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Why not try stepping off, speeding up or diving into a new exercise plan? Start by scheduling a daily walk and find other ways to take more steps each day. You can also pick up the pace with house cleaning or other chores to make it more of a workout or take a water fitness class that lets you exercise with less resistance. Source Link 

You can learn a lot about kitchen organizing from watching old episodes of Julia Child’s cooking show. Hang a magnetic knife strip vertically so it’s safer and easier to grab a knife and sort utensils into multiple storage crocks. A burner cover can turn seldom-used cooktop space into room for extra storage and keep dried goods in pull-out bins for easier access. Source Link 

How do you beat that mid-day slump without caffeine? Eating a low-carb, protein-rich breakfast and lunch can avoid blood sugar spikes that slow you down and drink more water to stop mild dehydration that can inhibit brain function. And move your body for 15 minutes with a quick walk, stair climbing or a stretching session. Source Link 

It’s easy to eat healthy anytime when you stock your freezer with these items. Frozen shrimp or fish fillets are rich in protein and low in fat and frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh. Frozen berries make a great smoothie and whole wheat flatbreads or tortillas will keep in the freezer for months. You can even satisfy that sweet tooth with frozen 100 percent fruit bars. Source Link 

Brushing your teeth is part of the morning ritual but should you do it before or after breakfast? You want to brush your teeth every morning to remove bacteria that builds up overnight, but brushing right after breakfast or any meal can be hard on tooth enamel that’s softened by eating. Waiting about 30 minutes to brush can protect your teeth from damage. Source Link 

Health experts say the typical teenager needs eight to ten hours of sleep per night, but only 20 percent of them hit that mark. A strategy to get those teen zzz’s is more physical activity and less caffeine after school; avoiding naps after 4 pm and having meals at the same time every day, but not too close to bedtime, plus turning off all screens 30 minutes before bedtime. Source Link

More baby tears now might mean less crying later. Infants who were left to cry a few times had shorter bouts of crying at 18 months. It’s important for parents to know the different kinds of crying like hunger or needing to be changed and find opportunities to help babies learn to self-regulate during daytime and nighttime. Source Link 

Avoid these pitfalls to have a great online grocery shopping experience. Understand the timing for pickup or delivery and be ready to book ahead for busy times like holidays and look for special codes and discounts that are often available. And carefully check your order before you hit “send” to prevent any surprises when you’re unpacking those groceries. Source Link 

Try these simple steps to avoid credit card debt. Remove “one-click” pay options on shopping websites to prevent impulse buys and pay as you go by opening the card app and making a payment to cover your purchases every day. Better yet, pre-pay your credit card for however much you’ve budgeted for expenses for the week. Source Link 

There could be a scientific reason why you feel refreshed after a day spent in the great outdoors. Research has shown that hearing a bird sing or the sound of lapping waves can combat feelings of stress. Even in busy national parks, listening to natural sounds along with human noise still provided some health benefits. Source Link 

They keep your laundry soft and smelling fresh, but dryer sheets have many other uses. Dryer sheets in a suitcase can freshen the smell of travel-weary clothing and using them in a sock drawer does the same. A used dryer sheet with a few drops of water can clean bathroom soap scum and wiping baseboards with a dryer sheet can minimize static and keep them clean for longer. Source Link 

Are you putting your body’s internal cleaning system to good use? Autophagy is the process of removing damaged cells and generating new ones and it’s believed that autophagy can attack cells that lead to cancer. Intermittent fasting and regular exercise are ways to stimulate autophagy in your body. Source Link

How can you “clearly” improve the look of your refrigerator and maybe your waistline too? Put small items like yogurt cups in clear plastic bins so they don’t get lost in the back of a shelf. And keep fresh fruit and raw vegetables up front in a clear container so you can easily see your way to healthy snacking. Source Link 

If virtual work meetings leave you worn out, it might be best to take yourself out of the picture. Research has shown that having your webcam on for a long time is mentally draining because of the pressure to look good, have a professional background and limit visual distractions. The solution is to let participants turn off the webcam without assuming that it affects productivity. Source Link

When you have new smartphone envy you can improve the experience on your old phone with a few tricks. Get a new case, mix up your wallpaper and app arrangement, clear out storage space to make the phone run faster, and clean the charging port or even replace the battery. And look for third-party apps that can bring new functionality to your phone. Source Link

If eating out is ending up on your waistline there are ways to beat that bulge. Choose a restaurant with healthier fare, like Asian cuisine or Greek or Spanish that feature fish, grilled lean meat and vegetables. Look at online menus and know what you’ll have before you arrive. Instead of an entree try ordering several appetizers and have one dessert for all to share. Source Link 

Six out of ten Americans suffer eye strain from too much computer screen time, but there are some simple remedies. Position a computer monitor so your eye level is 15 inches above the center of the screen and remember the 20-20-20 rule -- every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Source Link 

Children have many ways to avoid bedtime but there are some tactics you can use to keep them on-schedule for sleep. Start earlier and incorporate stalling into the routine, and use whatever your kid’s prize the most before bedtime and let them know there won’t be time to do it unless they’re ready earlier. Source Link