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The family that plays games together may have closer ties no matter where they are. Testing found that playing video games can unite generations of the same family. Word games or action games helped and you don’t have to be in the same room to benefit because online gaming improved family ties with faraway relatives. Source Link 

Looking for an alternative to help you kick the soda habit? If you like the fizz, try sparkling water with a lemon twist, lime twist, crushed raspberries or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cola fans can switch to iced redbush tea to get the same taste and if you like a ginger ale you can make your own with seltzer water, freshly grated ginger and a half-teaspoon of the natural sweetener stevia. Source Link 

Finding ways to fit more exercise into your day may not be as hard as you think. Do some toe raises when waiting in line to work your foot and calf muscles or squeeze in a few squats while brushing your teeth. When watching TV you can swap the couch for a stability ball and keep some hand weights nearby for sets of upper body exercises during commercials. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

Giving kids household chores can teach them to be responsible and build self-esteem. Find ones that are age-appropriate like putting away toys, making their bed, setting the table or raking leaves. Put these on a calendar with scheduled days and times and consider giving an allowance to older kids who do heavier chores. Source Link 

If you’re among the half of Americans who admit to using retail therapy to cope with stress you might slow down the compulsive shopping with the “30-day rule.” Wait one month before making that impulse buy. If you still want it 30 days later, it’s probably a worthwhile purchase. Source Link 

Now’s the time to avoid year-end money mistakes like forgetting to maximize your tax-free contributions to an IRA or 401-k account, or overspending on the holidays and assuming you can cover that come January. And if you get a year-end bonus, put it toward paying down debt or building a “rainy day” emergency savings fund. Source Link 

If you have visions of leftovers dancing in your head, make sure your fridge is ready to handle the holiday surplus. Set the refrigerator temperature between 33 and 40 degrees and move any raw meat to the bottom shelf to avoid contaminating other foods. And any food that was left out for more than two hours should go into the garbage and not in your refrigerator. Source Link 

Your cable or satellite provider may have a special gift for you coming soon. Companies including Comcast, AT&T and Dish Network are refunding $1 billion in fees charged for sports networks that didn’t have games this year because of the pandemic. But don’t expect something you can take to the bank because the refunds will come as a credit on your monthly bill. Source Link

Answer these questions first when you want to welcome a new four-legged member to the family. Are you looking for personal companionship or a playmate in a pet? How long will you be away from your pet during the day and who will care for it when you’re gone? And what life changes might affect your ability to keep your pet in years to come? Source Link 

It’s the gift that can keep on giving and it’s easy to get this holiday season. Gifting stocks can be a great way to teach children or grandchildren about saving and investing. You’ll need to open a custodial account in the child’s name if they’re under age 18 and you can give up to $15,000 a year per person without having to pay gift tax. Source Link

A question like, “How was your weekend?” may be a key to boosting productivity at work. Researchers found that simple small talk between co-workers made people happier and enjoy their tasks more. But the casual conversations need to be about things that are not related to your work. Source Link

Getting to zero might be the smartest way to create an effective home budget. With zero-based budgeting, your income minus what you spend and save each month equals zero. Besides living expenses, you can assign money to pay off debt, contribute to savings and investments and set aside some just for fun until your available money is down to zero. Source Link 

For the most refreshing daytime nap, remember these three L’s. Plan your nap for no later than 2 pm to avoid interfering with your body’s normal sleep cycle. Limit your nap to no more than 30 minutes to avoid falling into a deep sleep and find a location that’s dark and cool but don't worry about having a flat surface because an easy chair or reclining your car seat will work fine. Source Link 

Why should you have a will? Everyone needs to communicate end-of-life preferences to their family, whether or not you have a lot of money. A will can make clear your wishes about finances and property distribution so your family won’t have to spend countless hours with probate courts and attorneys. Source Link 

If you want to pick the perfect gift for each person on your holiday list, you should buy them one at a time. A study found that while shopping for gifts for more than one person, people tend to look for unique items rather than what's really wanted. They worried about buying the same gift card for two people, even though neither would know what the other received. Source Link 

It’s round and holds your food, and could be key to keeping you from overeating during the holiday season. Using a plate for everything you eat including snacks can help prevent mindless eating and those extra calories. Using smaller plates can also help you eat less because it takes less food to make the plate look full. Source Link 

Tis’ the season for scam robocalls claiming to be from Amazon and Apple. The Federal Trade Commission says be wary of recorded messages about a suspicious purchase made on your Amazon account or a problem fulfilling a recent order or unauthorized activity in your iCloud account. Don’t respond and don’t call a phone number they give you - simply hang up. Source Link