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If your mind starts racing after you wake up in the middle of the night you can try these tips to get back to sleep. Get out of bed and read a book - but nothing too exciting - or listen to an audiobook or a podcast that’s not a shoutfest. You can also head to the kitchen for a light snack like whole-grain crackers or popcorn that has carbs to help switch-on the body’s sleep hormones. Source Link 

Who knew we were using these things the wrong way? A round food container heats leftovers more evenly than a rectangular one and load that blender starting with the liquid and layer from smallest to largest items so the blades run smoothly. And the middle of the dishwasher is best for plates with potatoes or tomatoes but the bottom rack gives more soaking time to remove a protein-based mess like eggs. Source Link 

Can the same thing that makes your dishes sparkly clean defeat that grimy oven? A dishwasher tablet dipped in warm water can be used to scrub away tough stains on oven walls. It also works well on the glass and is effective on the surrounding metal part of the oven door. Wet it long enough to soak up a bit of water, but not too long that it starts to crumble. Source Link 

Helping your child balance screen time with the rest of life takes clear goals, prioritizing and persistence. Start by setting real limits like a number of minutes per day or no screens at dinner or bedtime and be ready to enforce this by confiscating devices. And teach kids to prioritize so that screen time isn’t the first thing they do. Source Link 

Want a three-step plan to avoid being a victim of online hacking? Start by using a free password manager for automatic strong protection that you don’t have to remember. Log onto financial sites using only one device like an old phone, tablet or laptop. And set up alerts so your bank will email or text you about any large transactions. Source Link 

It’s a morbid way to de-clutter your home but some say it works. With Death Cleaning you downsize your possessions as if someone was disposing of things after you die. That means keeping only what you absolutely love or will definitely give to others. You can even create a box of things you’re keeping now but will be thrown out after you’re gone. Source Link 

We’re barely into Spring but right now is the time to tackle those seasonal allergies. Step one is testing to identify exactly what you’re allergic to and then avoid that. Treatment can include steroid sprays and inhalers or immunotherapy shots or oral treatments to desensitize your body to those allergens. Source Link 

Here’s how to be a power shopper at the thrift store. Check both the men’s and women’s sections because items can be mislabeled and pay attention to tags, dates and colors to find special sale prices. And give everything a second look in your cart on the way to checkout to be sure you didn’t miss any damage. Source Link 

Want to stop Google from keeping track of everything you ask their smart speaker? A feature called “Guest Mode” on a Google Assistant device will block it from saving your searches, commands and questions. But using “Guest Mode” will also prevent you from hearing personalized information like your calendar events or reminders. Source Link 

Sleeping in a bedroom that isn’t black as night could be making you blue. Research has shown a strong association between low-level nighttime light exposure and symptoms of depression. Seeing any light at night might throw off the body’s internal clock and change hormonal functions in the brain and that could lead to psychological problems. Source Link 

Keeping your car looking and smelling clean doesn’t have to be a chore. Line a plastic cereal container with a grocery bag for use as an in-car trash can. Stick it to the carpet with a self-adhesive hook-and-loop strip. Or put scented candle wax in a mason jar with holes poked in the lid and sit it in a cup holder. The wax will melt as your car warms up to freshen your ride. Source Link 

Want a “set it and forget it” way to invest in your retirement account? Aim for a target. Most plans let you choose a target-date fund that’s pegged for the year you expect to retire. Your target fund is adjusted annually to the proper mix of stocks and bonds to give you the best returns now and safety from major losses as you get closer to retirement. Source Link 

The bathroom scale may not be the best way to see if your diet plan is working. Health experts say things like water weight can throw off that measurement. What’s a better way to track your progress? Use a tape measure on your chest, waist, hips and thighs once a week and see if your clothes are beginning to feel loose. Source Link 

A heart attack isn’t always the sudden chest-clutching event that many people imagine, especially for women who have fewer heart attacks than men but more “silent” ones that are damaging but only detected after they occur. Nausea, sweating, shortness of breath and pain in the neck or jaw are all symptoms that require immediate attention. Source Link 

Neck pain is common if you spend lots of time hunched over a desk, stuck in traffic or browsing your phone, but you can get relief with some simple stretching exercises. Lower your chin to your chest as far as it can go without pain and hold for 20 seconds. Turn your head right without moving your shoulders and hold and then to the left. And try rolling your head in a semi-circle. Source Link 

A great start to your day can begin with a purposeful plan. Immediately picking up your phone to check the news, email and social media has you reacting to others and sets the tone for the day. Commit to a few value activities that you want to do each day because studies have shown that most people are productive in the first two hours of the morning. Source Link 

Are you making these privacy mistakes with social media? Maybe you have the same password for multiple sites or aren't using two-factor authentication for sign-ins. You could forget to set viewing for your posts so they aren’t open to everyone or ignore tagged photos that can link back to you forever. Or you use a Facebook login to connect to other websites. Source Link 

It’s easy to eat healthy anytime right from your freezer. Frozen shrimp or fish fillets are rich in protein and low in fat and frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh. Frozen berries make a great smoothie; whole wheat flatbreads or tortillas will keep in the freezer for months and satisfy that sweet tooth with 100-percent fruit frozen treats. Source Link