red Robin clocked-in at 3,540 calories and 69 grams of saturated fat. The Bruleed French Toast at Cheesecake Factory will start your day with 2,780 calories and 93 grams of saturated fat. Source Link

Are breast cancer cells afraid of the dark? Researchers say sleeping in a completely dark room boosts the natural hormone melatonin, which can slow the growth of tumors. Tests showed that sleeping with a night light or other light coming into a room reduced the effectiveness of the breast cancer drug tamoxifen. Source Link

If you want to avoid germs and still be sociable, make a fist. A scientific study found that a fist bump spreads far fewer germs than a traditional handshake. Researchers say adopting the fist bump as a greeting could substantially reduce the transmission of infectious diseases between individuals. Source Link

Eating healthy is getting a thumbs-up in America’s school cafeterias. A national survey found that the same number of kids are eating school lunches after new healthy food choices were mandated in 2012. And results showed that kids aren’t throwing away any more food than they were before the changes. Source Link

Parents and kids have something in common -- both say they worry about how much time the other is spending in front of a screen. A survey found that more children were concerned about it than adults, with one-third of kids saying their parents had a tough time separating themselves from their gadgets. Source Link

The swing shift could put diabetes on your life schedule. Studies showed that people who work odd shifts or rotate were at higher risk for type-2 diabetes. Experts say shift work makes poor sleep morei likely, and that may worsen insulin resistance, and shift workers should be monitored for signs of pre-diabetes. Source Link

Most of us are members of the “Clean Plate Club” and that can be measured on our waistlines. Surveys show that most adults finish all the food that’s put on their plate at mealtime. Experts say knowing that you're likely to eat almost all of what you serve yourself can help you be more mindful of correct portion size. Source Link

Back-to-school spending means more than buying backpacks, pens and paper. It’s estimated that parents spend over $650 a year on school expenses annually. That includes the cost of extracurricular activities like sports teams, clubs, class field trips and making purchases for school fundraisers. Source Link

Jealousy isn’t just a human trait, because it’s also seen in Man’s Best Friend. Testers found that puppies exhibited signs of jealousy when their owner showed interest in a stuffed dog instead of them. Experts think it’s the same kind of basic jealousy seen in human babies who will cry to get a parent’s attention. Source Link

It will soon be easier to switch cell carriers and take your old phone with you. A new federal law allows consumers to unlock phones that they own for use with another cell phone carrier. Previously it was up to the cell carrier to allow unlocking when someone wanted to switch service and keep their phone. Source Link

More teenagers are looking for an athletic boost from human growth hormones. A national report says one-in-ten teenagers admit to using performance enhancing substances without a prescription. Experts say teens are taking dangerous risks with their health by using HGH and other supplements that are sold online or in stores. Source Link

That cup of Joe or can of soda may be turning up the heat for some older women. Surveys show that drinking caffeine may worsen the hot flashes and night sweats experienced by women as they go through menopause. But caffeine can boost mood, memory and concentration for younger women before they enter menopause. Source Link

How much time do you spend on Facebook? The company says its average user is on the social network for 40 minutes each day and spends nine hours a day engaging with digital media of all kinds. Facebook is tops on small screens, as 20-percent of all mobile use is time spent browsing those News Feeds. Source Link