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Having a baby doesn’t have to mean giving up those jet-away vacations but you’ll probably need to part with some money or your sanity. Children who are content in a car seat may have something else in mind when sitting in your lap for hours to get a free ride. Ask about discounts when you purchase a children’s ticket that’s needed in order to use a child safety seat on an airliner. Source Link 

Finding ways to fit more exercise into your day may not be as hard as you think. Do some toe raises when waiting in line to work your foot and calf muscles or squeeze in a few squats while brushing your teeth. When watching TV you can swap the couch for a stability ball and keep some hand weights nearby for sets of upper body exercises during commercials. Source Link 

If you’re minding that credit score there are some things that won’t ding your rating. Paying off a credit card won’t hurt but canceling one will because it reduces your total available credit. Checking your credit report or a credit check by an employer has no impact and you can’t have too many credit cards unless you carry balances that you can’t pay off each month. Source Link 

It might seem to be at odds but drinking coffee can help you take a better nap. Pinpoint the afternoon time when you start to drag, find a quiet spot behind a closed door or on the couch, drink a cup of coffee and set a timer for 25 minutes before you start to nap. The caffeine will begin to wake you up in about 20 minutes and you won’t feel groggy after your mid-day shuteye. Source Link 

Your heart is in the right place when you donate that old computer, phone or tablet but make sure your personal data doesn’t go with it. There’s a factory reset feature on your phone or tablet that will wipe away anything you’ve loaded. With a PC or laptop, you can run special software to erase data but the safest step is to remove the hard drive before you donate. Source Link 

It’s great for cleaning clothes but there are many more things you can put in your washing machine. You may know about stuffed animals and ballcaps but shower curtains, yoga mats, pillows and even backpacks can go in the washer. And you can wash things like Legos, bath scrubbers and even your pet’s toys in a mesh garment bag in the washer. Source Link 

The family that plays games together may have closer ties no matter where they are. Testing found that playing video games can unite generations of the same family. Word games or action games helped and you don’t have to be in the same room to benefit because online gaming improved family ties with faraway relatives. Source Link 

Looking for an alternative to help you kick the soda habit? If you like the fizz, try sparkling water with a lemon twist, lime twist, crushed raspberries or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cola fans can switch to iced redbush tea to get the same taste and if you like ginger ale you can make your own with seltzer water, freshly grated ginger and a half-teaspoon of the natural sweetener stevia. Source Link 

More people are swapping the shot for a pill in their battle against allergies. Under-the-tongue allergy pills have caught on as a way to treat hay fever and dust mite allergies and three out of four doctors have patients who use them. Convenience is the key because pills can be taken at home but shots must be administered at the doctor's office. Source Link 

Getting your preschooler to eat more fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be a stealth operation. Sneaking healthy ingredients into a dish won’t help your child learn to enjoy them. The better approach is to offer a variety of fruits and vegetables in whole form when they’re younger so they can learn to appreciate those tastes as they get older. Source Link 

How much do you need to be worth to be wealthy? A new survey of Americans says the magic number is $2.3 million, or about 20 times the median net worth of U.S. households. Baby Boomers set the bar for wealth about 35 percent higher than Millennials. To be financially comfortable, the consensus figure was just over $1 million. Source Link 

With more cookouts and vacations it’s not hard to add some pounds during summer but there's one thing that can help keep the weight in-check -- stepping on the scale once a day. Researchers say participants in a study who weighed themselves daily from Thanksgiving through Christmas either maintained or lost weight and those who didn’t gained weight. Source Link 

What form of exercise can help you beat depression without breaking a sweat? Researchers say practicing yoga was shown to ease symptoms of depression. The deep breathing and precise movements of yoga activate the release of “feel good” brain chemicals and block others that can worsen depression. Source Link 

You clean out the trunk of your car when selling it but have you swept up your personal data too? Before you go to the dealer for that trade-in be sure to disconnect your phone from the car’s Bluetooth syncing and delete your contacts, maps and address data. And remember to delete any garage door opener codes that were stored by the vehicle. Source Link 

The average American could be losing up to $1,000 a year by sticking with an old habit. The typical bank savings account pays almost no interest but new online banks are battling for business by offering high-interest savings accounts that pay over 2 percent. The accounts are guaranteed by the same federal agency that protects deposits for all banks. Source Link 

You might be surprised at all the things that can dull your bright smile. Staining can be caused by coffee, red wine or tea or tobacco. But using an antihistamine, high-blood pressure medication, some chemotherapy drugs or anti-psychotic medications can also cause stained teeth. Source Link 

Taking some simple precautions can help you avoid home accidents. Use a can opener instead of a knife to cut through clamshell plastic packaging and keep kitchen knives sharp because a dull knife is more likely to slip. Dial down your water heater to 120 degrees to avoid scalding accidents and wear long pants and close-toed shoes when mowing the lawn. Source Link 

It takes a good eye to pick the freshest seafood. Look for a whole fish with eyes that are bright and clear and not dull gray. For a fillet, the skin should be shiny, metallic and clean. Fresh fish should smell like clean water or slightly briny but never “fishy” because cooking can’t improve a fish past its prime. Source Link