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What kinds of used products are a better buy? Exercise equipment, hand tools, sports gear, bikes and furniture may have plenty of life in them for a second owner. Used clothing can be a big saver even when compared to prices at a discount store and buying a used car helps you avoid the fast depreciation that happens with a new one. Source Link 

Staying sharper as we age could mean more shuffling cards and breaking out the board games. Researchers found that people in their 70s who regularly played board games scored higher on tests of memory and thinking skills. And those who played games were more likely to maintain thinking skills as they age. Source Link 

Houseplants are more than just pretty to look at -- they could also improve your health. The scent of rosemary may help with memory by boosting a brain neurotransmitter. Peace Lillies can purify the air by removing toxins from paint and varnish and a spider plant can clean dangerous formaldehyde from indoor air. Source Link 

Looking for a good exercise that won’t make you break a sweat? Studies have shown that Tai Chi may improve the fitness of the heart and lungs and could be as effective as jogging to help lower the risk of death. The slow, mindful movements of Tai Chi work on the sympathetic nervous system to reduce stress hormones that take a physical toll on our bodies. Source Link 

How can you avoid being shocked by what you see when you step on the bathroom scale? You can stop sneaky weight gain by evaluating your activity level and checking to see if some bad food habits have crept into your diet. Swap those low-nutrition items with more fruits and vegetables and commit to 30 minutes of exercise each day. Source Link 

If you load that toothbrush with a long stripe of toothpaste, you’re using too much. A pea-sized dollop is all you need to get the job done. Using lots of toothpaste can give you too much fluoride and that’s especially bad for youngsters whose developing teeth can become streaked or spotted. Source Link 

Cyberbullying of kids can be hard to spot for parents but there are ways to protect your child. Regularly check their social network pages and teach kids not to share anything that could hurt or embarrass them or others. Tell them to talk to you if an online message or image makes them feel threatened or hurt. And encourage your kids to speak up if they see cyberbullying happening to someone else. Source Link 

Is fasting a healthy way to trim those extra pounds? Experts say it can be, whether you restrict the amount of time each day when you eat or use alternate-day fasting. In time-restricted eating, the body’s circadian rhythms that control hormones can help boost metabolism and reduce weight even if someone eats the same number of calories. Source Link 

You don’t need an evening class or an online course to become a more valuable employee. Focus on improving communications with the careful crafting of emails and overall attention to detail. Get more organized by using to-do apps or keeping your work area cleaner. And be a team player by reaching out to co-workers to help them when you can. Source Link 

It might seem to be at odds but drinking coffee can help you take a better nap. Pinpoint the afternoon time when you start to drag, find a quiet spot behind a closed door or on the couch, drink a cup of coffee and set a timer for 25 minutes before you start to nap. The caffeine will begin to wake you up in about 20 minutes and you won’t feel groggy after your mid-day shuteye. Source Link 

Your heart is in the right place when you donate that old computer, phone or tablet but make sure your personal data doesn’t go with it. There’s a factory reset feature on your phone or tablet that will wipe away anything you’ve loaded. With a PC or laptop, you can run special software to erase data but the safest step is to remove the hard drive before you donate. Source Link 

It’s great for cleaning clothes but there are many more things you can put in your washing machine. You may know about stuffed animals and ballcaps but shower curtains, yoga mats, pillows and even backpacks can go in the washer. And you can wash things like Legos, bath scrubbers and even your pet’s toys in a mesh garment bag in the washer. Source Link 

The family that plays games together may have closer ties no matter where they are. Testing found that playing video games can unite generations of the same family. Word games or action games helped and you don’t have to be in the same room to benefit because online gaming improved family ties with faraway relatives. Source Link 

Looking for an alternative to help you kick the soda habit? If you like the fizz, try sparkling water with a lemon twist, lime twist, crushed raspberries or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cola fans can switch to iced redbush tea to get the same taste and if you like ginger ale you can make your own with seltzer water, freshly grated ginger and a half-teaspoon of the natural sweetener stevia. Source Link 

More people are swapping the shot for a pill in their battle against allergies. Under-the-tongue allergy pills have caught on as a way to treat hay fever and dust mite allergies and three out of four doctors have patients who use them. Convenience is the key because pills can be taken at home but shots must be administered at the doctor's office. Source Link 

Budgeting your personal finances can be easier if you stick to the 50/20/30 rule. Half of your income goes to essentials like food, housing, utilities and transportation and 20 percent is for savings. The other 30 percent covers expenses that are personal choices like your cell phone plan, gym membership, or dining out with friends. Source Link 

What food is high in protein and fiber and loaded with good fats? Nuts are a natural hunger-buster as a handy snack. Just watch the portion and limit yourself to about 10 or 12 peanuts, walnuts or pistachios and you’ll stay around 100 calories. Source Link 

When you need a vaccination but don’t have time for an office visit your local pharmacy may be able to help. Common adult vaccinations for the flu, pneumonia and shingles are often available from a pharmacist and no appointment is needed. Just be sure that the pharmacy reports the vaccination to your doctor and the state health department. Source Link