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Need a strategy to beat the holiday season food coma? Nutrition experts say avoid snacking before you eat and take a walk after you finish cooking or after dinner. Go ahead and enjoy those special dishes but use the USDA’s “My Plate” method to have the right mix of all five food groups on your dinner plate. Source Link 

Lose all that weight. Pay off those debts. Get married. These are New Year’s resolutions that experts say you should never make because they’re often impossible to achieve. Instead, you could resolve to stop drinking sugary beverages, eat out less and put that money toward credit card debt or pledge to meet new people every month or get help to overcome social anxiety. Source Link 

Whether it’s racial, social, political or economic, justice has been on the minds of many Americans in 2018. The editors of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary say “justice” had the most online lookups and is their Word of the Year. Other popular words were “nationalism” and “respect” which spiked in searches after the death of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Source Link 

If you have visions of leftovers dancing in your head, make sure your fridge is ready to handle the holiday surplus. Set the refrigerator temperature between 33 and 40 degrees and move any raw meat to the bottom shelf to avoid contaminating other foods. And any food that was left out for more than two hours should go into the garbage and not in your refrigerator. Source Link 

What are some of the warning signs that you’re about to be hacked? When you respond to emails for contests that you didn’t sign up for or take a phone call that asks you to update your bank or credit card credentials. Another way you’re just begging for hackers to hit you? When you use the same password for everything. Source Link 

Prehistoric predators, a Steven King protagonist and a Disney Princess are among the stars of films being honored by the Library of Congress. This year’s inductees into the National Film Registry include “Jurassic Park,” “The Shining” and “Cinderella.” Other films on the registry list for 2018 are Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rebecca,” the musical “On The Town” and “Broadcast News.” Source Link 

You can stock your kitchen with helpful gadgets at the office supply store. Those classic orange-handled scissors are great for opening packages and binder clips can seal up food bags. A black sharpie marker can label freezer bags and write on masking tape for plastic containers and a dry erase board can be used to keep a shopping list. Source Link 

Here’s how to craft a perfect response to that caustic office email without risking your job. Open your word processor and take a few minutes to let loose with all your feelings and then save that document to a special folder. Return to the folder later to read the reply and others that you’ve saved to remind you of mistakes that were avoided by not hitting “Send.” Source Link 

It’s a question you should never answer if you hear it in a phone call from an unknown number. Scammers will ask “Can you hear me?” to get you to answer “Yes” and a recording of that one word could be used to approve unauthorized charges. Experts say don’t respond and hang up immediately and don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Source Link 

Whether you’re the cook or a guest, you can keep your holiday dinner from busting the scales. If you’re the host, limit the number of food choices to seven or less; try steamed green beans instead of that green bean casserole and swap applesauce for oils in recipes. And guests should remember how uncomfortable it feels to overeat and choose alcohol or dessert, but not both. Source Link 

If your dog could talk he might tell you to stop patting him on the head. Animal experts say dogs prefer chin or chest scratches and they don’t like it when you stare directly into their eyes. Dogs usually hate the smell of those cute outfits you make them wear but they love your scent and often will cuddle with a piece of clothing or one of your shoes. Source Link 

You put your heart into the holiday season but don’t take things too far on Christmas Eve. A study found that the night before Christmas had the biggest concentration of emergency calls for heart attacks. This year could be doubly bad because the most common day of the week for heart attacks is Monday. Source Link 

If you can remember to eat your vegetables throughout your life you may be able to remember that life even better when you’re older. A 20-year study found that a diet rich in leafy greens, orange and red vegetables, berries and orange juice reduced the risk of memory loss. Experts say you can skip the extra calories in orange juice and get more fiber by eating a whole orange. Source Link 

That holiday getaway may need to be nearly a work week long to really leave the job behind. A survey found that it takes the average person four days of vacation to get work off their mind. Eight in ten say they struggle to use all of their vacation time and a third of people admit to feeling guilty about the work they leave behind. Source Link 

The annual look at the worst passwords has found some repeat offenders. “123456” and “password” are atop this year’s list of 5 million leaked passwords. Other top offenders include simple number sequences, the keyboard string “querty,” “admin,” “iloveyou” and “welcome”. And joining the list of the top-25 poor passwords is a famous first name -- “donald.” Source Link 

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, it’s not too late to get that flu shot. The CDC says most of the flu season is still ahead of us but you need to get the shot soon because it can take several weeks to give you maximum protection. Flu activity will increase in most parts of the country after holiday get-togethers and traveling. Source Link 

Making the perfect a holiday meal doesn't mean you have to give up healthy eating. Try replacing salt with herbs and spices or add lemon juice or citrus zest for flavor. Use nonfat, plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and bake with a half and half mixture of white and whole wheat flour. And substitute unsweetened applesauce for butter in recipes. Source Link 

Why don’t we send more thank-you cards? Often because we’re worried about how they’ll be received. A study found that people underestimated how much others appreciate a written “Thank You” and fretted about using the right words to express their gratitude. It’s a loss for both sides because sending thank-you cards can make you feel happier. Source Link