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People who focus on soothing sounds to help get a better night’s sleep may be missing the scent. In a survey, three out of four Americans said they feel more relaxed at bedtime if the room has a pleasant, fresh smell. Studies have shown that scent plays a powerful role in relaxation and memory-building. Source Link


You may be hard-wired to love Facebook. Researchers found that people who were avid users of Facebook got a bigger boost to the reward center of the brain from positive social feedback. What’s not known yet is whether the brain feedback drives Facebook use, or if long-term use of social media changes the way the brain reacts to it. Source Link


If you’re working to get more exercise, maybe you should try exercising at work. More people are using treadmill desks, stand-up workstations or trading office chairs for exercise balls in an effort to get fit while on-the-clock. Experts say you should try a new office exercise routine the same as any other, and do it gradually to avoid the risk of injury. Source Link 

It’s a new twist on the old “carry a baby doll” exercise to teach teens about the responsibility of parenthood. The Pregnancy Text program will send text messages to a teenager’s phone over a 12-hour span that are demands from their imaginary baby. Developers say it mimics the challenge of being a young parent in a method that will command a teenager’s attention. Source Link


If you’ve ever argued for an obscure word to win a few points in Scrabble, here’s your chance to add to the approved list. The makers of the Scrabble Dictionary are holding a contest to select one word that will be added to their new edition this year. Nominations are being accepted on the Scrabble Facebook page and then the public will vote to select the word. Source Link


The real winners in March Madness may be companies that allow employees to follow the NCAA basketball tournament at work. In a survey, about one-in-three businesses said watching games at work or participating in pools that don't involve money boosts employee morale and has a positive impact on worker productivity. Source Link

Is the “five-second rule” safe to live by? It depends on where the food lands. Researchers found that a cookie or sticky food dropped on carpeting was unlikely to pick up much bacteria in just five seconds. But dropping the same food on a hard floor or outdoors had a higher risk of bacterial transfer. Source Link


The combination of cell phones and driving makes for some of the most deadly accidents. A National Safety Council report lists distracted driving as a top cause of accidental death for young people. Accidental deaths in older people are often the result of a fall, and drug overdoses are the top cause of all accidental death. Source Link


There’s a new set of accessories to help the visually impaired use a smartphone. Samsung has unveiled an ultrasonic cover that detects the presence of someone, a stand that holds the phone above something to be scanned, and wireless tags that can be placed on objects, like a TV remote, to allow the phone to locate it. Source Link

The FDA has approved the first device to prevent migraines.  The battery-operated headband unit sits across the forehead and applies an electric current to stimulate branches of the trigeminal nerve, which has been associated with migraine headaches. The device is designed to be used for about 20 minutes a day. Source Link


The smartphone has become a digital babysitter for many parents with children, but it may not be the kids who are getting the screen time. A study conducted in a restaurant found that 75-percent of parents used a smartphone during a meal with their children, and one-third of them used their smartphone through the entire meal. Source Link  

How can you lose money while making money? Just ask the U.S. Mint, which lost $105 million last year making pennies and nickels because the nickel used to produce them cost more than the value of the coins. A long-standing call to phase out pennies is unlikely to pass, but the losses could be stemmed by switching to almost all steel in the coins. Source Link

It’s the home stretch in the race to enroll more Americans for affordable health care. March 31st is the last day to sign up for health insurance coverage and avoid a tax penalty for 2014. About 4 million have signed up so far, but a recent survey found that only 24-percent of the uninsured were aware of the March 31st deadline. Source Link 


If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t think that you can go “raw” to drink milk. That’s the message from a study which showed that raw milk causes the same problems as pasteurized milk for lactose-intolerant people. Raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria and drinking raw milk can be fatal. Source Link 


If you’ve ever asked your child for help figuring out a new electronic gadget, you’ll appreciate this. A study found that pre-schoolers were better than college students when faced with making a new device work. Researchers say very young children weren’t bound by strict concepts of cause and effect and freely experimented to make the test device work. Source Link

Researchers say they’ve created a blood test that can tell if someone will develop Alzheimer’s disease. The test measures fats in the bloodstream because low levels of certain fats can predict the onset of symptoms. Its developers claim the test is 90-percent accurate in determining if dementia will begin within the next few years. Source Link


The Millennial generation is politically independent and less devout, with fewer spouses and many single parents. Those are some the findings in a national survey of Americans aged 18 to 33. Millennials are the first generation in the modern era to be worse off economically than their parents, but they are the most optimistic about the future among Americans today. Source Link


Moms-to-be can now use a smartphone to listen-in on that growing bundle of joy. The Bellabeat Tracking System for iPhone and Android includes a special accessory that’s placed on the stomach to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The app also keeps track of milestones in your pregnancy and even lets you log each baby kick. Source Link