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A stroll around the office can help you beat the bad effects of sitting on the job all day. Researchers say the key is to take frequent short walks, and just five minutes an hour will do. The decreased blood flow that comes from prolonged sitting has been linked to an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Source Link

If you’re the kind of person who posts to Facebook and later regrets it, this could be for you. The social network is testing a feature that allows users to set how long they want posts to show before they disappear.  Users would have a range of self-destruct times, from 1 hour to 7 days. Source Link

In households where e-cigarettes are used, adults need to be sure to keep those supplies out of the hands of children. Doctors warn that nicotine refill cartridges can be opened by young children, putting them at risk for poisoning. There’s been a massive rise in calls to poison centers about accidental swallowing of liquid nicotine, which can be deadly in small amounts. Source Link

Want the new iPhone for free? In the battle to get more customers, the top three carriers are offering the iPhone 6 at no cost to those who trade-in an older working phone and sign a two-year contract. That’s a $200 savings over the typical contract cost of the new iPhone, which goes on sale beginning Friday. Source Link

More Americans are clearing the air at home. A survey found that 83-percent of American homes are now smoke-free, compared to just 43-percent two decades ago. Researchers credit a shift in social norms, saying people no longer think it’s acceptable to smoke around non-smokers. Source Link

Making a real break-up easier online takes a few steps in your Facebook feed. If unfriending is too harsh, experts suggest that you unsubscribe from their posts and delete or hide mutual friends. Leave your relationship status blank and consider a password change if your ex had access to your computer or phone.  Source Link

Women who suffer from breast cancer and choose a double mastectomy may not be improving their odds of survival. A study found death rates are similar for women who have both breasts removed and those who opt for a lumpectomy. But experts say a double mastectomy can provide more peace of mind for women who worry about breast cancer returning. Source Link

A new free service could help you hang up on those automated political calls. Nomorobo is now tracking phone numbers of those political pitches. The service can intercept a call and compare the number against a list of telemarketers and political robocallers to keep it from ringing through to your phone. Source Link

It's a case of mind over nose. Experts say an asthma attack can be triggered by just thinking an odor is harmful. Asthmatics often are anxious about scents and fragrances, and when you expect that an odor is harmful, the body can react as if that odor is indeed harmful and trigger an asthma attack. Source Link

For kids, the worst bullies may be the ones you live with. A new study suggests that siblings who tease, make fun of and physically hurt their brothers and sisters leave the most lasting marks. Youngsters who were bullied by siblings were more than twice as likely to report depression and anxiety as they entered adulthood. Source Link

It’s time for the Apple Watch. The long-awaited smartwatch that needs to be paired with an iPhone can run apps, monitor your heart rate and even offer turn-by-turn directions by vibrating to one side as you move. The Apple Watch will go on sale early next year for price of $349. Source Link

Today’s moms are feeling the stress to make those home-cooked meals. A study found that women of all incomes are struggling to balance work, family responsibilities and the expectation to provide fresh, healthy meals right from the kitchen. But experts say a meal doesn’t have to be gourmet to feed a family and provide an opportunity for them to share their day. Source Link

Are e-cigarettes a solution to end smoking or a gateway to harder drug use? A study claims the electronic versions deliver nicotine that can prime users to turn to harder drugs like cocaine to keep the brain’s reward system satisfied. Some in the health community have supported e-cigarettes as a tool to help smokers quit. Source Link

If you want to prevent your baby from becoming a picky eater, you’ll need to start soon. Researchers say taste preferences may be set by age one, so parents should encourage fruits and vegetables by late infancy. And for breastfeeding babies that taste preference may depend on Mom’s diet. Source Link

The countdown is on to the first driverless car that you can buy. GM says a Cadillac model in 2017 will feature “Super Cruise” that allows the driver to take the foot off the gas and hands off the wheel. The feature would be able to handle highway speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and stop-and-go traffic. Source Link

Just how badly are America’s young people hooked on their cellphones? A survey found that college-aged women spend 10 hours a day using a cellphone, and young men use their phones for about 8 hours a day. Sixty percent of college students admit they may be addicted to their cell phone. Source Link

Science had debunked the myth that wearing a bra can increase the risk of breast cancer. A study of postmenopausal women found no connection between bra-wearing and breast cancer. The idea grew out of observations that women in developed countries have higher rates of breast cancer than places where women don’t wear bras. Source Link

Answering the phone could be hazardous to your financial health because of new credit card scams. Watch out for the call warning that your card has been frozen and you need to provide your account number, expiration date and verification code. Another new con targets business owners saying they must phone-in transactions instead of using a card machine. Source Link