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There could be more than just a new iPhone coming soon from Apple. Reports say the company now plans to unveil a new wearable device alongside the next-generation iPhone 6 on September 9th. The long-rumored iWatch could work with Apple’s new health and fitness apps, as well as programs for controlling home devices. Source Link

A staple of dorm room diets that’s making its way into more menus may be bad news for your heart. A study found that Korean women who ate instant ramen noodles twice a week had a 68-percent higher risk for heart disease, type-2 diabetes and stroke, and that was regardless of whatever else they ate. Source Link

Why is it that kids who exercise regularly often do better in school? A new study suggests that exercise improves the brain from the inside. Researchers say children who are more fit have more white matter in their brains. That’s important for attention and memory and for linking different parts of the brain together. Source Link

Smartphone theft could become much less profitable after legislative action in the Golden State. California has passed a law to require that all new phones sold in the state be equipped with a “kill switch” to disable them remotely if lost or stolen. That could set a national standard for phone makers and cut smartphone thefts across the country. Source Link

The makers of e-cigarettes are getting an endorsement of sorts from an unlikely source. The American Heart Association says electronic cigarettes may help people who otherwise can’t stop smoking. But the group is calling for more regulation of e-cigarettes to keep them from being marketed to young people. Source Link

America’s pediatricians are siding with teens who’d like to sleep in later on school days. The doctor organization says later starting times could cut chronic sleep loss that contributes to obesity, diabetes, mood changes and behavior problems. Nearly nine out of ten high school students don’t get the recommended nine hours of sleep. Source Link

One of the nation’s top consumer advocates is advising pregnant women to avoid eating any canned tuna. Consumer Reports says the levels of mercury found in tuna prompted the warning, but some experts disagree. Salmon, scallops, shrimp, crab and tilapia are better choices because of lower mercury levels. Source Link

Is a good pair of glasses a key to a longer life? A study found that good vision made it more likely that older people could continue to independently manage their lives. A loss of vision equal to one letter on the eye chart each year increased the risk of death by 16-percent, due to the loss in independent living abilities. Source Link

Limiting screen time for children may improve their face-to-face social skills. Researchers found that kids who were away from screens for five days got much better at reading people’s emotions than those who continued their normal screen-filled lives. Connecting mostly by screen instead of in-person lead to reduced social skills. Source Link

Being a good neighbor may be good for your heart. A study found that people over 50 with close community ties were up to 70-percent less likely to have suffered a heart attack. The biggest benefits were seen in people who thought their neighbors were trustworthy, reliable and friendly. Source Link

You can expect a retro look when the new iPhone 6 is unveiled next month. Pictures of the new phone show that it’s returned to the all-aluminum-and-glass build with rounded edges like the original iPhone. The 4-point-7-inch iPhone is expected to go on sale after an Apple event on September 9th. Source Link

Looking for the perfect college roommate? There’s a Facebook app for that. RoomSync includes a detailed questionnaire for the best match. Schools that use RoomSync say it’s greatly reduced the number of students who ask to switch roommates. Source Link 

Here’s a good reason to reach for water when your child is thirsty. Research found that soft drinks, fruit juices and sports beverages that are high in acid can do permanent damage to a child’s teeth in a matter of minutes if they are a regular habit. Tooth erosion can lead to a lifetime of compromised dental health. Source Link

Your next health insurance plan at work could come with high out-of-pocket costs and a health savings account. A report says many companies and public sector employers will be offering the so-called consumer-directed health plans next year to save on premiums and make people more careful about how they use health care. Source Link

Plenty of things can bring people together on specialized online dating sites, including a love of pets. Sites like and are connecting dog owners to potential mates who share a love of four-legged friends. Members say they can screen out dates who might not appreciate their love of pets. Source Link

A newborn baby could come with a price tag that reads a quarter-million dollars. A government report says it now costs the average family about $250,000 to raise a child to age 18. Housing and child care are the biggest expenses. Even when adjusted for inflation, that tab is 50-percent higher than what it was for children born in 1960. Source Link 

Whatever the workplace, the motto should be, “let the sunshine in.” A study found that exposure natural light during the work day can help employees improve their quality of life. Workers with more exposure to natural light especially during the morning slept longer and better at night, and got more exercise than those who only worked under artificial light. Source Link

Is the best time to quit smoking when you leave the hospital? A study found more success when patients were given free quit-smoking drugs upon discharge. The effort also included follow-up phone calls to encourage smokers to kick the habit and help them manage their medications. Source Link