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Maybe cereal, eggs or oatmeal don’t sound good for breakfast but you can mix it up with that first meal of the day. Try leftover veggie pizza or peanut butter and sliced bananas on whole wheat toast. Or roll up a tortilla with sliced turkey, lettuce and low-fat cheese for a homemade grab-and-go breakfast. Source Link 

How could the timing a baby’s first bath affect success with breastfeeding? Researchers found that babies who didn’t get their first bath until 12 hours after being born were more likely to breastfeed. It’s believed the extra skin-to-skin time with Mom can transfer the familiar smell of amniotic fluid to a mother’s breast and encourage a newborn to feed. Source Link 

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that can make your workday more productive. For example, don’t load up that daily must-do list -- keep it to five items. Don’t skip breaks that can help you stay on track mentally. And don’t be afraid to schedule downtime every day when you can think big without a deadline. Source Link 

Getting kids to eat their veggies starts long before they’re eating anything. Moms can help develop that taste by eating vegetables during pregnancy. Model good habits for infants and toddlers by eating the same vegetables they do during a meal. And let kindergartners help in the kitchen to see how vegetables can be an important part of a meal. Source Link 

Don’t get fooled by these car care tips that could hit you hard in the pocketbook. Overfilling your tires won’t improve mileage but will give you a rougher ride and wear out the tires sooner. And don’t drive with less than a quarter-tank of gas because it makes your fuel pump work harder and wear out faster and replacing it could cost up to $700. Source Link 

Be sure to mind these rules of the sky if you want to be a good fellow passenger on your next flight. The middle seat gets both armrests, don’t recline in economy seats and don’t grab the back of seats while walking down the aisle. And stand up when someone needs to get past you and into the aisle. Source Link 

What are some of the warning signs that you’re about to be hacked? When you respond to emails for contests that you didn’t sign up for or take a phone call that asks you to update your bank or credit card credentials. Another way you’re just begging for hackers to hit you? When you use the same password for everything. Source Link

When you need to break a bad habit you should consider taking a vacation. Experts say getting out of your normal routine can help because the environmental cues at home that might lead to mindless eating or skipping those chores aren’t there. Seeing new sights may make it easier to achieve your goals. Source Link 

If your entire life is on your phone, do this before you hand it over to someone to fix a cracked screen or replace the battery. Log out of all online accounts and delete your browser history and consider doing a complete encrypted backup and a factory reset to protect all your personal information. And look for a reputable repair shop with good online reviews. Source Link 

Are you fibbing to your physician about those bad habits? You’re not alone. Studies have found that many people often lie to their doctors about certain behaviors like not eating right or not exercising or forgetting to take medication as directed. Experts say it’s hard for your doctor to provide the right care if you’re not being honest with them. Source Link 

Why don’t we send more thank-you cards? Often because we’re worried about how they’ll be received. A study found that people underestimated how much others appreciate a written “Thank You” and fretted about using the right words to express their gratitude. It’s a loss for both sides because sending thank-you cards can make you feel happier. Source Link 

If your dog could talk he might tell you to stop patting him on the head. Animal experts say dogs prefer chin or chest scratches and they don’t like it when you stare directly into their eyes. Dogs usually hate the smell of those cute outfits you make them wear but they love your scent and often will cuddle with a piece of clothing or one of your shoes. Source Link 

If you want to make the most of your workday make sure your phone is out of sight. Research has shown that simply being able to see your phone - even if it’s silenced or shut off - can reduce your cognitive ability. That happens because you’re using brain power to actively fight the urge to check that phone. Source Link 

Answer these questions first when you want to welcome a new four-legged member to the family. Are you looking for personal companionship or a playmate in a pet? How long will you be away from your pet during the day and who will care for it when you’re gone? And what life changes might affect your ability to keep your pet in years to come? Source Link 

Don’t blame yourself if you can remember someone’s face but not their name. It’s only human nature. Knowing a face requires recognizing them but remembering a name takes recall and the brain is better at recognition than recall. Studies show the average person can remember about 90 percent of faces but only 70 percent of names. Source Link 

If you use shortcuts while texting you can teach your smartphone to turn those snippets into complete words. On an iPhone, you can add to your list of shortcuts under Settings, General, Keyboards and Text Replacement. On an Android phone, you'll find the same feature under Settings, Languages and Personal Dictionary. Source Link 

For the best use of antibiotics, ask about what type is being prescribed. Some that attack a broad spectrum of disease-causing bacteria may not be necessary and could lead to drug resistance. And be sure testing has shown that an antibiotic is needed before it’s prescribed. Source Link 

You don’t need a closetful of them, but your feet will thank you if you don’t wear the same shoes every day. That can cause fatigue and pain because you’re always using the same areas of the foot for support and walking. Have a few pairs of comfortable shoes and rotate them throughout the week. Source Link