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When it comes to kids playing video games, a little bit of fun might make for a better child. Researchers found that kids who played video games for about an  hour a day were more likely to be happy, helpful and emotionally stable than kids who never grab a controller. Kids with over three hours of video gaming per day were moody and acted out more often. Source Link

Walking that mixes a fast pace with a leisurely stroll might be a better exercise for people with type 2 diabetes. A study showed improved blood sugar control among people who mixed power walking with slower walking. High-intensity exercise is best, but that can be hard to stick with and also increases the risk of injury. Source Link

So where can you find the fastest free public WiFi? A new report says Starbucks offers the fastest average download speeds among the most popular public providers. If you want fast food with your fast WiFi, McDonald’s also ranked high. Hilton was the fastest public WiFi provider among hotel chains. Source Link

It’s role reversal behind the wheel, as kids are calling parents on their bad driving habits. A survey found that 60-percent of teens have asked a parent to stop driving dangerously. Eight out of ten parents admit to speeding or talking on a cell phone, 40-percent text while driving, and 20-percent don’t wear a seat belt. Source Link

The debate over the standard test for prostate cancer continues. A study of 162,000 men who had a PSA test found that it does reduce prostate cancer deaths, but 40-percent of cancers detected by screening were over-treated with side-effects such as incontinence and impotence. Researchers say they don’t recommend routine use of PSA test. Source Link

Making a snap judgement is something our brains are hard-wired to do. Scientists found that people could say whether a person looked trustworthy after their face was flashed on-screen for a tiny fraction of a second. Even though the time was too short for conscious processing, a part of the brain can still evaluate an image without us seeing it. Source Link

If air travel takes you across multiple time zones, going hungry for a bit might save you from the sleeplessness of jet lag. Research suggests that humans have an internal time clock linked to eating that keeps us awake until we’re fed. Experts say if you skip a meal or two before your long flight, you’ll eat after landing and then be ready for some shuteye. Source Link

That daily low-dose aspirin is proving to be more of a cancer fighter for middle-aged people. A major review of previous studies found that a daily aspirin can cut the risk of bowel, esophageal and stomach cancer by up to 50-percent. But you’ll need to take a daily aspirin for at last 10 years after age 50 to see those benefits. Source Link

There are there are some simple steps that can protect your passwords and safeguard your online life. Experts suggest that you use a free password manager program and look for multiple uses or passwords that are too simple. Search your email and delete any that may have a password or login, and use two-step authentication for financial websites. Source Link

If you’ve been holding out for a new iPhone, your day of salvation is on the calendar. Apple is planning an announcement on September 9th that’s expected to be the unveiling of the iPhone 6. Apple is said to be offering two models, but the new super-sized iPhone may not be available until later in the year. Source Link 

Not getting enough sleep might make it hard for you to remember things correctly when you’re awake. Research found that people who were sleep-deprived were more likely to form false memories. Failing to get that solid 8 hours of sleep can impair thinking as well as memory function. Source Link

Believe it or not, scientists have developed a formula for what makes up happy, and looking forward to something plays a big role. Using MRI testing to track brain activity, the findings show that your anticipation is more important than the potential reward. Having high expectations for an activity or event can make for the most happiness. Source Link

It’s another reason to head for the seafood section at the grocery store. A study found that people who ate baked or broiled fish at least once a week had larger brain volumes in the regions that are linked with thinking and memory. And it didn’t matter whether or not the fish they ate was high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Source Link

Something that hangs from your car keys could help you decide whether to hand them off after a few drinks. New keychain breathalyzer devices that work with your smartphone let you test whether you’re near the legal limit. But experts warn that the personal testers aren’t as precise as those used by police and drinkers should err on the side of caution. Source Link

How you eat during pregnancy may affect the health of your grandchildren. Scientists found that poor diet among pregnant mice raised the risk of diabetes for their male offspring and their children, too. Researchers think that diet during pregnancy can change settings in male DNA to raise the diabetes risk for future generations. Source Link

Has our love affair with the tablet computer turned into just another fling? Sales are dropping for the iPad, the world’s favorite tablet, as smartphones get bigger and people see less need to upgrade a tablet as often as they get a new phone. Apple is hoping to boost iPad sales to businesses as part of a new partnership with IBM. Source Link

When you’re on your way to better health by quitting smoking, can taking a walk help you kick the habit? A study found that smokers trying to quit who walked regularly had fewer withdrawal symptoms. Researchers say almost any type of extra exercise could help people quit smoking faster. Source Link

There’s new proof that women are lied to more often than men, and it isn’t just the guys who are to blame. A negotiation test showed that men lied to women eight times as much as they fibbed to other men, and even women lie more often to other women. Researchers say a woman’s warmer personality could lead people to think that she’s easier to fool. Source Link